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1284 Davos Douche (2020-10-11)

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0:00:00JCD: “Again, irresponsible journalism.” (2:20:52)
0:00:37ACC delighted at lifting of Austin bar restrictions; LaGuardia renovation funded by teachers’ union and Clinton foundation; John Wayne’s daughter forced out of Flywheel; 2018 clip of Georgia vape shop clerk triggered by MAGA hat; evidence of Elon Musk heading to Austin
0:11:38NewsHour “clip and read” from NYT with latest “cases” litany; 2.06% of deaths in 2020, 80,000-test backlog in Portland, wet mask warnings, US deaths slightly down in 2020; WHO’s Dr. David Nabarro: “we … do not advocate lockdowns as a primary means of control of this virus”, JCD: “what is he saying this now for??”; NHS QR codes for the front door; producer note on Amazon distribution center social distancing klaxons; Trump “claimed” vs Biden “said” on NewsHour; CDC blaming white men for not washing hands, Regeneron fetal tissue, biohacker’s chimp vaccine; Bill Gates: a cure like Regeneron “the last thing we want people to think about” (BCotD); ACC attempts to explain aircraft fresh air cycling and filtration
0:37:44“Jacked up” Maria Bartiromo and Trey Gowdy discuss Brennan-Clinton Russiagate plot, Brennan protégée Gina Haspel attempting to block further declassification; Devin Nunes on “smoking gun” evidence that Obama’s inner circle know about the plot; Trump to Bartiromo: “I released everything”; JCD predicts FOIA publishing bonanza; Mike Pompeo gripes about possibility of North Korea or Iran getting ahold of 33,000 “missing” Clinton e-mails, “sources and methods” talking point from “spot the spook” Dana Perino formerly of CBS affiliate WCIA, George Washington University, and Obama-era Broadcasting Board of Governors
0:58:20Another Saturday Night Live fail with Bill Burr and Pence’s “deepfake” fly; producer note on illegality of political discrimination; California high school teacher: white men are nostalgic for the good old days of pussy-grabbing; producer note on COVID-19 loss of smell and taste
1:11:57Trump F-bomb for Iran in Rush Limbaugh interview, klaxon for “nobody even knew about that pipeline until I brought it up” lie, “no longer primetime” for Biden; lucid Biden in February vs current refusal to discuss SCotUS plans, “try your breast” flub; car horns honking for tedious speech in Nevada; Bill Maher grills Adam Schiff over California exodus; and Biden in 1993 labeling Sons of the Confederacy “very fine people” (CotD)
1:30:52Producer Segment: Dr. Kiki “people are learning through science!”; My Octopus Teacher
1:59:53Harry Reid complains to Tucker Carlson about continuing UFO cover-up
2:03:43Six-Week Cycle: FBI-led kidnapping plot against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer; Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf trots out citizen’s arrest theory; state legislators irked at not being warned
2:10:36JCD isos from Biden and vocal frying Call Her Daddy podcast host Sofia Franklyn
2:16:03UK Information Commissioner: Cambridge Analytica had almost no effect on Brexit vote; “nodding their head no” NLP from CNN stooge Frank Luntz (BCotD)
2:21:01Larry Sinclair recounts his arrest on the orders of Beau Biden and murder of Don Young in Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary Trump Card; JCD’s 32-second robocall in Chinese
2:29:04Pelosi tells truth about proposed 25th Amendment commission: “this is not about Trump”
2:37:40“Davos douchebag” Reuters editor Alessandra Galloni: Biden likely to be “less reckless” with China; Michael Froman on TPP and “gated globalization”, predicts globalization of service economy; Mastercard CEO Ajaypal Singh Banga flubs “Belinda and Bill”
2:50:33Donation Segment
3:05:22Armenia-Azerbaijan ceasefire; new North Korean ICBMs; Democracy Now on Democrat opposition to military support for “Azer-bajan” and Turkey, 18 Syrians killed by truck bomb