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1309 Vaxsaline (2021-01-03)

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0:00:00JCD: “Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh, oh, that’s sooo funny, what else did you do?” (0:26:02)
0:00:35Little kid “happy new year!”, JCD’s social distancing dim sum party; 1,200 fines issued after massive New Year’s Eve rave in France; “Superspreader Taskforce” breaks up parties in Los Angeles; ACC notes local story on 2012 swine flu with coronavirus-like image, “one of the greatest medical scandals of the century” including WHO pandemic redefinition; London Real podcast on coronavirus patents dating from 1999, illegal 2003 CDC patent on coronavirus in humans; producer note on failure to identify virus with scanning electron microscope and CDC’s claim not to possess samples; Mimi’s “they really don’t have a shot” saline solution theory, UK now allowing 12 weeks to elapse before second injection, JCD on lockdown strategy absent from swine flu outbreak, ACC on the silliness of CVS technicians handling complex coronavirus vaccine; JCD proposes “participation broadcasting” by producers on Show 10
0:26:16Joe Biden’s “vaxaline” reinterpreted as “vaxsaline”; Anthony Fauci concludes that new COVID-19 variant is “better at transmitting from one person to another”; M5M doctor promotes masks as “the most effective thing to fight the vaccine”; World Economic Forum The Great Reset podcast host laughingly celebrates “two, maybe three viable viruses that are actually going out right now”; hypocrite Bill de Blasio rings in the new year dancing with his wife in Times Square; depressive Telegraph journalist proposes celebrating New Year’s Eve “at home in our slippers, drunk”, ACC ticks off lockdown-era alcohol sales spikes in “drinky and stinky” Great Britain; “chaos and anger” as Victorians flee New South Wales after five people test positive, “we were told the virus can get in through the air vents of the car”
0:38:23ABC News gripes about vaccine “sitting in freezers”, Ohio health workers taking a “wait and see” approach; Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti working to coax his frontline “heroes” to take the vaccine, “surging them into our nursing facilities”; more No Agenda “back of the line” vaccine refusal strategies, “reverse virtue signaling”; CBS News gripes about vaccine distribution at “anything bur warp speed”; Moe Factz predicts rollout of a new batch of black celebrities, pastor “Mama Factz” having none of it; Team Halo Dr. Kat ton the evils of anecdotal evidence, ACC “and an example of a good, quality source is a doctor on TikTok!”
0:48:54Democracy Now features Oxfam-funded People’s Vaccine Alliance opposition to vaccine hoarding by rich countries; Tedros Adhanom decries “the stamp-ed for vaccines” in a call for global socialization of medicine, ACC: “I feel a patent lawsuit coming!”; Dr. Mohga Kamal-Yanni educates Democracy Now on the push for “a people‚Äôs vaccine, not a profit vaccine”, ACC scans “all chicks” who’s who of UNAIDS, not a word about rapid development of an AIDS vaccine, Kamal-Yanni asserts “you can’t trade with people who are sick”, JCD: “we’re doing it now!”
1:01:08India rehearsing for rollout of Oxford-AstraZeneca and Bharat Biotech saline shots vaccines; Elon Musk buttslams “knucklehead” Bill Gates and promises to refuse vaccine, JCD: “accidents happen”; wild mink tests positive for coronavirus “variant” in Utah; empty-nester TtK campaigning for dogs named Paul Anka and Doris Day
1:12:38Jimmy Dore blasts Fauci for lying “moving the goalposts” on issue of herd immunity with Dana Bash, “Dr. Anthony Fauci is a pathological liar!”; Kary Mullis’ Fauci critique revisited
1:23:13Bitcoin briefly touches $33,333; ACC’s new word “entomophagy”, Reign Total Body Fuel “functional food” energy drink ad, appeal to lobsters as “sea bugs” fed to prisoners
1:33:51AccessIBSA coordinator Achal Prabhala gripes to Democracy Now about rich countries opposing call for suspension of intellectual property rules as applied to vaccines, JCD on Union Oil trade secrets, Russian secret recipe for tungsten welding and Taiwanese injection molding
1:41:45Producer Segment: Red Book checkmark recovery revisited
2:21:29Requirement that UFO data be declassified slipped quietly into NDAA
2:23:33Data scientist notes 150 precincts in Fulton County Georgia were above the 90% threshold for suspicion of election fraud, impossibly disappearing Trump votes in Dodge County; Scott Adams hypnotizes viewers with “they simplified!” and concludes “that’s your fuckin’ Kraken”; Barnes Law on “Pence card” played by John Adams in 1796 and Thomas Jefferson in 1800; Senators calling for electoral commission to conduct 10-day audit; The Epoch Times examines Rudy Giuliani’s assertion that state legislatures are being unconstitutionally blocked from action by governors, poll finds 96% of Democrats think Biden won fairly; producer note on cancelling Hyatt reservation for Washington DC protest
2:48:16Nashville bombing pulled off with previously unheard-of “thermobaric device”
2:50:35And Now Back to Real News: Mel Gibson’s new movie and coronavirus bout undiscussed by M5M; Wonder Woman 1984 pulls in a paltry $40M, ACC on dumbed-down public happy with garbage like RealVideo; Michael Savage goes podcast-only, ACC: “you’re welcome”
2:59:37Donation Segment: Tom Woods Donation jingle
3:12:13Andy Cohen “honestly, get it together!” and little girl “happy New Year!” isos; JCD critiques Michael Savage’s wobbly transition from “hard clock” radio to one-hour podcast format