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1297 Going Bananas (2020-11-22)

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0:00:00ACC & JCD: “Hey guys!” (0:45:48)
0:00:35Steve Mnuchin “working on mass distribution of the virus”; fearmonger Prof. Michael Osterholm appointed to Biden coronavirus taskforce, “we’re gonna see hospitals collapsing in the next two to three weeks”; Los Angeles medical producer note on hospitalized COVID-19 patients virtually guaranteed to recover; Thursday ABC News whole-show “reaching critical levels” teaser, “33 lives lost in just one community”
0:07:25Distraction of Prince William speaking about probe into douchebag Martin Bashir’s 1995 interview with Princess Diana, royal family likely throwing Prince Charles under the bus
0:11:51TODAY propagating “extremely dangerous!” mantra for those making Thanksgiving plans, JCD: “empty chairs coming!”, Dr. John Torres prompted to jump on board “you cannot test your way to a Thanksgiving Day table”, JCD: “someone doesn’t want you getting together with your family”; new “love you” meme accompanying “stay safe”
0:17:54JCD theorizes mRNA vaccines will end the common cold; Anthony Fauci reflects on new process by which vaccines can be produced “literally within days”, takes issue with “another group of people” who are skeptical about coronavirus threat; screaming German police arrest live-streaming doctor Andreas Noack, ACC: “that’s the sound track from Schindler’s List
0:29:32UCSF study claims mask and vaccine skeptics are suffering from brain damage; ACC’s Decent health insurance kicked out of Texas; a giggly Yamiche Alcindor asks Joe Biden about dealing with that big mean Donald Trump, answer: “hang on, I’m on my way … not a joke”, ACC: “his memory I/O is buffering”; South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem on mask mandates as feel-good measures available to local authorities; California GOP Rep. Tom McClintock congratulates Gavin Newson for having “recently defied his own idiotic COVID edicts as he partied at one of the few restaurants that’s not yet forced out of business”, appeal to common sense, JCD on closing of raucous secretarial party spot Buca Di Beppo in San Francisco
0:42:01Steven King mocks Rick Scott’s positive test; “COVID shame” presentation by psychologist Dr. Dawn Elise Snipes; effete YouTube star Chris Klemens reacts to positive test with wracking sobs and “wooo” iso; producer note on local Facebook support group taken over by Karens; University of Pittsburg and Virginia Tech requiring football team wear masks while playing
0:54:01Amy Goodman revels in Chicago’s cancellation of Thanksgiving because “one in fifteen” may be infected, de Blasio shuts down schools while “baaarrs!” remain open while virus “rages out of control!”, death toll rising in 33 states, Biden stymied in his ability to “put together the whole load initiative”; Prof. Nikolai Petrovsky on cover-up of Wuhan gain of function research; Goodman clucks over infection betting pool among Tyson Foods management; Portuguese court rules against PCR as basis for quarantine, JCD on underpriced Portuguese wine
1:07:16New York Times labels The Great Reset as “baseless conspiracy theory”; Devin Nunes on his switch from Twitter and YouTube to Parler and Rumble; JCD watching Newsmax “Russian TV” on his new Channel Master DVR; Fareed Zakaria to Don Lemon: Trump “trying to execute a coup” against Biden, unfavorable comparison with Augusto Pinochet
1:18:57Tucker Carlson throws Sidney Powell under the bus: “she never sent us any evidence”; CNN reveals that Trump legal team’s press conference “is so bananas that we can’t even bring it to you” (CotD); Brian Williams obsesses over “dark seepage” of Rudy Giuliani’s hair dye, “it was rambling, repugnant, reprehensible, hysterical”, “the most dangerous one hour forty-five minutes of television in American history”; Powell previews flurry of swing state lawsuits, Dominion’s Toronto office around the corner from Soros NGO shuttered; Ezra Cohen-Watnick believed by some to be Q himself; Lin Wood anticipates jail time for a whole lot of pedophiles and Satan worshippers; JCD’s upcoming Substack essay on Trump’s post-2021 plans
1:40:10Alan Dershowitz on strategy of denying Biden a final Electoral College vote; JCD predicts 2022 Republican resurgence, Moe Factz predicts scapegoating of Stacey Abrams
1:45:00Producer Segment: crowdsourced Podcasting 2.0 chapters; shownotes archive for JCD
2:27:52JCD on the origin of “doozy” in the Duesenberg automobile; Vanda Pharmaceuticals ad pushing medication for akathisia movement disorder caused by schizophrenia medication
2:31:34Seattle teacher cancels remote classes because she is hunkered down in the woods; Megyn Kelly pulling her sons out of New York school over anti-white “black death” article; Generation Z PRI segment on “my bestie” the “emotional support Canadian”, ACC notes “hello friend” to avoid misgendering; incomprehensible mumbling from Claudia Conway, JCD: “generation of kids that are hopped up on amphetamines”, “hey guys!” for horrid American Idol audition
2:51:33Joe Biden blathers incoherently about his plans for the “Defense Recafecta Act”
2:53:29BBC package on “Great Dying” 252 million years ago “caused by the burning of fossil fuels”, return of the “biodiversitée” meme
2:59:21Amy Goodman rolls out exotic pronunciation for Afghanistan /afxanɨstæn/, gripes about “blooding” practice for new Australian troops; producer note on “bog roll” flying off the shelves in South Australia due to new COVID-19 strain hoax, #PizzaGateSA suppressed by Twitter
3:06:39Donation Segment
3:18:03Frau Ingraham “do what you’re told!” iso; Amy Goodman gripes about Mike Pompeo touring “illegal Israeli settlement” and promotes Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement; media convinced Pompeo is running for president in 2024