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1306 Antigenic Drift (2020-12-24)

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0:00:00ACC: “Got a box I took off the truck heah for ya.” (1:33:22)
0:00:33Last-minute Brexit deal reached just after EU border shut down to stop new common cold COVID-19 “variant”; ABC News on “17 mutations” in new variant’s spike protein, “no evidence that this virus is more lethal”; fearmonger Michael Osterholm to CBS News on heretofore-undiscussed “previous variants we’ve seen”, taken aback by “70% more contagious” question; Dr. John Brownstein to ABC on the perils of “antigenic drift”; long-form package from Sanjay Gupta explaining why flu and COVID vaccines will change every year; UK lockdown and isolation over “potentially more contagious” variant, Andrew Cuomo: “I feel, intuitively, it’s already here”, JCD on variant as hedge against ineffective vaccine
0:15:42Fauci’s peculiar “I measured his level of immunity” while lying to children about Santa Claus, JCD: “super painful” equals highly effective; Austin at Stage Five with “record high number of new coronavirus infections”, Mayor Adler unable to do anything beyond “recommended” and “advised” measures; ten-month-old “new normal” compilation
0:22:49Heavily-edited NBC News report on “secure identity platform” apps like Freedom Pass Health Pass with “new normal” meme; Ana Navarro bitches about Trump supporters attending rallies and then infecting the elderly; Surgeon General Jerome Adams on the Tuskegee syphilis experiment in the “black community” zip code; News Day Australia features UN Team Halo TikTok doctors; annoying epidemiologist “Dr. Kat” gripes about use of CDC “provisional death counts” in propagating “misinformation” about US mortality; Amy Goodman celebrates latest “grim milestone” and “3.2 miwwion deaths” projected for 2020; Australia three months behind US and suffering Marmite shortage
0:39:09Joe Biden’s cheery “dark winter with an empty seat at the dinner table” holiday message
0:41:50$2.3T omnibus pork-barrel spending bill disguised as “stimulus bill” in Congress, “he’s awful” and “anyways” tweet from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Trump gripes about $25M CIA black budget “democracy and gender programs in Pakistan”; Sen. John Kennedy defines a trillion as “one thousand million dollars”; illegal streaming of copyrighted content elevated to felony status; clueless MSNBC airs superficial gripes about stimulus and NDAA vetos; NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell trots out starving grad student to bludgeon Trump over veto threat, “President Trump injected chaos” by demanding $2,000 checks, “separate and stunning” NDAA veto over renaming military bases named after Confederate figures
1:02:19Amy Goodman on Trump’s threat to “thwart” relief bill; Biden promising another stimulus; Tulsi Gabbard explains why she voted against “slap in the face” bill, ACC: “her new hairdo: dynamite!”, likely plan to unseat national embarrassment Mazie Hirono, Gabbard elaborates on voting against NDAA, calls out Ocasio-Cortez for vaccine virtue signaling
1:14:14NBC News can’t get its story straight with “encouraging word from the CDC” vs “just one million Americans”, JCD: “we’re as good as a coin flip”; Russian vaccine researcher falls to his death, outrage over Stanford Hospital administrators cutting in line for vaccine; Deborah Birx announces retirement after getting busted for “mishap” of visiting her family; former New York banker sure a tiny minority are suspicious of election, ACC’s “crowning dick head” Odd Duck waiter, frozen margarita metal straw booby trap, “conservatives from Brooklyn” impressed with Christmas well-wishes, NDAA and Hollywood-killing Warner Brothers streaming plan
1:30:09PCR test to be replaced with CRISPR-based system; Taiwanese factory producing hydroxychloroquine precursor chemicals explodes and burns to the ground, ACC: “do not mess with big pharma!”, JCD: “they look like gangsters!”; Dr. Paul Merrick on patients educating their doctors about ivermectin and the like; San Francisco drug overdoses accounting for three times the number of COVID-19 deaths, Walmart sued by DoJ over role in opioid crisis
1:37:12Newsmax reads disclaimer to “clarify” its coverage of Smartmatic and Dominion; Fox News follows suit with disembodied voice of Open Source Election Technology Institute spokeshole Eddie Perez reading answers, ACC: “hey man, has Soros been loggin’ in?” (CotD), JCD: “this had to be an advertiser”; January 6 “wild protest” in Washington; Patrick Byrne on Trump’s Oval Office coterie being seduced by lucrative job offers into getting him out of office by any means necessary, Sidney Powell’s on-the-spot Special Counsel appointment; AlterNet convinced Mike “stay in the fight” Pence is poised to flee the country to escape prosecution
1:57:58Attorney Robert Barnes outlines for InfoWars Trump’s January 6 legal remedy in Congress, failure yielding “key talking point” for midterms and beyond
2:08:09Producer Segment: JCD irked by “basically” and “piping hot”; “Canuckistan snow pesos”
3:16:11JCD irked at at weepy NBC journalist Gadi Schwartz interviewing couple at food bank, ACC: “he’s crying because he knows he’s next!”; Walmart celebrates two more “layaway angels”, producer note on family tradition of paying off Kmart and Walmart balances
3:24:54JCD reminisces about the aftermath of Bill Gates’ 1998 pie in the face, David Icke on Gates as “front person” for web of control, “I wouldn’t even describe him as human”; Seattle City Council President Lorena Gonzalez rejoices at her efforts to defund the police
3:39:40Biden rails against Trump administration’s handling of SolarWinds breach by “Russia! Russia!”; Bill Gertz on usefulness CCP database for tracking “princelings” of top Chinese officials
3:44:35Spotify signals its imminent demise with cbdMD partnership and use of “algotorials”
3:48:40Donation Segment: “we need gays on the ground” to stalk Rachel Maddow
4:04:06Amy Goodman “worst day yet” iso; Dutch Christmas rabbit song Flappie by Youp van ‘t Hek gets creepy English cover by Todd Rundgren, JCD: “it’s sick!”