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1304 Ten Days of Darkness (2020-12-17)

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0:00:00ACC: “Hot mic, hot mic, hot mic!” (0:13:05)
0:00:35Seven- or eight-car Zephyr and Bitcoin at $23,600, JCD: “buy now!
0:02:40NBC shakes down Pfizer by covering anaphylactic reaction to COVID-19 vaccine in Alaska; ABC “nearly identical” and “once it gets into your arm” memes; chuckling Bill Gates moves the goalposts again with Jake Tapper: “certainly by the summer we’ll be way closer to normal than we are now”, normality to return in 12-18 months “if we manage it well”; California Health and Human Services Secretary Mark Ghaly admits banning in-restaurant dining “really has to do with the goal of trying to keep people at home”; Ontario health official caught on hot mic joking “I just say whatever they write down for me”; Dutch PM Mark Rutte announces “Nederland gat op slot” with five weeks of lockdown accompanied by jeering whistles from protestors across the moat from his hidey-hole in the Torintje; UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock announces “new variant” in the South of England
0:18:57One America News host flubs “coronavirus being shipped out”; black nurse at front of vaccine queue admits “what I don’t trust is how I will be affected by COVID vacc… COVID-19”; Dr. Megan Ranney to Dana Bash: “I think it’s important also for celebrities to do it”, JCD: “De Niro!”; Tom Cruise goes on scripted rant over social distancing irregularities on Mission: Impossible set in leaked audio uncontested by Church of Scientology, ACC: “disgusting PR for Hollywood”; “why is this head so small?!” and Kayleigh McEnany “fact check: false” isos
0:28:00WHO releases “lower the cycles!” PCR directive; San Diego strip clubs exempted from lockdown, JCD: “a stripper in every restaurant!”; Chris Hayes rolls out “smoking gun evidence” of Trump administration herd immunity scheme with National Cathedral bell tolling for 300,000 victims, JCD: “do they know they won the election?”; CVC’s coronavirus scare and vitamin D recommendations; study shows 60,000 IU of vitamin D daily may be effective; AMA proposes resolution to reverse its stance against hydroxychloroquine
0:40:35Alt-right media now focusing on Constitution; YouTuber warns about global military operation; Maxine Waters to Joy Reid: ongoing efforts to contest election the “highest form of voter suppression”; Bill Barr replacement Jeffrey Rosen on “coercive, covert, or corrupt” activities by foreign governments; DNI John Ratcliffe to “pixie girl” Catherine Herridge on trying to warn Congress about Chinese influence; SolarWinds hack of Treasury Department laid at Russia’s feet, ACC: “I don’t think this was China or Russia, I think this was purely the CIA”, Executive Order 13848 report delayed until January; Sidney Powell still beating the election fraud drum; Joe Biden in 2007 proposing federal standards for voting machines with paper ballots, JCD: “this election was lost in May of 2019” with Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency stripped of enforcement powers during six-month tenure of Bush-Obama minion Kevin McAleenan; Sir Gene’s observation that Trump is lousy at hiring; Department of Defense succession rejiggered, Ghislaine Maxwell “looking very frightened”
1:12:29Don’t Trust China! jingle; Sen. Ron Johnson irks Sen. Gary Peters by accusing him of lying about Russian disinformation; Tom Arnold’s empty 2018 promise of incriminating Trump tapes revisited; Fox News rolls out June 2017 e-mail from Hunter Biden pestering Ye Jianming for $10M to fund joint venture SinoHawk Holdings, Al Gore soundalike Sen. Josh Hawley bitches about Facebook and Twitter censorship, JCD recommends Trump administration leave a special prosecutor lying around; mysterious Committee of the Joint Branch of the Shanghai Second Disney Machine of the Communist Party of China
1:22:48Producer Segment:
1:47:44Biden bitches about 666,000 teachers being laid off; “now you’re gonna have to do it again!” message for Georgia run-off voters; coughing “fast few weeks” announcement that winning candidates have been “certiflied”, ACC: “this would be about the right time for him to die”; Obama speaks wistfully to Stephen Colbert about having a de facto third term “if I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, a frontman or frontwoman, and they had an earpiece in, and I was just in my basement in my sweats” (CotD); an irked Biden propagates Charlottesville lie when called out for neglecting progressive wing, “I am not gonna violate the Constitution!” with a flurry of executive orders
2:00:51Kayleigh McEnany responds to question about Trump receiving unnecessary vaccination; ACC’s Zoomers giddy over election and vaccine; Trump’s NDAA veto plan and Twitter’s unwillingness to censor Chinese propaganda, response to SolarWinds hack and Putin’s congratulations to Biden, enumeration of stories ignored by M5M including Eric Swalwell scandal, ACC: “where’s Adam Schiff?”, “fact check false” for vaccine failure predictions, “assault on democracy” buttslam, chickenshit parting shot from douchebag Jim Acosta: “isn’t it hypocritical for you to accuse others of disinformation when you spread it every day?”
2:20:58ACC OTG: Facebook hysterical over new iOS security features, GrapheneOS Pixel 4 to replace the flip phone, JCD’s unsupported BLU phone,, licensed map data and the iOS 6 map fiasco, ACC irked at Signal app needing address book access; ACC’s credit card stolen and tested at; PornHub singled out by Visa for “illegitimate content” and deletes 60% of its video including anything potentially tainted by Hunter Biden
2:40:55Donation Segment
2:56:30London court lays death of asthmatic nine-year-old at the feet of air pollution, Obama “suckin’ in soot” revisited; terrorism and Six-Week Cycle return with al-Shabaab terror plot, JCD: “I am so sure that al-Shabaab … really gave a crap about moving the embassy!”
3:01:421999 clip of “voodoo economics” economist Milton Friedman anticipating Bitcoin