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1292 Killing Mink (2020-11-05)

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0:00:00ACC & JCD: “Uncle Clarence??” (0:28:08)
0:00:35Animated No Agenda censored by YouTube for disputing WHO guidelines by featuring Anthony Fauci on This Week in Virology, ACC: “I think I started Podcasting 2.0 right on time”
0:03:54Cable news networks unable to agree on Electoral College projections, irregularity of speech that is neither victory or concession, Nixon-Kennedy déjà vu with corrupt Chicago politicians, media calling Virginia in spite of Trump’s commanding lead, Biden checkmark in spite of 0% in Vermont, media ignoring Trafalgar Group in favor of Nate Silver; Socialist Alternative rolling out professional “Count Every Vote” signs in Philadelphia; Joe Biden’s speech in a sea of 2020 Jeeps; Trump campaign still counting on an Arizona win, “lawsuit land” starting December 8; useless “stay in your vehicle” announcement at Stevie Wonder concert, DSBS “dumb shit Biden says”: Wonder “generally a national treasure”; Brolf points out narrowing of Trump’s lead in Georgia to 33,300; rumors of Amy Coney Barrett recusing herself from upcoming election cases
0:24:17JCD predicts renewed push for internet voting, Democrat “vote parties”; Joy Reid “do any of you guys trust Uncle Clarence?”, JCD: “what a racist pig she is!”; Lester Holt catches himself before admitting a Biden loss is “certainly not possible”; Fulton County Georgia administrator admits staff were “hired as late as this evening” and “ran ‘em through a simple training”; Sky Australia highlights Van Jones’ disappointment in not getting a nationwide rejection of Trump; Lancaster County Pennsylvania local news reports counting 53,000 more ballots counted than it received; producer note on 4:00 am spike attributed to computer “glitch” and watermarks missing from unofficially-printed ballots; Republican observers kept at bay in Philadelphia; Democrats accused of calling authors of rejected ballots to submit revisions
0:43:15Biden campaign launches; Chuck Todd in 2015: “most popular candidate” not running; Biden’s prospect of having to pay for Air Force Two in 2015 if he had declared candidacy; a lucid Biden discussing the middle class in November 2017; Maxine Waters rants about the Proud Boys; CNN accuses white voters of “showing who they are”
0:53:19“Chinese spokeshole” Deutsche Welle “echoed by his supporters” vs “we want Trump!” whipsaw, “unfounded allegations” of fraud, black commentator: “they like him because they reflect his worldview”, goes on to point out history of voter suppression in Democrat-controlled areas, “election reform” code for abolition of Electoral College; JCD on media missing out on millions of advertising dollars in California, Les Moonves’ 2015 “record-breaking year” revisited
1:10:30Biden “20,000 verts” teleprompter read; soundboard; ACC’s horrible Bergen Community College zoom call; JCD irked by calls for a parliamentary system, France 24 pearl-clutching over “divided Congress”; ACC’s millennials ready to drink themselves senseless, producer note on children acting out their parents’ election anxiety, JCD: Biden a “gold mine of gaffes”, “cowardly piece of crap” Bruce Springsteen threatening to move to Canada
1:26:06Gen. Thomas McInerney to Steve Bannon on CIA HAMR surveillance and Scorecard vote manipulation systems used by Obama and Biden, Sydney Powell to head FBI if Trump wins
1:32:39Producer Segment
2:16:54JCD’s caterwauling Boston terrier iso; European farmers killing mink based on evidence that they carry COVID-19; protests of more than two people banned in Great Britain, Tommy Robinson arrested at Speakers Corner, Germany shutting down brothels, JCD on expendable NFL players; producer note on his PCR testing and clueless HR department nightmare; Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker announces entertainment and liquor curfew; Spanish “you are young but you are not immortal” PSA; protests in Rome and Barcelona
2:34:58PM Jacinda Ardern dodges question about official exempted from gulag after positive “teest”
2:38:26“COVID-23 has mutated” trailer for Netflix series Songbird; Nigel Farage excoriates Piers Morgan for propagating “inject bleach” meme even after playing the footage; The DarkHorse Podcast discusses implications for social justice climate of 2018 Science article “Prevalence-Induced Concept Change in Human Judgment” which explains “social problems may seem intractable in part because reductions in their prevalence lead people to see more of them”; Deutche Welle “where we are as a country” revisited
2:55:41One Belt One Road test shipment of Finnish pork to China “destroyed” at Russian border
2:57:16ACC OTG: $199 Linux PinePhone a crashing “piece of crap”, Raspberry Pi 400 keyboard with built-in computer, UK Snoop app promises to save households £1,500 per year if allowed to snoop through bank accounts, 24/7 streaming Ring doorbell trial in Jackson Mississippi, JCD analyzes California Prop. 24 data privacy initiative as effort to kill small businesses
3:07:01Donation Segment
3:18:02Former New York banker unsurprised at cancellation of Ant Group IPO
3:19:53Camo-wearing Lady Gaga mocked for can-crushing Biden endorsement; ACC’s new podcast desk; Millennial Millie Weaver’s latest melodramatic coup plot video
3:27:20David Brooks: “good news” is that 90% believe polarization and division are the biggest problems in the US, Mark Shields compares “optimistic rallying figure” FDR and “O’Biden”