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1291 The Election Special (2020-11-01)

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0:00:00JCD: “Look at this, Mars!” (1:55:56)
0:00:35Stanford study blames Trump rallies for 700 deaths; Democracy Now gloats at El Paso “surrrge!” lockdown, 40,000 nursing home deaths, 90,000 new cases “the worst toll of the US epidemic so far”; Tom Woods runs with Fauci This Week in Virology clip; long-forgotten R0 measure and endless cycle of testing; El Paso Fire Department whistleblower on picking up illegal immigrants on bridges from Ciudad Juarez potentially on the taxpayer dime
0:10:01Jacinda Ardern “get your teest done” set to scary music; H&HS aggressively rolling out Abbott BinaxNOW tests, Adm. Brett Giroir: “the more testing you do, the more cases you will find, we want to do that”; fourteen Arkansas schools adopting Binax, 6.5M tests to be rolled out in Florida; ACC’s friend Michel Harper on the brink of bankruptcy as Boris Johnson announces November shutdown; Anthony Fauci to Shep Smith: lockdowns “extremely successful”
0:22:23James Delingpole to Sky Australia: “Build Back Better is the code phrase for the Great Reset of our lives”; Fair Trade USA “Build Back Better, fair trade together” ad; producer note places 2030 squarely in the middle of the End Times; anti-New World Order open letter to Trump from Archbishop Carlo Maria ViganĂ²; pre-election Daylight Saving Time jet lag
0:33:01Record 33% increase in US GDP; Waynesville North Carolina officials overwhelmed by turnout of angry crowd defying proposed mask mandate; New York requiring visitors submit to testing and three-day quarantine; producer note on “take Tylenol” for five-day COVID bout
0:38:22Don Lemon reflects with Chris Cuomo on having ditched conservative friends that were “too far gone”; ACC cancels follow-up on call with Dutch TV producer and raving San Diego TDS douchebag, “vote and shut up!”; C-SPAN caller: Trump supporters afraid to display yard signs, Baldwin Wallace University Prof. Lauren Copeland: “we weight by education” in Community Research Institute polls, JCD: “you get put in the dumb bucket”; Chuck Todd: “I know the adjustments we’ve made to make sure that we feel good about our numbers”
0:51:55Biden-Harris bus diverted from Austin by convoy of Trump supporters; Kamala Harris in Texas: “this is no time to let up on the pedal, though, right?”; Austin in danger of flipping red, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick: Austin “now one of the most dangerous cities in America”; Jonathan Karl on Florida, Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina as election-day indicators; JCD: CNN looking like “a Korean website”, Rep. Frederica Wilson worried about Miami-Dade County “in terms of the black community, and Hispanic, it’s not going Biden’s way”, JCD predicts “what we got wrong week” and “a lot of nasal gaving”
1:05:51DHS planning election night “rapid-response cyberwar room” with National Guard; fast-talking “blonde bombshell” Mindy Robinson bitches about election fraud in Nevada dismissed as a “glitch”; Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in 2008: mail-in voting “a risky experiment”
1:11:10Kamala Harris introduced as “the next president of the United States” in Texas and by her husband “Doug”; Biden’s incomprehensible “I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize trueninternuvidupresher”, ACC translates “I nonly need you to help me get elected, I need you once I’m e-lected”; Democracy Now contrasts Trump and Biden events “red zone hot spot” Florida, Biden “standards for skols” iso; Biden wanders around stage looking for his mask after event with Obama
1:18:32Producer Segment: Halloween “COVID cowards”; “Chef Rent-Boyardee”
2:17:30Former CEO Patrick Byrne to UncoverDC podcast on being by recruited by Senate Judiciary Committee and Arlen Specter before arrest of Raj Rajaratnam, FBI sting on Hillary Clinton accepting bribe from foreign country scrubbed by Obama, “if she’s a girl and defends Obamacare, that knob, the flame stays low”, eight-year Clinton presidency to be followed by Michelle Obama, John Brennan running FBI operation for Obama under Executive Order 12333, John Durham finding “the whole thing is worm-eaten”; Mike Pompeo’s “more to see before the election” empty promise from October revisited; a giddy Bannon’s War Room discusses Hunter Biden “dead man switch” PDF
2:41:12Hysterical ABC News full-show tease with no mention of excised Tom Llamas piece on Hunter Biden’s sketchy business activities in Ukraine; Glenn Greenwald ragequits The Intercept over demands that he censor Hunter Biden information; Amy Goodman ascends to a new pinnacle of vileness by reading “attempting to recycle the dubious claims of a political campaign, the Trump campaign, and launder them as journalism” press release
2:53:38Noodle Gun: Northwestern University’s ill-advised admission of systemic racism rewarded with a lawsuit, Girl Scouts deletes tweet congratulating Amy Coney Barrett on her confirmation, Costco drops Chaokoh brand coconut milk over “forced monkey labor”
2:57:40Donation Segment
3:11:49Harris “doin’ your thing!” iso; Democracy Now WTF with dead immigrant demanding independent investigation into his death; Ted Glick’s entirely non-newsworthy hunger strike for Biden; Hollywood “table read” of John Lithgow’s book Trumpty Dumpty Wanted A Crown
3:18:51John Kerry in February: “all of us in the administration, were trying to get rid of that prosecutor” in Ukraine, ACC: “it would make my day to have all these people locked up!”
3:20:05Pro-Biden C-SPAN caller from Georgia admits to voting for Hillary in 2016