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1276 Standard Man (2020-09-10)

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0:00:00JCD: “They, they need to be abused!” (1:20:14)
0:00:31JCD’s experience of awaking to pitch blackness at 8:00 am due to fine ash; ACC saves his friend from New Jersey with new zero-latency Widex hearing aids; Joe Rogan’s temporary new “Jules Verne set”, missing episodes including ACC’s, JCD: “you were lit!”, peculiar transcoding-induced slowdown; JCD story: Carnegie Mellon cyberneticist who never read internet comments; hysteria among true believers over ACC’s Bitcoin and ADOS comments
0:21:57Victoria Premier Dan Andrews reports total of 666 coronavirus deaths, five most recent victims ranging in age from 80s to over 100; Sky News’ Paul Murray gripes about Andrews’ absurd reopening requirements, “we should’ve been able to say see you next Tuesday to this virus months ago”; Quebec nurse unable to get a negative test result after eight tries; Prof. Carl Heneghan on PCR test detecting 78-day-old RNA; Anthony Fauci in March on the rarity of asymptomatic spread, JCD: “Typhoid Mary comes to mind”; fresh “outbreak” in UK
0:35:46University of Texas Austin to require tests in order to attend football games, JCD: “I think these tests are rape”; ACC’s sister-in-law observes victims being spoken of in hushed tones
0:41:10AstraZeneca vaccine trial halted after enthusiasm from “opposite man” Trump and links to UK transverse myelitis case; four more countries agree to run phase III trials of Chinese vaccines; “grain of salt” Epoch Times journalist wails about Xinjiang lockdown
0:49:27António Guterres: COVID-19 demonstrates “what we all know” about the evil patriarchy, PPE “is often made to fit a standard man”; racist Wikipedia “standard person”; Tedros Adhanom promotes public health as central to “every country’s commitment to build back better”; World Bank Vice President Ferid Belhaj: “Lebanon needs to build back better
1:02:29Producer note on MIT analysis of Huawei backdoors including hardcoded superuser accounts, ACC: “we’re not gonna use it!”; Amb. Sam Brownback on China’s war on religion, Trump administration “going hammer and tong” over human rights; JCD notes “Vote family” playing in NBA, ACC: “United in Black” a perfect opportunity for soccer and cricket
1:15:24Producer Segment: rainsticks for California and Oregon; ACC’s thigh-tapping tic
1:58:02“This is cut up, I wanna see it uncut” reaction to Biden’s interview with Cardi B; Biden’s incongruous “made in America, not a joke” and “for real, not a joke”; Trump “let’s face it, Joe’s shot” iso; “my dad used to have an expression” ramble and pointless “honey, it’s gonna be okay” story; Biden’s union stolen valor, ACC fiddles with Audacity speed settings
2:12:35Trump embarrasses himself in North Carolina: “we’re going to be appointing very pro-crime judges”; “Hillary Clinton 2020 campaign” answering machine with Hillary clone, JCD’s boss soundalike “you’re fired” and phone language setting pranks; Trump tries out his new Pelosi beauty parlor material; M5M glee over Lake Travis pro-Trump boat parade incidents
2:21:06Kayleigh McEnany gloats over Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize nomination end to “39-year-old streak” of starting wars, hit job on The Atlantic author Jeffrey Goldberg as a voice in favor or Iraq War followed by heckling from Jonathan Karl; Goldberg on Trump’s unprecedented attacks on John McCain; Steve Pieczenik’s 2018 comments on McCain and Petraeus; Lara Logan on McChrystal Group working on anti-Trump DNC propaganda; 2017 clip of Kara Swisher, Kamala Harris, and Laurene Powell Jobs discussing purchase of The New York Times
2:40:31Donation Segment
2:57:07Facebook paying users to disable accounts; Axios election delay propaganda campaign
3:02:17France 24 notes “80% of structures have beem decimated” in Malden Washington