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1303 Redneck Red Herring (2020-12-13)

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0:00:00ACC: “What are you expecting, a well-run government?” (0:13:21)
0:00:36Red Alert: “the Chinese are coming!” with leak of database containing details on 200M Chinese Communist Party members in industry and academia worldwide, JCD theory: CIA payback for twelve sources executed from 2010-2012; Sen. Josh Hawley calls for answers from Biden campaign in light of criminal investigation into Hunter Biden; pre-laptop M5M “no evidence Biden did anything wrong” compilation; post-laptop M5M “Russian disinformation campaign” compilation; a fed-up DNI John Ratcliffe: “Hunter Biden’s laptop is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign”; Jeb Bush buddy Marco Rubio crawls out of the woodwork to excoriate Rep. Eric Swalwell for his claims that Trump was a Russian agent: “in hindsight we see that it was all not true”; New Yorker throws “seriously struggling” Dianne Feinstein under the bus; Kamala Harris still hanging onto her Senate seat
0:16:10Ezra Levant to Tucker Carlson on Justin Trudeau’s offer to train Chinese military in cold-weather warfare in spite of warnings from Trump administration; “Fang Fang who did the bang-bang” on the DNC payroll
0:22:24CNN douchebag John Berman bitches about “racist” Texas election lawsuit: “Abraham Lincoln won, fairly, and slave states were pissed about that!”, “as 3,000 new coronavirus deaths were reported overnight”, JCD draws parallel with Democrats’ efforts to rig election of 1864; “are you ready to pierce the heart of darkness?” at Washington DC Stop the Steal Jericho March rally, MyPillow founder Mike Lindell predicts “it’s all gonna be revealed”; JCD recalls Al Franken’s six-month contest battle; Alex Jones panders to the end times crowd about “walking dead reanimated corpse Joe Biden”, ACC on Jones’s precarious post-deplatforming situation, First Call bugle for Michael Flynn; attorney Leigh Dundas on Trump’s 2018 Executive Order 13848; JCD’s path from Democrat and Republican to independent and unaffiliated
0:46:23Vile M5M “they are gonna lose way more than this election” message for Trump supporters; Rachel Maddow congratulates herself for having “never been more vital” to Stephen Colbert, “don’t take at face value something that you get from a government official”, ACC: “how about all those people who were familiar with the President’s thinking?”, journalism as bumper cars; NBC on coming appointment of Susan Rice to White House ­Domestic Policy Council, JCD: “it’s a drinking club”; Command & Conquer: Generals “what are they, protestors? get out of my way, I’m busy!” iso; December 21 conjunction of Jupiter and Venus
0:57:49ACC pans “humungous piece of crap” Michael Bay movie Songbird; upbeat NBC “the moment we have been waiting for!” rundown, “one state has just run out of ICU beds!” with flatline tone; ACC “shoulder to shoulder” at Taverna Italian restaurant; local report spills the beans on Tarrant County Texas refrigerated morgue trucks and families waiting to hold in-person funerals; Tennessee pastor Greg Locke pestered by whiny CNN millennial “what is a pandemic, then?”, journalistic “redneck red herring” trick of mocking the toothless Southerner; Michael Osterholm predicts “grandpa or grandpa won’t be here for Christmas next year” if people don’t shape up, JCD draws parallel with Y2K hysteria and notes post-Y2K market collapse
1:11:45PCR inventor Kary Mullis: Anthony Fauci “doesn’t know anything, really, about anything” and lies about it; Bill Nye “droplets of spit, and snot!” mask propaganda; Fauci slips up during vaccine press conference: “nor would I recommend… nor would I hesitate to recommend”; compilation of NBC News anchor José Díaz-Balart’s flamboyant R-rolling pronunciation of Dr. John Torres’ name; rumors of Australian vaccine being linked to positive HIV tests; Torres recommends people who have already had COVID-19 get the vaccine 90 days later; YouTube “surfer dude” explains Moderna spike protein vaccine; JCD on the danger to companies who specialize in cold remedies; Pfizer vaccine trade secrets exfiltrated via cyberattack; drunk or not drunk West Virginia Governor Jim Justice warns against mixing Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, JCD: “at three months your dick falls off”, “Modern, Modern, Moderna-Moderna” iso; JCD “oh no!” and “have they ever met a lesbian?” isos
1:34:28Producer Segment: ACC predicts Joe Rogan’s return to traditional podcasting
2:07:09Pfizer vaccine rollout with camouflage-clad spokeshole and “potential risks for people 16 and older” footnote; Díaz-Balart channels William Shatner with “the beginning of the end of the pandemic!” story, “80% of ICU beds occupied” meme, JCD: “bullshit!
2:24:47CDC post-vaccination V-SAFE app; UK counterterrorism official Neil Basu ponders legal action against vaccine “misinformation”; Anthony Fauci and his wife Christine Grady appear on National Urban League event without acknowledging their connection, Health Alliance Network’s Ambrose Lane and Fauci read script featuring Dr. Kizzmekia “Kizzy” Corbett: “the vaccine that you’re going to be taking was developed by an African American woman”, ACC: “is she on the patent on the Moderna vaccine?”; Dutch “gebraden duif” proverb
2:40:58A new Walmart “Secret Santa” drops $64,000 in Tennessee
2:44:56Donation Segment
2:58:10Ursula von der Leyen: doomed Brexit negotiations being taken into overtime because it is the “responsible” thing to do, Boris Johnson warning to prepare for “WTO option”
3:00:43Austin City Hall lit up in green to honor 5th anniversary of Paris climate accord
3:02:04Compilation of M5M comparing Trump to Hitler; CBS The Neighborhood takes on white family’s “the talk” about evil police; CBC’s Eli Glasner enthuses about new crop of “holiday mush” LGBT Christmas specials like Happiest Season, ACC: “we’ve got Twinks in My Tree!”, bullcrap “she had to explain to her children why that commercial was pulled from air”