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1294 Ephemeral Experience (2020-11-12)

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0:00:00JCD: “Get tested, get tested!” (0:07:00)
0:00:32Gavin Newson spreads alarm over increase in COVID-19 positivity rate from 2.5% to 3.7%, Anthony Fauci blames asymptomatic transmission; Fox Business News controlled opposition hanging on by a thread, Tucker Carlson reduced to running the same Medicare ad over and over; California using Amber Alert system to spam residents about COVID testing; NBC breathlessly reports daily case count of 144,000 which “smashes” existing records; exhausting NBC Nightly News “exploding to staggering new records!” teaser; producer asks state health commissioner about PCR threshold on Vermont NPR affiliate, “really, the goal is to find as much of the coronavirus as possible”; “gold standard PCR test” compilation; Andrew Cuomo all-in on national mask mandate to stamp out “microclusters”; Pfizer’s wise decision to release results until after election, Cuomo: “we can’t let this vaccination plan go forward the way the Trump administration is designing it, because Biden can’t undo it two months later”; NBC Nightly News native ad for Moderna and Eli Lilly antibody treatment
0:21:23Ticketmaster considering vaccine document “almost like a passport” with health information firms like CLEAR and IBM, ACC: “nice to see IBM back in the game of putting numbers on human beings!”, Stuart Varney: “something’s gotta give, it’s the way it is!”; NBC COVID-19 overview with subtle “actually turning the corner”, “empty seats at the dinner table” meme straight from the Biden campaign, breathless ventilator survivor in the style of 2019 vaping scare, NBC granted “rare access” to Abbott Northwestern Hospital where a whopping 23 of 30 COVID ICU beds are occupied; New York teachers just going through the motions; Slovakia requiring “voluntary” test in order for citizens to go to work, Sweden closing bars and restaurants at 9:30, ACC: “it’s nocturnal, and starts getting active at night”, JCD on neo-prohibitionists singling out bars, UK Behavioural Insights Team “nudge unit” recommending certificates or wristbands, ACC: “armbands is our favorite, yellow stars historically work”
0:42:03Biden’s nonexistent “Office of the President-elect” tapping the same old Obama-era douchebags like Ezekiel Emanuel to COVID-19 Transition Advisory Board; NBC speculates about Susan Rice as potential Cabinet pick, ACC: “she knows where the bodies are buried!”; bumbling Obama “Ebola Czar” Ron Klain to be Chief of Staff, Ben Rhodes: “foreign leaders are already having phone calls with Joe Biden” in violation of the Logan Act; Ted Cruz grills Andrew McCabe over decision to continue Michael Flynn investigation after recommendation to close it, “we uncovered that General Flynn was having the sort of direct contact with the government of Russia”; spook producer notes on DIA fighting CIA color revolution
0:59:45Sidney Powell to Maria Bartiromo on testimonial evidence of election rigging in Michigan and Pennsylvania, “the math is dispositive” with multiple injections of identical numbers of votes, states deviating from ballot-handling statutes, Dominion Voting Systems machines infected with Chinese software; Chiara de Blasio celebrates “first black Asian female president in office” because “Joe Biden was able to steal… steal, no, win, sorry”
1:10:43NBC’s Hallie Jackson propagates “according to multiple people familiar with his thinking” and “according to sources familiar with the diagnoses”; CNN national security douchebag Jim Sciutto implicates short 2000 transition in events leading to 9/11; NBC pundit lays firing of Mark Esper at the feet of “international operations that he feels could benefit him politically”, JCD: “the election’s over!”, Gina Haspel also on the chopping block over resistance to transparency, spook Richard Engel invokes “this transition could be even riskier!” 9/11 meme, JCD: “the shredders are working full time over at the CIA”; Mike Pompeo: “there will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration”; Biden chuckles knowingly at the mention of Pompeo; Boris Johnson’s congratulatory tweet Photoshopped over one meant for Trump, Johnson eager to “tackle climate change” at COP26 in Glasgow
1:27:47Anderson Pooper compares post-election Trump administration to post-Mobutu Congo; Fox and CNN reduced to playing clips of each other; Nicolle Wallace delighted with “person with a conscience” Neil Cavuto stepping in to save his fragile viewers from Kayleigh McEnany’s “flagrant lie” about election fraud, Lincoln Project’s Steve Schmidt: “we have enough information right now at this moment in this space-time continuum to understand that”
1:36:21Producer Segment: Dark Side of the Moon caterwauling dog jingle
2:03:52Bill Barr snaps “let me talk!” at Brolf during squabble about mail-in ballots, Brolf dutifully repeats “widespread fraud” talking point; Project Veritas somehow produces high-quality audio of postal worker Richard Hopkins talking to smooth-talking USPS inspector Russell Strasser, “the last week has been ca-ray-zy, right?”, “we have Senators involved, we have the Department of Justice involved … here I am being honest with you”
2:15:59Biden transition advisor Felicia Wong to BBC Today podcast gushes over Biden’s plans to raise taxes as “good economic set of policies”; Andrew McCabe tries incomprehensible deflection of Logan Act question from Ted Cruz; fake “conservative blogger” Jennifer Rubin: “We have to collectively, in essence, burn down the Republican Party”; Trump Accountability Project donor blacklist; “everyone pretend podcasting isn’t boring!” iso
2:27:08Lindsey Graham grills Andrew McCabe over FBI’s failure to act on CIA memo about Hillary Clinton’s Russian collusion distraction plot, “time out, time out!”, Peter Strzok “fair in the decisions that he made”, “my recollection stirs” regarding Strzok-Page scandal
2:37:47Rudy Giuliani on government insiders turning state’s evidence in election fraud cases, no mention of Hunter Biden’s laptop; John Solomon on “concrete examples” of procedures deviating from legislative mandates, $350M from Mark Zuckerberg for Center for Tech and Civic Life, hundreds of thousands of ballots from voters who moved or died; ACC speculates about application of Section 230 to Joe Rogan, Spotify’s acquisition of podcast ad company Megaphone
2:47:21Review of Dr. Robert Epstein’s 2019 testimony that Google manipulated 2016 election via search results; Epstein at Hillsdale College: Google “go vote” reminder shown on its landing page only to liberals, JCD: “what??”, leaked 2018 e-mails speculating about use of “ephemeral experiences” to alter attitudes about Trump travel ban, 2016 The Selfish Ledger “re-engineer humanity” video, The New York Post pulls article about Google’s vote rigging and the rigging stops on October 29; conservatives ditching Fox in favor of One America News and Newsmax
3:05:20Donation Segment
3:20:58JCD admits being sick of Amy Goodman, missing parents of 666 children detained at US-Mexico border; The Epoch Times ad from Canada linking fentanyl crisis to Chinese government, JCD & ACC both receiving Epoch Times paper copies; punk rock scene in Wuhan