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1279 RBG Down! (2020-09-20)

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0:00:00ACC: “Rainstick abort! Abort abort!” (0:48:16)
0:00:35Producer runs red light due to Biden’s incontinence; Ruth Bader Ginsburg finally dead at 87, Deutsche Welle predicts “the search for her successor threatens to be less dignified”, JCD: “the queen of the dissenting opinion” in favor of partial birth abortion; Deutsche Welle man on the street: “one of the greats of the Supreme Court”; creatively edited “holy fucking shit you guys!” woman screaming in car; JCD marvels at hypocrisy of Democrats who bitched about Merrick Garland nomination, both parties potentially using vacancy as voting incentive
0:17:47Trump’s new debate-inspired comedy material “they give him a big fat shot in the ass”; Rachel Maddow propagates Hillary Clinton’s boastful claim to have inspired the Ginsburg nomination
0:19:48Compilation of Biden and Harris contradicting themselves about mask mandate; Gov. Greg Abbott “isn’t going away” vs “does still exist” whipsaw, smart bar owners reopening by bringing in food trucks; family of two-month-old Michigan baby who died of gastroschisis COVID-19 unamused, “highlighting how difficult it can be to classify deaths from COVID-19”, ACC: “bullcrap!”; producer note on inaccurate Becton Dickinson tests; UK to fine naughty rule breakers up to £10,000; Moderna preparing for phase III vaccine trial, JCD: “this is becoming the … COVID Comedy Hour”, Gileda death threats for HCQ pioneer Didier Raoult
0:32:37Trolls crawling out of the woodwork on ACC’s social media, parody YouTube video on FARCE “frequency-activated radiating concept energies” and the dangers of 5G; The Epoch Times on Chinese government database based on Crunchbase, JCD’s persistent Seth Rich troll; Spotify CEO standing up to Rogan-hating SJWs on staff; Michelle Obama claiming it is “being black is a crime” on her podcast; restrictions on Chinese WeChat social media platform about to go into effect, Huawei Canada’s “no back door and no spying” pledge, China Communications Construction Company working on Port of Veracruz expansion project in Mexico
0:47:37Rainstick intervention in Oregon confirmed; blacklisted Russia expert Stephen Cohen dead at 81; Biden’s “one million miles away” satellite vs EPIC Camera taking algorithmic non-photos
0:55:38Creepy “the pandemic is a portal” video, 17 modest goals starting with “no poverty”, JCD: “no problem!”; BBC elevates Arctic to “lungs of the planet” status, “record amounts of carbon” being released; Israeli study finds lockdowns enlarging amygdalae; Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello reads A is for Activist propaganda, JCD: “I do watch Jessie get rankled when I call Theodore a dummy”, “Z is for Zapatista of course” (CotD)
1:17:38Trump announces 1776 Commission for patriotic history; Bob Woodward rants about white privilege to Trump; Christopher Rufo on critical race theory fiefdoms in federal government
1:24:23Producer Segment
1:50:34Morello “yes, yes, yes!” iso; Deutsche Welle hosts try in vain to hound Obama insider and academic into defending TikTok; Matt Taibbi traces divisive news coverage to Lowell Thomas
2:00:59ACC OTG: new iOS 14 privacy features; Patti LaBelle to Gladys Knight: “I have a flip phone”, ACC mocked for mobile phone “spinnin’ records at a sock hop”; JCD: “I think we should both get wigs!”; Celera 500L “flying pickle” from Otto Aviation exploiting laminar flow
2:12:18UK comedians Clark and Dawe mock European debt crisis and “broke economies” bailouts
2:16:16Donation Segment: creepy Shirley Temple films; anderhalve man en een paardenkop
2:41:11Soros “or even sooner” threat revisited; Bill O’Reilly appears hampered by NDA in addressing Fox News’ Soros skittishness; Academy of Country Music Awards vs smoky old TV talk shows
2:52:21WEF Cape Town speaker: half of world population African by 2050; Trump “white stuff” iso