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1277 Insurrectious (2020-09-13)

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0:00:00JCD: “I’m an old… I’m a TV guy, and I ruh ruh ruh!” (2:32:08)
0:00:39JCD’s electrostatic precipitator vs “suckin’ in soot”, long-forgotten controlled burn strategy from air pollution districts and Ducks Unlimited, ACC ponders BLM riots and Oregon fires and history of arson, evidence of directed energy weapon; five-day rainstick delay
0:13:49Victoria police official: protests making him feel like “a dog returning to eat his own vomit”
0:15:41Media shying away from playing audio of Trump interviews with Bob Woodward; Trump likens his coronavirus response to that of Winston Churchill during the Battle of Britain; Kayleigh McEnany urges journalist to “read the rest of the quote”; CNN’s Jamie Gangel tries to establish false equivalency with Watergate, Trump “it goes through air, Bob!”; New York Assembly Bill A99 providing for arbitrary detention of suspected coronavirus carriers; idiotic correlation with restaurant outings from CDC; all NFL employees wearing Kinexon proximity sensors; lab technician producer notes uselessness of Remdesivir
0:36:48Build Back Better: Clinton Foundation Haiti exhibit from 2011, upcoming Centre for International Governance Innovation webinar, Andrew Cuomo in aftermath of Hurricane Sandy
0:40:55Biden spokeshole TJ Ducklo lies to Bret Baier about Trump’s knowledge of early situation in China, “I can send you the fact-checks” on travel ban, dodges yes or no question about Biden’s teleprompter for “unscripted” Q&A, refuses to “allow the Trump campaign to funnel their questions through Fox News”, ACC: “Bret Baier should say, listen, you cocksucker
0:49:14ACC analyzes “French piece of crap movie” Cuties as indictment of social media; ACC & JCD wrangle about the merits and faults of The Social Dilemma with “bullshit artist” Shoshana Zuboff produced by millennial global warming advocate Exposure Labs, front page BIPOC “black, indigenous, people of color” solidarity statement, obvious three goals of tech companies, Rohingya genocide thanks to Facebook, flat earther election meddling
1:19:26London Real host Brian Rose surrounded by Lamborghinis: “have you ever fantasized about being on a podcast?!”; Jim Cramer bullish on Spotify and Joe Rogan
1:21:57Producer Segment: Utah Goldbacks; ACC predicts the rise of jai alai and roller derby
2:08:00Dutch rapper Akwasi targeting Zwarte Piet let off by sympathetic judge; Trudeau government’s $221M loan program only for black entrepreneurs; Spirit Airlines passenger’s “I’m a queen! California!” white privilege rant against paralyzed flight attendant; Texas Gov. Greg Abbott pushes “Back the Blue” pledge against police defunding and threatens to take over Austin PD; Jason Whitlock speaks his mind on “business built around racial grievance” exemplified by GWU con artist Jessica Krug, “white liberals, I’m sorry, they’re the actual bigots”
2:24:52Public school teachers admit pushing off-curriculum SJW agenda to video
2:27:27JCD’s Newsletter essay on the art of the CBS whipsaw with Weijia Jiang and Nancy Cordes, debunks “move the story along” theory from anonymous Canadian producer
2:35:58ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit blubbers about racial injustice on College GameDay panel: “we gotta do better, man, we gotta like lock arm and arm and be together!” (CotD); ACC on European nepotism model for Democrat cities; Jeanine Pirro tests the 14th Amendment waters with a somewhat dispassionate Trump, ACC: Death to America shirts “kinda insurrectious”
2:48:08Donation Segment
3:01:56Ted Cruz “you’re screwed!” iso; Greta Thunberg documentary I Am Greta coming to Venice Film Festival, Venice “suffering from floods almost every year” due to climate change; ACC’s “800% MATCH!” and Biden “WANTS TO DESTROY THE SECOND AMENDMENT!”