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1298 The Palmist (2020-11-26)

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0:00:00JCD: “Yak yak yak yak about science, science, science!” (1:15:18)
0:00:36ABC News giddy over death of Argentinian soccer player Diego Maradona at 60; “Happy Thanksgiving to all the slaves of Gitmo Nation”, “partisan vibe” man overboard note; Sir Geoff Smith Build Back Better for Someone Else jingles; ACC’s late start due to Surface Pro “automatically repairing your drive” message from soldered-in HDD
0:13:56Toronto restaurant owner declares “enough is enough”; British police cowed by Speakers Corner “choose your side!” chant; Buffalo business owners kick sheriff and health department official off private property with “get out!” chant; MP Sir Charles Walker fumes “this is an outrage!” at elderly woman arrested for protesting outside Parliament; Austin public health Thanksgiving spam; Spirit Airlines threatens mask violators with “you will not be able to fly any airline for the rest of your life” because “we are government officials”; local CBS station mocks mask skeptics with “please don’t shove a lightbulb up your keister”
0:23:51Rep. Tom McClintock’s “common sense” speech revisited; producer’s COVID-19 vs car accident spreadsheet; unimpressive ABC News opening tease with “surfer dude” Tom Llamas; Southern California residents threatened with Thanksgiving power shutoffs
0:38:17Two Boston hikers spat at by madman for not wearing masks; Andrew Santino to Dr. Drew on COVID shame as alt-right stigma, mask “makes other people feel good in public”; Sean Lennon to Max Keiser on humanity’s left-brain takeover, JCD: “theremin”; ABC News features weeping nurse and 911 dispatcher, new “humanitarian crisis” meme; Qantas Airlines CEO predicts vaccination requirement for international travel; Commons Project promo video for CommonPass global framework with Silicon Valley douchebag overuse of “actually”
0:59:50National Guard being sent into Minnesota nursing homes; producer note on shift from PCR to antigen testing and precipitous drop in positivity rate; Bill Gates to formerly-funny Trevor Noah on “activating the trust hierarchy” to overcome nonexistent resistance to polio vaccine, chuckling “usually when you work on infectious disease like Dr. Fauci and I do”, alternative media “so easy to click on”; AstraZeneca walks back 90% efficacy claim for non-mRNA vaccine, transition to antigen test timed to prove vaccine is working, little kid “don’t lock me down Blow Joden”; ABC fear porn about food bank shortages “in black and brown communities”
1:18:22Prospective climate czar John Kerry: climate change “will create more pandemics!”
1:21:36Producer Segment: “Dremeled” eyeball; “R-E-S-P-I-C-T” highway sign; ACC irked by “pod”
2:07:01Culled Danish mink “rising from the dead” from their hastily-dug mass graves
2:08:07ABC News mocks Michael Flynn on the occasion of his presidential pardon; Brian Williams injects “inexplicably capitalized” editorial in reading of Trump’s tweet; “El Sid the Kraken Keeper” Sidney Powell identified as semi-autonomous “military lawyer”; Jonathan Karl lies about Powell’s “bizarre conspiracy theory … hatched by Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez who has been dead for seven years”; 2006 CNN report on Venezuelan influence on Chicago primaries through Smartmatic; Jimmy Fallon “hail Zoltar, Sidney” routine; Jim Acosta: Trump legal team convinced that election is done; Lou Dobbs reads Powell “it will be epic” letter
2:22:34Dominion spokeshole: “no way” massive fraud could happen; Dominion VP Eric Coomer demonstrates adjudication procedure for editing “ambiguous” ballots; internet-connected storage for “flexible management of results” from Dominion user manual; 2019 report on security experts finding internet-connected election systems, 14,000 firewalled ES&S modems “turned on for just seconds”; outrage in Georgia over out-of-band Dominion software update in October; Pennsylvania state legislature hears testimony about ballot spikes netting 600,000 votes for Biden and 3,200 for Trump, “at least as secure as your Venmo account”; US Army Combat Outpost Surveillance and Force Protection System “Kraken”, Ezra Cohen-Watnick resurrects JFK National Security Memorandum 57 reassigning responsibility for paramilitary operations from CIA to DoD, GSA transition fund “trap” for China sympathizers
2:39:27Joe Biden’s depressing “extremely harsh conditions and deprivation” Thanksgiving speech, “palmists” gaffe in introduction to Psalm 28:7, JCD ponders differences between Catholic Bible editions, incomprehensible “out of pain comes possibility!”, M5M now protecting Biden by reading his quotes; Biden’s plan to apply National Firearms Act to semiautomatic rifles; JCD on reluctance of states to allow concealed carry reciprocity to Oregon
2:54:58Mike Morell a potential CIA head under Biden, Janet Yellen a no-brainer; June “Great Reset” and “Build Back Better” press release from Justin Trudeau
2:59:42Donation Segment: “codeine from Canada”
3:11:47“And I want you to think about that” and “ICU Christmas” iso; continuation of Rep. Tom McClintock’s “lockdown leftists” speech: “and for God’s sake, no singing!”; Purdue Pharma pleads guilty in $5bn OxyContin case, JCD: “somebody should file a murder indictment”
3:18:21Curry-Dvorak-Horowitz-Mackey Thanksgiving Zoom call, “liberal democrat” Horowitz admits to having had COVID-19, ACC’s “Neiman Marxist” Generation Z “bad communist”