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1287 School-ology (2020-10-18)

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0:00:00JCD: “Fire!” ACC: “Fire!The Morning Toast host: “Fire!” ACC: “Fire!” (2:00:23)
0:00:32“Very fine people” Animated No Agenda marked offensive by Twitter; JCD corrects record on Arnold Palmer vs Shirley Temple, Mark Cuban “they are a customer of ours” Mandela effect
0:05:27EU fighting “record surge” with curfews; Dutch GP Elke De Klerk: COVID-19 a “normal flu virus”, 89-94% of PCR tests yielding false positives; unexpectedly low deaths in Mumbai slums; producer note on Ontario’s road map for UBI and martial law; Paris restaurants packed ahead of 9:00 curfew, one case recorded in Victoria, no alcohol after 11:00 for Stuttgart slaves
0:26:05Hate mail for ACC after rant about lab technicians, JCD on the art of the “cover your ass memo”; Australian plan for digitized arrival cards and digital vaccination records; World Economic Forum CommonPass backed by Esther Dyson and the usual suspects, promo video highlighting “the East African community”, ACC: “where we like to test all this shit on people”
0:38:21Māori “e huihui mai nei” and Build Back Better in New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern’s victory speech; Kamala Harris briefs press on plan to “build our economy back better”; Ardern runs down her plan for a socialist utopia; Gavin Newsom outlaws singing; Victoria businessman John Kapiris goes off on “cockhead” Dan Andrews; NHS ratting out positive cases to police; Austin teachers supervising students on lame Schoology platform, JCD theory: new generation of introvert coders; study finds most patients on ventilators died; Fauci’s 2008 paper implicating bacterial pneumonia in 1918 pandemic; Eli Lilly testing in nursing homes; NBC: “mysteriously sourced” Russian propaganda insinuates Oxford vaccine turns recipients into monkeys; producer note: belief in QAnon causing some to shut up and wait for salvation
0:59:09Hysterical Savannah Guthrie asks Trump about QAnon position that “Democrats are a Satanic pedophile ring” at NBC town hall, ACC: “they must hate her”; drunk or not drunk Biden: “he fuses to practice social distacy”, “shoot ‘em in the leg!” from rant about police social workers
1:10:05Show 1282 note on Jiang Zemin vs Xi Jinping revisited in light of Hunter Biden’s hard drive; rumors of Pelosi hard drive explaining CNN distancing via Brolf; Steve Bannon’s boast to Dutch Nieuwsuur in September; Rudy Giuliani on massive national security liability; Adam Schiff and Brolf blame the Russians, JCD: “vote, vote, vote now!”, impeachment as cover-up; Erin Burnett brings in “spokesboob” James Clapper to explore “textbook Soviet Russian tradecraft”, absurd “e-mails … without any metadata”, unexplained “willing target”, JCD on Geek Squad looking for porn; breaking news: Infowars claiming Pedobear evidence
1:35:11Producer Segment: donation from “Rory’s Dad”
1:54:38JCD’s Who Are These Podcasts “importanʔ/imporʔant” clip from “artistic genius” Sofia Franklyn
2:01:02History teacher beheaded with a knife in France over Prophet Muhammad images
2:05:18“Thousands of people” hastily assembled for women’s marches in protest of Amy Coney Barrett; Ben Shapiro mocks questions from idiot Sen. Mazie Hirono; “sexual preference” redefined as offensive by Noodle Kid at Merriam-Webster; FCC to issue Section 230 rulemaking
2:20:55Evidence that Osama bin Laden is living in Iran from falconer Alan Parrot, “Safari Club” shadow CIA, bin Laden double killed by Seal Team Six and thrown out of plane, $152bn and “the blood of Seal Team Six” as payment for Iranian silence, Chinook helicopter shot down with US RPG linked to Benghazi weapons cache; Trump-hating “wake up!” psycho on Twitter
2:38:13African migrants landing on Lesbos perplexed at failure of EU to swoop in and rescue them
2:43:28Donation Segment: JCD gripes about pierogis and pasties
2:56:19End-of-show isos; Bangladesh ill-advisedly rolls out death penalty to combat rape epidemic