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1283 Dumb and Sick (2020-10-04)

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0:00:00JCD: “She was a rubber person!” (2:56:31)
0:00:36Trump’s October Surprise COVID-19 diagnosis on a show day 33 days before election, Secret Service body double spotted en route to helicopter; MSNBC still baying at the moon about Trump not denouncing white supremacists; compilation of Trump denouncing white supremacists; Judy Woodruff’s idiotic “stopping short of clearly denouncing” revisited
0:13:37New Saturday Night Live season with equal parts smugness and discomfort; ACC proposes official mask for all Americans; “I hope he dies” from former Obama staffer Zara Rahim; JCD’s $44 for Obama, ACC’s latest WinRed spam; chickenshit New York Times article “Liberals Ask: Why Should We Believe Trump Has the Virus?”; “thank you for your time, I hope you continue to stay negative” for Corey Lewandowski; South Park “please do not quote the President in front of our child!”; one-minute NBC Nightly News “critical hours!” teaser
0:31:14NBC piece on experimental Remdesivir and Regeneron cocktail with “one in seven million” or “more than seven million”, Biden’s “second point I’d make, Jew” and Annie Hall
0:42:29Prof. Sunetra Gupta to Andrew Neal on need to consider death toll in context with flu and pneumonia; Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott assures MP Randy Hillier that PCR tests are “very effective”, JCD: “it’s doing the job!”, revisionist “in areas where we are having outbreaks” circular logic; producer note on Giuseppe Conte’s “cerchiamo di ricostruire meglio
0:58:38CNN gingerly fact-checks Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home denial; “it never happened” lie; producer note on stealthy $8bn LaGuardia renovation, ACC: “whatd’ya think, Chiiina?”
1:06:29Chicago Mayor Lori “Beetlejuice” Lightfoot dons “Rona Destroyer” costume with her “partner in crime” Dr. Allison Arwady; Chris Wallace flubs “we’ve made the masks a political issue… we haven’t, the candidates have”; Bill Gates’ “twenty-to-one return” revisited; Dan Andrews’ creepy “go home and follow the rules” with Soviet hymn; Dutch “dumb and sick” iso
1:16:17Producer Segment: ACC irked by “pod” jargon; producers as “coronavirus consultants”
1:42:16“The Quad” US, Australia, India, and Japan ganging up on China in Southeast Asia; New Zealand and China strengthening One Belt One Road agreement
1:47:57JCD preparing Pence-Harris bingo cards, primary debate “slam-fest” with Biden and Gabbard revisited, “I did the work” dog howl, “fancy opinion on a stage”; little kid “don’t enslave me, Kamala!”; Angela Rye tries to cover for idiotic proclamation of Tupac as “best rapper alive”, rappers like Kanye “should stay in their lane”; Harris refers to RBG as “Notorious B-I-G”
2:06:31Chris Wallace tries to shift blame from his incompetent handling of debate onto Trump; Trump’s impressive “no, you were on number two”; Biden’s addresses to the camera recycled in ads; producer’s five-year-old yelling at Bloomberg YouTube ads, JCD “shoestrings and algos”; 700,000 ballots harvested in Harris County Texas by Biden-Harris campaign official
2:19:22Snohomish County WA official Megan Dunn posts “good reminder” image of molotov cocktail; Austin approves $4M for “mental health first responders” and iPads, Mayor Adler: personnel will advise police on “what level of force is necessary”, a paltry $137,000 for the homeless
2:28:46Donation Segment: ACC and TtK headed to secretive Las Vegas meetup
2:47:49Spotify kicks off wide release of Michelle Obama’s podcast after failed Dawn-Tide deal
2:52:49RBG quoted in 2009 linking population growth with Roe v. Wade; Planned Parenthood finally distancing itself from Margaret Sanger, JCD on Sanger as birth control crusader
2:58:34ACC OTG: DOMO Data Never Sleeps 8.0 internet data volume infographic
3:00:02Al “tit grabber” Franken: GOP “will have stolen two seats” thanks to Mitch McConnell