Call Clooney!

127 Poppy Futures Blooming (2009-09-03)

Show 127 album art
0:00:00JCD: “You don’t have to be a chicken to spot a bad egg.”
0:00:35ACC’s birthday; California’s Ebay and Craigslist sales
0:03:59ACC on panel at “advertising jerk-offs” Ad:tech Conference in Chicago
0:08:27And Now Back to Real News: MSNBC doctor Nancy Snyderman tells us “there’s no conspiracy here, folks, just get your damn vaccine”; teen H1N1 death in Sonoma County; ACC’s dinner with two Jennifers, doctor pushing Gardasil
0:14:48Reverend James Manning: US “given away by a long-legged half-breed usurper illegal alien”, “white folk are ready to riot!”, “talk to the long-legged mack daddy, tell him to resign!”, “this quasi-Muslim socialist communist Marxist freak called Barack Hussein Obama”; “dingbats” Laura Ling & Euna Lee getting ready for sweeps week, JCD: “we had to eat our notes
0:21:31Suicidal cows in Lauterbrunnen Switzerland; JCD’s mixed recycling and Macy’s cashiers doing bookkeeping; absurdly long receipts, JCD on Pepsi coupons for Coke buyers scam; ACC on Russian mobsters with US passports in Chicago
0:27:07Rachel Maddow in the doghouse for potentially infecting coworkers with swine flu
0:28:05PETA “unhappy meals” with knife-weilding Ronald McDonald; Obama to address all students nationwide, talking points sent to teachers; Sesame Street pushing public health agenda, posters at airport, ACC on hollering TSA agents: “I just want to strangle someone, just like, hey you, fuckwad!
0:34:00ACC story: entering country at O’Hare, identified by Officer Butman
0:35:35And Now Back to Real News: Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant business still on the rocks
0:38:58Pfizer pays record $2.3bn in civil and criminal fines for fraud in off-label prescriptions
0:41:35Skyline College shooting scare “shelter in place”, escape in “fluorescent purple Ford Escort”
0:45:28UK markets struggling to find non-GMO products; gas station mini-marts; diet Coke becoming the default; armless man unable to cash check at Bank of America for lack of fingerprint
0:49:55Michele Bachmann pushing “blood oath” against Obama
0:50:36Ling & Lee “lured into a trap”, can’t talk about “things that are still too painful to visit”; Blackwater State Department contract extended, to be replaced by DynCorp International, Hillary’s promised Blackwater ban in SOS Stop Outsourcing Security bill; “frat boy” thugs employed at Afghan embassy, Obama “necessary war”, warmongering Robert Gibbs “war on terror” meme; anti-Obama; Camp Sullivan thug “you’re very good for fucking”; ACC on bag of “wires and batteries” in TSA X-ray, Heathrow liquid explosive plot acquittals
1:01:08CSI: Miami bullcrap high-tech Hollywood OS “facial recognition software” sound effects, CSI: New York seat belt release investigation, JCD on jury pool corruption
1:06:43Afghan opium prices down 22% to eight-year low, Monsanto testing Roundup-ready opium poppies, Paul Bremmer seed reuse ban
1:11:28$50 donation ringtone offer, October 3 Thanksgiving dinner
1:13:54Boeing announces successful test of ATL advanced tactical laser weapon; Chinese state-owned businesses allowed default on commodity hedges
1:15:28Lie to Me on identifying gay people by facial muscles; furor over Whole Foods CEO John Mackey’s anti-Obamacare Wall Street Journal op-ed, CtW Investment Group “Change to Win”, Tea Party “buy-cott” (JCDPPotD)