Call Clooney!

1282 Media Decomposition (2020-10-01)

Show 1282 album art
0:00:00JCD: “There’s hope for Joe!” (3:18:53)
0:00:34M5M “that was a shit show” presidential debate compilation; Norah O’Donnell announces new microphone-cutting debate rules in light of “farce”, soundproof or opaque booth proposals, ACC: “shock collar!”; Judy Woodruff hounds NewsHour panelists with “should there be more debates?”; venue at unused Cleveland Clinic COVID-19 surge hospital; 35-second debate summary with cartoon sound effects; Democrats upset at Trump’s lack of uncivility, Scott Adams promotes No Agenda debate bingo, JCD promises Harris-Pence edition
0:15:20“Amy Goofman” summarizes debate as “a night filled with chaos and insults”, new “stand back and stand by” slogan for Proud Boys, enumeration of Trump lies; PBS asserts Trump was once again “stopping short” of denouncing white supremacist groups, shamelessly propagates “very fine people” lie; conspiracy theories about Biden wearing an earpiece or insulin pump; Biden’s “second point I’d make, Jew”; Chris Wallace chides Trump with “it’s an open discussion” during Hunter Biden argument, Biden asserts charge has been discredited by the World Bank; JCD “debate in a nutshell” with wrangling about Hunter Biden at 2x speed, Wallace: “I’d like to talk about climate change”; reverse-engineering the stock market
0:33:52Trump casts doubt on “nothing smart about you” Biden’s intelligence; Scott Adams irked at Trump for never going on the defensive; Biden in 1994 propagating Hillary’s “super predators” myth; JCD’s dog effects for Biden propagating “very fine people”; ACC on the role of computer models in “super predators” debacle; Brolf brings in Daniel Dale to whine about “avalanche of lies” from Trump; AP’s overlooked list of 33 Biden fact checks; Scott Adams self-hypnosis theory; Democrats delighted with Biden’s creepy “you, the American people” into the camera, JCD: “bronze him up!”; Biden offers solution to 33 = x³+y³+z³: “is what it is, what it is what it is because you are who you are, that’s why it is”, “he’s Putin’s puppy!” iso
0:54:43Producer note on five-year-old yelling “get out of here Joe Biden!” at YouTube ads; Trump ad with random pro-China Biden quotes; producer note or “Q drop” on election meddling by Jiang Zemin vs Xi Jinping; C-SPAN caller declares Trump a penniless fraud
1:03:37“Tax bombshell!” compilation joins the ranks of previous “bombshell” and “turning point” compilations; C-SPAN “mentally impaired president” caller; undecided voter notes Biden’s fatigue; Chris Wallace and millennials triggered by reality of “mommy and daddy fighting”
1:10:58Brad Parscale arrested at his Florida home after domestic incident with his wife, June pitch to Rudy Giuliani revisited, $170M laundered through American Made Media Consultants
1:18:13Biden the foamer distracted by train in the middle of Build Back Better Express train tour speech; Boris Johnson accused of stealing Build Back Better from Biden campaign; FIND CEO Catherina Boehme recommends “building back better” through diagnostics
1:21:46Producer Segment: 2-year-old’s “Sleepy Joe!”; “media decomposition”
2:10:20Producer note on Armenia-Azerbaijan flare-up over Nagorno-Karabakh wine region
2:18:05Trump announces new COVID-19 testing expansion, recent 100M milestone; 35-40 PCR cycles in Victoria, accuracy vs precision, new term “infectivity”, Ontario health officer David Williams calls attention to “undulating waves” and exhorts slaves to shut up and “flatten the curve like we did the first time”; British pensioner turned away from soup kitchen due to lack of smartphone app provided by scammer and for-profit prison runner Serco; Dr. Heiko Schöning arrested for speaking at Hyde Park speaker’s corner; JCD’s LibJoes “shaking in their own boots”; Pennsylvania Rep. Wendy Ullman and Gov. Tom Wolf discuss removing masks for “political theater”; CICP Countermeasures Injury Compensation Fund for COVID-19 vaccine; UAE requiring contractors to take Chinese vaccine; JCD gripes about steamed-up glasses as side effect of blue masks; another Templeton Prize for Dr. Francis Collins, BioLogos “Christian Statement on Science for Pandemic Times”, JCD: “this is blasphemy!”
2:48:43Second Half of Show: “Space Wars!” with Winning Space author Brandon Weichert discussing small Russian “space stalker” co-orbital satellites, Chinese working on surface-to-air lasers, “bodyguard satellites” proposal; Elon Musk in Trump’s good graces thanks to Starlink project
2:56:11Democracy Now whipsaw with FBI Director Christopher Wray telling Senate committee “he has seen no evidence of the widespread voter fraud claimed by President Trump” vs “not seen, historically, any kind of coordinated national voter fraud effort in a major election”, “grotesquely improper” to announce that discarded military ballots were for Trump
3:00:08Donation Segment
3:14:11Shepard Smith headed to CNBC, JCD declares Red Book defunct; pill mill arrests
3:18:45Promising results for Alzheimer’s Disease nasal insulin spray
3:21:11James Comey testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee with “I don’t remember” litany, caught lying with “I can’t tell you whether it was essential and by that I mean that it wouldn’t have been granted without the Steele information” vs “I think it’s fair to say that DoJ decided to move forward after the Steele information was part of it” (CotD)