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128 Coming Soon: The Cashless Society (2009-09-06)

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0:00:00CD: “I eat my notes, like Ling-Ling does.” (1:19:33)
0:00:36JCD’s football game; Rev. Manning “long-legged mack daddy” revisited, pimping “Obama girl”, “he put his name on two big 54-Ds”, JCD: “that’s clip of the day”; Green Jobs Czar Van Jones resigns, 44-czar list, subtly slammed by Willie Brown, Jones on Republican success: “the answer to that is, they’re assholes”, “some of us who are not Barack Hussein Obama are gonna have to start getting a little bit uppity”, Bush 43 “crackhead” stand-up routine
0:13:53British Parliament summer break odd consultancy jobs rundown, BOHICA; controversy over government-sponsored Swedish Film Institute’s feminist porn film, JCD on Islam-centered moralistic influence, ACC on “furners” in Dutch government, ten years too late to stem tide of economic migrants; producer Manamana jingle; Hitler subtitle gag
0:23:36Lake Charles police chief pushing for surveillance cameras in and outside all bars
0:26:04“FEMA for Kids” site, “terrorism is a scary thing”
0:32:28CNN on Cash for Clunkers appliance iteration, Lorax branding; UK 100W bulb ban, JCD on dim CFLs, Clinton administration top-loading washing machine ban; CNN “fuel efficient” appliances
0:47:41Mandatory swine flu vaccinations for US military personnel; JCD on University of California football game with national anthem and military swearing-in ceremony, ACC: “what happened to hookers and blow?”; electricity generation source guessing game; WHO article on “mockup vaccines” and release of “novel influenza virus” into population, Washington D.C. “mass vaccination hubs”, “new virus” pandemic redefinition, Emory University “leper colony” quarantine dorm; Merck “discovers” Gardasil is effective in males, UK mother threatened with removal of daughter for blaming Gardasil for partial paralysis
1:02:32Social Security benefits to be issued via debit cards for “consumers”, 90-cent withdrawal fee except at Comerica ATMs; Walmart switching to paperless paychecks via First Data
1:07:07Obama spins unemployment rise to 9.7%, pushing 401k expansion to include tax refunds
1:12:57No Agenda Round Table Thanksgiving Dinner in Las Vegas, restaurant business booming
1:16:02Donation Segment: $56.83 “love”
1:25:31Wall Street to securitize “life settlement” reverse life insurance policies, incentive for holders to die as soon as possible; Connecticut representatives playing solitaire on laptops during Lawrence Cafero Jr. budget speech; Sonia Sotomayor to debut in special session for limitations on corporate election spending; producer note on Russians at O’Hare
1:31:01JCD on out-of-control University of California salaries, increasing from 10% to 22% out-of-state, $26k per year tuition, $4bn from state, advanced placement 4.4 GPA required for admission
1:37:32John Murtha on resounding “no!”: “in the opinion of the chair the ayes have it”, “the chair’s decision is not subject to question”