Call Clooney!

1302 Mink Road (2020-12-10)

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0:00:00JCD: “Ooooh-ooooh!” (1:42:20)
0:00:34JCD’s wine tasting with Dana Brunetti and financĂ©e Alexandra Pakzad, Captain Philips Somali pirate actor nominated for Academy Award; No Agenda Coronavirus! Minute jingle
0:09:34Fauci and Birx making the M5M rounds to propagate “the worst is yet to come”, bogus Penn State phone tracking to illustrate Thanksgiving superspreader travel; Democracy Now revels in emerging Thanksgiving “spikes”, Biden’s ingenious plan to shoot vaccine “into the arms of the American people!”, “intense symptoms” in trial participants after second shot; Fauci and Andrew Cuomo discuss getting vaccinated on camera like “De Niro and Pacino”; Iran unable to pay off UN COVAX program due to sanctions; Trump comments on traditional Johnson & Johnson vaccine and notes “tremendous promise, all of them, tremendous problem”; first British vaccine recipient seen in Christmas sweater on CNN in October; Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to Brolf: “problematic” African-American vaccine skepticism sure to evaporate once Biden and Harris take office; fast-talking UN Team Halo doctor enumerates the virtues of mRNA vaccine on TikTok; terrifying masked dolls with COVID-19 alarms from Spanish toymaker Famosa; Saturday Night Live audiences paid $150 to act as extras (CotD)
0:29:32Ontario to roll out “some kind of a card”; Bill Gates “super painful” revisited; France 24 celebrates “tale of globalization”; Dutch survey finds opening restaurants will reduce spread; Florida mandates reporting of PCR cyclee, “whistleblower” Rebekah Jones raided by police “in front of her kids!” over illegal use of emergency alert system; local Kentucky report: “the COVID wing is almost completely empty at the moment”; JCD’s LibJoes propagating “exponential”; mink outbreak in British Columbia, ACC: Chinese “Mink Road” strategy
0:47:50Sen. Ron Johnson introduces Dr. Pierre Kory to Homeland Security Committee to discuss “cheap” early interventions, Sen. Gary Peters bitches about “unverified theories”, Kory lauds veterinary anti-parasitic and rosacea ointment ivermectin as alternative to “novel and/or expensive pharmaceutically engineered drugs”, JCD: “quack!”, “if you take it you will not get sick!”; Stanford Prof. Jayanta Bhattacharya discusses increase in dementia-related deaths
1:15:23DNI John Ratcliffe to Tucker Carlson: China messing with DNA to make super-soldiers; story of Rep. Eric Swalwell courted by Chinese spy Fang Fang broken by Axios, Jonathan Swan a little too vehement in denying Trump was behind the disclosure; former DNI Richard Grenell to Hannity: Swalwell “tip of the iceberg”, Rep. Matt Gaetz: “everybody in Washington knows Swalwell is Pelosi’s fair-haired boy”; Rep. Kevin McCarthy repeats “tip of the iceberg” meme, ACC draws parallel with Anthony Weiner; Darren Beattie to Bannon’s WarRoom on video of Prof. Di Dongsheng claiming influence over Wall Street and celebrating Trump’s ouster
1:34:41Producer Segment: HTTP error 418; R2-D2 karma and JCD “you’ve got pharma”
2:06:43Texas election lawsuit joined by 17 other states; NPR on $250M Chan-Zuckerberg donation to Center for Tech and Civic Life to fund body cameras and ballot drop boxes; judge grants access to Dominion machines in Antrim Co. Michigan; George Soros promotes Smartmatic’s Lord Mark Malloch-Brown to president of Open Society Foundation; Trump threatening to veto NDAA over Section 230, Libsyn petitioning to cancel stock held by convicted Chinese criminals; Army and Navy “coincidentally” running Operation Devil Storm exercise off the US coastline, geomagnetic storm rendering northern lights potentially visible in Michigan; NBC News on former Israeli space security chief Haim Eshed claiming US & Israel are in contact with extraterrestrial “galactic federation” with “secret underground base on Mars”
2:29:54FTC and 48 state attorneys general file antitrust suit against Facebook; Fox Business News delivers “dumbest report ever” on Bitcoin’s transaction costs; Satoshi Nakamoto = Elon Musk theory; SpaceX SN8 prototype explodes during landing
2:41:01Compilation of M5M fawning over “competent” Biden administration; Democracy Now on rerun of GMO shill Tom Vilsack for Secretary of Agriculture, Marcia Fudge as first African-American HUD head; CIA cut off from US military aid; Biden hastily corrects his botched introduction of “Xavier Bakaria” as his pick to head “Health and Education Services”
2:47:09Boris Johnson’s completely inconsequential meeting with Ursula von der Leyen, France threatening to veto the entire Brexit deal; China and South Korea squabbling over who owns kimchi
2:53:30Donation Segment
3:03:29“Do it right” and Cuomo “yeahhh!” isos; Michigan state Rep. Cynthia Johnson stripped of committee assignments after “make them pay” threat against “Trumpers”
3:07:04Cartoon Network propaganda PSA repeats claims that Lewis Latimer invented the lightbulb instead of Thomas Edison, “thanks to systematic racism, most of your storytellers prioritize white accomplishments which leave you with an incomplete picture”