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129 Unionize Everything (2009-09-10)

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0:00:00ACC: “I’m so happy that we’re going to kill tens of thousands of us, here’s my water Mr. TSA, please take my water! (sobbing)” (0:52:56)
0:00:44ACC back in US, touch of swine flu; JCD on frequent flyer immunity
0:03:22Obama speech before joint session of Congress, kissing room full of potentially sick attendees, HD allowing inspection of expensive clothing and jewelry, female elites like Hillary & Pelosi wearing “power color” red, Sebelius’ enormous earrings; Dennis Miller: “this is beautiful karaoke”; Pelosi issues instructions for escorting Obama into chamber, constant muttered asides to colleagues; shallow Katie Couric comment on Michelle Obama standing beside Vicki Kennedy; JCD on Obama’s ability to “buffalo” audience, “what bill?” sign
0:15:26Wall Street Journal op-ed on forcing health care workers into unions, ACC on SAG & AFTRA membership; EFCA Employee Free Choice Act eliminating secret unionization ballots; Post Office employees in holding pens “resource rooms” doing nothing because they can’t be fired
0:27:41Obama speech teleprompter flubs, constant applause, CBS zeroing in on glowering Bohmer, Joe Wilson “you lie!”, public vs private university analogy, malpractice tort limit, overused “not this time, not now”, Ted Kennedy “death letter”
0:37:20ACC: Glenn Beck “one gene away from retardation”, Hannity on Obama school speech lauded by MSM vs Bush 41 turning “students into props”, ACC on black students corralled in one area; ACC on navigating the British and Dutch healthcare systems
0:45:12British liquid explosive plotters, BBC fake liquid bomb demonstration, possession of hydrogen peroxide but not of passports, three convicted in second trial, Yahoo e-mail workaround for intercepted evidence ban, “projectors and taxis”, “Calvin Klein aftershave” codes; ACC on KLM pilots TSA standing around toilet warning joke
0:55:39Charlie Sheen/Alex Jones fake Obama 9/11 interview; WTC Seven Won’t Go Away jingle
0:58:27$10M General Dynamics contract for USSOCOM propaganda, “transregional web initiative”; Department of Agriculture to buy another $30M worth of pork in light of swine flu
1:00:50Fifty small aircraft incidents recently; Bill O’Reilly on NBC store selling Obama merch; Chia Obama; “debt stinks” pledge of allegiance; Depression expert Bernanke blowing up economy
1:06:52US officer to 60 Minutes: “it might be twelve, fifteen years from now and we’re still in Afghanistan”, Obama’s “necessary war”, Karzai brothers’ business and drug empires, US protecting them from Taliban; Karzai restaurant dinner plans; US military catering money
1:16:29JCD on Steamboat Institute “blowhards”; ground broken on $3.4bn Homeland Security building, Janet Napolitano: “it will help us hold meetings”
1:20:04Donation Segment: only two Las Vegas dinner signups
1:27:01Hearings for H.R.1207; NAACP e-mail thread plotting downfall of Rev. Manning from Obama-bot Mevio former Black Panther, “we have to kill him
1:30:59Outro: ACC’s eminent domain update for next show, JCD records survey phone call