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1299 King Mitch (2020-11-29)

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0:00:00JCD: “Leaking gut!” (2:08:59)
0:00:33Exemptions in new California COVID-19 stay-at-home order for religious services and protests,; Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak: “I have done everything I could to help spread this virus”; dire pre-Thanksgiving “mother of all super-spreader events” warning from CNN, AP now hysterical over “false decline” due to lack of testing; Johns Hopkins removes and amends article by Prof. Genevieve Briand comparing COVID-19 and heart disease deaths: “all of this points to no evidence that COVID-19 created any excess deaths”
0:11:13World Economic Forum World vs Virus podcast promotes propaganda platform, work with UN Team Halo vaccine researchers: “we’ve trained them on TikTok”, Plandemic “discredited virologist who put on a lab coat” Judy Mikowits; 10,500 of the 11,000 Canadian victims were in long-term care; UN promo video: “this is the biggest act of collaboration in history!”, JCD: “bull-crap!”, charming old lady chides “keep to the rules, and you’se all be fine!”; Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi compares PCR to breathalyzer test; Dr. James Linden and Ivor Cummins chuckle at “COVID fart” on IMN Debates; Formula One commentators enthuse over “Freedom Pass” oxymoron; false positive outbreak at Concordia University; Chris Klemens finally tests negative; football quarterbacks dropping like flies
0:27:42Bill Gates “it’s just, you know, super painful” vaccine side-effect revisited; Atlanta local reporter: two-shot vaccine may leave you “feeling crummy”; RTÉ Ireland spokestoddler explains “regurgitation station” in administration of Pfizer vaccine: “he’s not participating so we’re going to have to knock him out”, JCD: “Greta Thunberg”; Ticketmaster partially walks back its vaccine passport position; Qantas CEO Alan Joyce gets a pie in the face
0:35:45Fox News pros and cons of Andrew Cuomo’s International Emmy award; ironic address by CEO Bruce Paisner in empty auditorium; COVID-19 outbreak at Oregon mink farm; JMD reports reluctance to pet family Basset Hound at dog park; producer’s “apparently” compilation; producer note on refusing emergency room and testing recommendations crackpot Jeffrey Prather’s unlikely list of bona fides, “Health Ranger” Mike Adams predicts “ethnic cleansing” against white Trump supporters, seizure of farmland for reparations, Obama & Newsom calling in the UN Pedobear blue helmets and the Chinese, ACC: “if he rolls into an ammo ad I’m gonna be very mad”; Gary Heavin predicts FEMA camps for vaccine skeptics; Steve Quayle rants about new globalist meat product made from human cells; JCD on Sidney Powell as defender of Enron executives, “I’m done with her!”
1:10:39Powell discloses news of smoking gun check stubs; JCD creatively edits Fareed Zakaria’s discussion of House of Representatives scenario; 2016 video with Hollywood actors begging electors to defect; Viva Frei on dismissal of lawsuits prior to presentation of evidence; Diamond and Silk dive into voter fraud and election fraud; Powell: “Georgia’s probably gonna be the first state I’m gonna blow up”; Jimmy Kimmel mocks Powell’s allegations against Georgia governor; Powell on Georgia’s no-bid contract with Dominion; Trump responds angrily to reporter asking “disgraceful!” question, “oh gee, we had a glitch, 5,000 votes”
1:35:14Maricopa County official lauds Dominion employees running loose in polling places as shining example of public-private partnership; CNN hysterical over resignation of Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security Joseph Kernan, Gina Haspel talking to Mitch McConnell; Gen. Thomas McInerney suggests US personnel were killed in Frankfurt raid; Michael Flynn predicts “clear path to victory” in election and implicates China; JCD irked at continuation of election saga, Joe DiGenova cult, and QAnon, “they will be back!”
1:58:41Producer Segment: man overboard Scott M.; Curry-Dvorak-Horowitz-Mackey Zoom call
2:27:22Release the Kraken!” iso up for retirement; fine-tuned Sir Geoff Smith “Build Back Better” jingle; Sir Scott McKenzie announces new No Agenda novel Cockroach Milk
2:32:39Speculation about motives behind alleged assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist, an angry John Brennan sure Biden will sort things out, potential Chinese involvement, JCD’s visit to Cloudflare; French protests allegedly over new restrictions on filming police; German Bundestag passes Das Infektionsschutzgesetz in the spirit of Enabling Act of 1933 granting unlimited government power; Rotterdam train station “you are spreading coronavirus” drone
2:47:32Peculiar pattern of ousted Trump personnel going to see “King Mitch” McConnell; Fox News runs down incoming Biden administration shills from the CNN and MSNBC ranks including Jen Psaki; Cindy McCain said to be under consideration for UK ambassadorship
2:53:27Academy Awards expanding nominee pool in the name of “equity and inclusion”
2:54:31Useful Idiots podcast laughs at Obama’s latest memoir A Promised Land in which he admits to being a mass murderer goaded on by Rahm Emanuel, “he was doing the work!”, strategy of reading left-wing authors like Marx and Marcuse to impress women including “the ethereal bisexual who wore mostly black” (CotD)
3:02:22Donation Segment: JCD 2016 Bordeaux wine tip
3:18:32JCD’s months-old substance abuse clip series once more on the back burner; Alex Trebek’s poignant Thanksgiving Jeopardy! episode, ACC on British comedian Tommy Cooper’s on-stage death; Rush Limbaugh reads article by Jason Whitlock decrying “degenerate behaviors that white liberals have deemed as authentically black”