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1275 Hypocrite Oath (2020-09-06)

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0:00:00JCD: “The homeless won’t be able to buy anything, the homeless!” (0:17:25)
0:00:38Kentucky man faces $750,000 fine for exploiting “Alaska loophole” to enter Canada as a tourist, “hang tangs” issued at border; invitations from Hotep Jesus for ACC and Jason Whitlock
0:05:21Former New York banker reporting COVID-19 running amok at UT, deathly afraid of liberal cities burning to the ground if Trump is re-elected; insider reports FedNow will not be live until 2023, draconian terms of service from “no-fun payment system” Zelle
0:22:04Austin stay-at-home order to extend through December 6, ACC’s birthday at “hopping” Péché restaurant, JCD predicts exposé by Karen reporter; Memphis woman receives positive COVID-19 test from late June in spite of being dead since February; UCLA/Stanford study estimates odds of death due to coronavirus at 1 in 19.1 million; India reporting “new record in daily cases”, JCD offended by redundant term “long holiday weekend”; Spanish hospital wheeling patients out onto boardwalk for fresh air; World Bank web page tracks exports of COVID-19 test kits in 2017 and 2018, ACC irked by “riddle me this” subject line on social media posts
0:38:43Glenn Greenwald appalled at CDC study finding 25% of age 18-24 respondents serious contemplating suicide in the last month; CVC reports older millennials experiencing a grief process
0:41:31Producer gripes about two more weeks of lockdown in Melbourne from “Dirty Dan” Andrews; partial reopening starting October 26 if there are no more than five cases per day; monotone report from Family Guy clone France 24 reporter on “far right” protests in Melbourne, Andrews predicts “third wave” from premature reopening; police badge anomaly noted in video of pregnant woman arrested by Victoria police for “incitement”, arrestee notes to interviewer that police “were quite nice”, “sorry about my bimbo moment”, “it’s fearmongering, that’s how I feel”; Mad As Hell conspiracy theory sketch; Victoria MP Matthew Guy calls out “Dan the Man” Andrews as self-absorbed narcissist à la Andrew Cuomo
1:00:25Russian Direct Investment Fund CEO Kirill Dmitriev to Bloomberg on progress on Russian vaccine; Moderna slowing phase III enrollment to recruit more minorities; NPR overlooks expected behavior of trial subjects; JCD notes Chinese cargo containers on the move
1:07:52Anthony Fauci discusses the lead-up to his vocal polyp surgery, ACC: “does the flu vaccine not work on Dr. Fauci?”, JCD’s homeopathic salted ginger from Brazil, Fauci’s “hypocrite oath”; NPR smears Fauci’s replacement Dr. Scott Atlas as belonging to “right-wing” Hoover Institution, “a little bit of tape of him talking” verbal eye-roll from host Mary Louise Kelly, aghast “is he saying some people should just get sick with COVID??”
1:17:43Producer Segment: neighbors “scattered like roaches” at approach of family mouth-hitter
1:46:51Amb. Richard Grennell trades barbs with reporters at Serbia-Kosovo press conference; Peace Highway rail link, “mini-Schengen” zone, and ban on 5G from “untrusted vendor” Huawei; Papua New Guinea refuses to pay back Chinese $53M “debt trap diplomacy” loan on the grounds that Huawei data center spies on its citizens for the PLA; The Epoch Times on Xinhua News Agency’s 30,000-word tantrum over Mike Pompeo’s Nixon Library speech; ACC theory: Germany given an out from Nord Stream 2 by Alexei Navalny poisoning case
2:03:56C-SPAN callers: drawling “ham who’s on 80 meters at night” blasts MSNBC, Chris Wallace “is a RINO!” (CotD); Biden supporter raves about terrorist Electoral College controlling the food supply; ACC proposes “hit programming” Call of the Day podcast; “call a social worker” in response to mayhem meme; California woman spews Trump hate talking points; insane New Jersey woman raves “to get to that herd mentality, two million people have to die!” (CotD)
2:16:07Delusional Joe Biden claims “a black man invented the lightbulb” in reference to Lewis Howard Latimer; white Jewish George Washington University assistant professor Jessica Krug admits to posing as black, GWU offers a shoulder for “hurting” students to cry on; USC professor on leave after citing the Chinese word 那个 nèi gè; Prof. Idris Robinson relates impotence and lynching episode from James Baldwin short story Going to Meet the Man, JCD: “it’s bullshit!”
2:26:45Incoherent PBS report fails to mention Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend firing at police; death of Daniel Prude blamed by sensationalist media on “spit hood” and not intoxication
2:30:57Donation Segment:
2:46:59“This is Trump’s America” Biden ad; “Build Back Better” jingle; PBS on The Atlantic story that Trump has called veterans “losers and suckers”, JCD on false parallel being made between cancelled World War II event and Vietnam War, unnecessarily anonymous former White House staff, “this is a rerun of the gold-star family fiasco from 2016”
2:53:48ACC trolling “Brad from Houston” with intent to write in Kanye West; CNN paints picture of mentally ill man being exploited by evil Republican party, JCD: “he’s something of a genius”
2:58:54Gig delivery drivers hanging their phones in trees to get coveted Whole Foods runs