Call Clooney!

12 Lawsuit Crazy (2008-01-12)

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0:00:15ACC’s jaunt in the Cessna, BBC Coast show; JCD in “Lost Wages Nevada”, Video Poker Tutor software, ACC’s Las Vegas documentaries; CES vs COMDEX, mall cart solicitations, Canal Street “fake” goods in alleyways, JCD’s knockoff Movado silver-on-silver watch, ACC’s dirty gold Rolex, JCD tip: ask for room near elevators, Joël Robuchon restaurant
0:17:25“Racist” comment about lazy French, Sarkozy dating Carla Bruni, perpetual recession; ACC’s two French listeners
0:22:57JCD on fat people on airplanes, pinball museum on 3330 Tropicana
0:30:06Tesla at CES, ACC on hard landing with Ray Lane due to jammed brake, Tesla Motors event, Who Killed the Electric Car documentary, JCD on hydrogen car tanks at 10k PSI, compressed air hybrids
0:40:55Patricia’s misdiagnosis and appendectomy, Creative Commons lawsuit, no help from EFF on lawsuit, “neither party has any further comment”, JCD’s Hindi accent, “racist” slurs on Big Brother, “unscripted dramas”, low-paid jobs in TV
0:58:09JCD on Windows machines hibernating during download; JCD’s PanAm headphones, Koss electrostats
1:02:12Comic Strip Blogger’s Yo Agenda show; Czech origin of Dvorak name, no connection to Antonín Dvořák; Dvorak kids’ insane typing speeds; reused password honeypots; approximately 10k listeners per show