Call Clooney!

130 Cloudbusting (2009-09-13)

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0:00:00JCD: “Where’s my reel-to-reel recorder, I can’t find it!”
0:00:38San Francisco thunderstorm, JCD’s lost Wilhelm Reich documents on “desertification”, alien “soot” on buildings, “cloudbuster”; ACC’s massive lightning strike; Glenn Beck disruption theory; JCD on Reich bringing crackpots out of the woodwork, Coke can finger trick
0:16:17James O’Keefe & Hannah Giles fake ACORN prostitution film, district attorney investigating legality of hidden camera; Geraldo defends peephole naked video of ESPN’s Erin Andrews; Maryland two-party consent and felony wiretap; The Informant film with Matt Damon; Bill O’Reilly body language expert saying Andrews is unconcerned
0:34:27ACC predicts big debate over legality of filming, Sixty Minutes and To Catch a Predator; ACC’s fake Janet Jackson interview with press kit, post-interview “noddies”, desynchronized voice and mouth movements; ACC on Zen TV Experiment, “nothing is real”; JCD on Tech TV format change Chris Matthews style with fake remotes; CNN fake Gulf War bluescreen; fake 405: the Movie, Forrest Gump, and Wag the Dog
0:44:04ACC on 9/11 video trickery, JCD on “horrible film” with aviation information, 200-foot Pentagon overfly, intact airplane nose emerging, impossible cell phone calls from United 93
0:49:08Unreported Transcanada Natural Gas Pipeline explosion; fiber optic line vandalism or probing; “panic on the Potomac” due to Coast Guard “routine training”, ACC: assassination attempt, CIA at war with Obama administration; ACC on Bill Maher “black man in the White House” meme and possibility of assassination and civil war; Maher’s exile over Politically Incorrect comment about hijacker bravery
1:04:30ACC’s on doing Anthony Weiner CNN interview, “Chuck Schumer’s boy”, “watch this guy, he’s going to rise very quickly to stardom”
1:06:43Donation Segment: Calgary Stampede
1:18:20Two-to-the-head: Rod Blagojevich confidante Christopher Kelly dies of “aspirin overdose”, ACC: “I haven’t seen a body”; James Traficant on Israel controlling Congress and media; ACC Democrats running Fox News theory, Michael Savage abandoned by Fox News after being banned from UK
1:23:40Benjamin Netanyahu’s “secret” visit to Russia to meet Medvedev, private jet diverted to Russia, hijacking of Russian ship with missiles for Iran, JCD Bernie Madoff theory