Call Clooney!

1301 BINO (2020-12-06)

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0:00:00JCD: “Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh!” (0:04:36)
0:00:34JCD and everyone else exempt from Gavin Newsom’s petulant lockdown order based on ICU capacity, San Mateo County in full revolt; viral video of Los Angeles restaurant owner furious at being denied permit next to ongoing film shoot; redirect
0:08:50ACC rolls new whiny voice for “I hate it when mommy and daddy are fighting!”, Andrew Ross Sorkin interrupts Rick Santelli to yell “it’s science!” during shouting match over restrictions on big box stores, JCD Red Book: “he’s done, they’re gonna fire him”; Irish journalist Gemma O’Doherty reveals letter from Department of Health and Social Care admitting SARS-CoV-2 virus has not been isolated, ACC draws parallel with PCR test for HIV; “better lit” hospitals that are full to the gills being featured by the media, “old witch” JCD finally gets a haircut
0:29:31Producer note on ambulance services most often called for non-emergency transport; French nursing home residents allowed to contact their families through a “hug bubble”; Bill Gates’ well-thumbed copy of Darrell Huff’s How to Lie with Statistics; NBC News celebrates “grim new milestones!”, ACC: “they all saw Cuomo get his Emmy”; JCD decorates Amy Goodman’s “devastating tipping point!” spiel with strategic echoes, “retired and unemployed healthcare workers” being recruited in Rhode Island, Biden declares intent to “ask” Americans to mask up for “just one hundred days”, 68,000 lives “saved or created” by universal mask wearing, JCD calls bullcrap on California mask use doing anything but harm
0:43:40Democracy Now on increased positivity rates among farm workers who “only spoke an indigenous language”, over “one miwwion” cases in Iran, Hamas top brass “infected”; Baltimore Ravens counters COVID shaming narrative with fiction about four distinct strains; Maryland resident to spend a year in jail for hosting two bonfires and being uppity with police
0:52:58Stammering British Secretary of State for Education Gavin Williamson: British first to roll out Pfizer vaccine because “we’re a much better country than every single one of them”; Anthony Fauci furiously sucks up to Pfizer on BBC after accusing British of taking shortcuts, JCD: “hello CBS?”; Oxford Prof. Sir John Bell: “these vaccines are unlikely to completely sterilize a population”, Bill Gates’ “new vaccines” TED talk revisited; top Ontario medical officer Dr. David Williams threatens vaccine requirement “for access or to ease in getting into certain settings”, ACC on governments paying private sector to institute draconian regulations
1:07:17Trust in vaccines particularly low among blacks and Hispanics; Obama threatens to get vaccinated on camera because “I trust the science!”; producer note on lack of restrictions in UAE; Chicago Mayor “Larry” Lightfoot all-in on “educating people into compliance”; Canadian producer note on inflated hospitalization totals; vaccine industry now promoting adjuvants as “the danger we need”; Fauci now being linked to Mother Theresa and child smuggling
1:18:32Gordon Chang: China attempting to corner the market on DNA technology in order to wage tailored biowarfare“; ACC speculates about ACE2 receptor and the chemicals in vape liquid
1:24:14Producer Segment: creepy US bat quarters; Neom Saudi Arabia; Amazon IMDb TV
1:52:50DOT finally bans emotional support animals; NBC rants about vaccine-fueled “packagegeddon” with echoing Indian reporter and Instacart native ad
1:58:21Trump’s “I like cucumbers!” rally in Georgia taking shots at Stacey Abrams; Ted Cruz headed to Supreme Court over standing in election lawsuits; Jake Tapper bashes Lin Wood and Sidney Powell over “the most deranged conspiracy theories … all based on nonsense”, “what they’re saying is not true” (CotD); NBC News whipsaw “he cannot lawfully give the President Trump what he wants” vs “whoooo!”; Powell “huge bag of shredded ballots” update; 2018 Executive Order 13848 Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election revisited; Rep. Mo Brooks on nullification of Electoral College votes and duty of the House and Senate to chose president and vice president, JCD counters with the power of the CIA and defends vote in Georgia
2:24:52The View reads legal disclaimer after discussing presidential pardons, “you not gonna run if you’re in jail, my friend!”, JCD’s LibJoes keeping tally of Trump’s crimes; David Brooks & Mark Shields bash the deplorables for believing conspiracy theories because they’re terrified
2:33:47BINO “Brexit in Name Only” pretty much dead in the water
2:35:08YouTuber Dicktor Van Doomcock on Warner Brothers’ parallel HBO Max plan, JCD on Disney’s convoluted org chart, ACC’s conservative Brooklyn expat friend at Disney subsidiary
2:40:07Donation Segment
2:55:16Ask Adam: Democracy Now on Burmese Rohingya refugees being moved from Bangladesh to Basanchar Island which “only emerged from the ocean two decades ago”; Tedros Adhanom revels in “fork in the road” brought about by pandemic; New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern runs down apocalyptic global warming scenario and rolls out 2025 carbon neutrality plan, “if they’re unable to achieve carbon neutrality they must offsit”; Alberta Premier Jason Kenney explains the Great Reset as “grab bag of left-wing ideas for less freedom and more government”, Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum “biggest gathering of global hypocrites in history”, JCD: Alberta “the Texas of Candinavia”