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1286 Rory’s Dad (2020-10-15)

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0:00:00ACC: “We represent them! We represent them! We represent them!” (2:31:13)
0:00:37Island County Washington Prosecutor Greg Banks tweets “we must cleanse society” of Trump supporters’ “diseased thinking”; Keith Olbermann rant: Trump insiders “must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society”; JCD reports seven-car Zephyr
0:03:24ACC reports on “glorious” Las Vegas meetup, Encore mini-bar nailed shut, useful idiots all-in on cashless society; German economist Richard Werner: UBI “the bribe for you to accept the microchip”, JCD irked at “old women in Berkeley” navigating card reader cash back menu
0:18:42Detroit TV station tours Amazon distribution center with social distancing Gestapo on bullhorns; ACC calls out lab technicians for remaining silent about PCR abuse; North Carolina health lab concerning itself with false negatives and unconcerned with false positives; Andrew Cuomo brags about targeting “clusters”: “we know what happens when you don’t follow the rules”, “the issue is with that ultra-orthodox community”; Missouri database error misidentifies 5,000 cases; Eli Lilly suspends work on agent similar to Regeneron over red tape issue
0:38:46Canadian MP Randy Hillier’s microphone cut off as he asks about plans for isolation camps in Ontario: “it doesn’t even mention international travelers”, ACC: “I finally really understand Alex Jones!”; Scott Adams theorizes Trump supporters keeping silent is skewing polls
0:50:16Steph Curry’s fake interview with Bill Gates full of sloppy edits, yet another opportunity for Gates to chuckle about “dangerous” conspiracy theories, head-scratching over unanticipated effect of COVID-19 on “community of colors”; Dr. Edward Bernays; ACC impressed at pervasive marijuana aroma in Las Vegas; ACC’s fangirl moment with “Rory’s dad” David Sutcliffe; JCD proposes deliberately introducing infected nasal swabs
1:20:18Producer Segment: bought by Facebook; Mike Pence “jobs, jobs, jobs!”
2:03:55Kamala Harris “no agenda” isos; “hello Toledo!” Biden wearing two masks, “nobody’s better than you” mantra attributed to both his father and his mother
2:08:03Trump’s new comedy material in Iowa, morphing from “phony people” on camera to F-35 “greatest plane in the world”, hand-raising Biden sight gag, CNN vs “perfect physical shape”
2:17:58Biden repeats “I’m running as a proud Democrat for the Senate” gaffe; “Nazi sympathizers carrying Nazi fags, flags”; Nancy Pelosi has a meltdown over questions from an impassive Brolf about stimulus negotiations: “I don’t know why you’re always an apologist … for the Republican position”, the woman with the freezer full of ice cream claims to understand “the suffering of the American people”, “we represent them!” litany
2:32:05Podcaster Megyn Kelly humiliates herself with a Legacybox host read; Kelly lures Mark Cuban into interview to promote Shark Tank and ambushes him with China and Uighur “ethnic cleansing”; JCD on the art of walking out of interviews with “I was misled”; Cuban ends his career with “yes, including China”, potential edit in “they are a customer of ours”
2:53:44Hunter Biden e-mail scandal a repeat of the 2016 Republican playbook; two-minute ABC News whole-show teaser makes no mention of Biden family; Facebook and Twitter admit to “editorial decisions” in suppressing New York Post story in violation of Section 230, International Fact-Checking Network funded by the likes of Gates and Soros; Trump’s peculiar “bawled out”
3:05:21Mises Institute article lauds No Agenda as “fantastic resource” for tracking Build Back Better
3:07:18Donation Segment: ACC’s “I sound like a girl!” experience at six
3:23:43“It was a freak show!” iso; Justin Trudeau “pulls a Pence” when mocked by MP Pierre Poilievre for $200M loan to the failing Gateway Casinos and Entertainment