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1274 Thugs on a plane (2020-09-03)

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0:00:00ACC: “They’ll be scarred for life!” (0:50:28)
0:00:35JCD “smokin’ the good stuff” with California wildfires; ACC’s two COVID-19 tests prior to appearance in new “futuristic opium den” The Joe Rogan Experience studio, technical issues with a pile of new hardware, high-as-a-kite “ADD nut job” Rogan bouncing from topic to topic; Zephyr count and producer note on evidence of transportation and/or manufacturing boom; hints about Rogan’s Spotify deal, dinner at III Forks Austin with Rogan minions
0:17:20Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard promotes FedNow instant payment system; S.3571 Banking for All Act establishing US Postal Service as the new bank; trader Lynette Zang on arbitrary-precision mathematics as vehicle for devaluation and negative interest rates
0:32:42NBC Wednesday whole-show teaser with hypocrite Nancy Pelosi appearing unmasked in hair salon; Pelosi apologizes for “falling for a setup”, JCD: “she has to resign from Congress!”
0:37:58Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calls out Fauci and Gates at press conference: “people in authority lie”; Birx “Gates… or, that the federal government has recommended” flub from April reemerges
0:43:52CDC: vaccine may be ready on November 1; Georgia news anchor Dawn Baker takes second shot of phase III vaccine, CNN poll finds 40% intend to decline vaccine, JCD recalls two-shot swine flu scam, “they might have to … experience unpleasant side effects like fever, twice
0:49:55Video of pregnant woman arrested by Victoria police for “incitement” of protest on Facebook; spike in deaths because of 33 previously unreported deaths from July, possible 12-month lockdown; Premier Daniel Andrews sets sights on “COVID normal” to restore “that sense of control and stability”; ACC Chinese debt trap theory; unelected “super mayor” bureaucrats under Dutch 1.5 meter law, central bank proposes handing over sovereignty to Brussels
1:03:21Post Millennial editor Libby Emmons: schools hiding social justice propaganda from parents
1:06:54Democracy Now whipsaw: “no evidence” that convalescent plasma is effective vs actual “should not be considered standard of care”, India “new epicenter”; bogus “mandatory for all Texas schoolchildren” headlines; JCD working on official No Agenda mission statement
1:14:59Producer Segment: Dutch vla pudding; Samoan third gender fa’afafine
1:47:11Biden doubles down on “very fine people” lie in Pittsburgh, incomprehensible “more lives this year than any other year for the past hundred years”, bizarre “straight from the shoulder” quote attributed to Roosevelt, “stroking violence in our cities” gaffe, remote controlled drug injection theory; creepy “anybody under fifteen, you get something special today”; Biden insists to Andrea Mitchell that he will ignore Pelosi’s order not to debate Trump
2:00:08Trump to Laura Ingraham: “people that are in the dark shadows” are controlling Biden; Amy Goodman describes “thugs on a plane” exchange as “nod” to QAnon, “far-right circles” meme; media ignoring latest LAPD shooting; Ingraham and Trump discuss how to appeal to suburban women; Amy’s “golfers” vs “people who choke” whipsaw avoids mentioning Ingraham
2:20:16Donation Segment: JCD notes Brazil’s failure to peg BRL to USD
2:43:15“Punch him in the face” compilation of media and high-profile liberals extolling violence; CAIR head Nihad Awad and activist Khalilah Sabra in 2016 trying to appropriate BLM
2:49:37Amy Goodman on new book claiming Mike Pence was set to assume presidential duties during 2019 Walter Reed visit, ACC theorizes Trump trolled Biden by tweeting about mini-strokes
2:51:41ACC OTG: Android vs Mastodon servers, Apple removes Pocket Casts at behest of CCP
2:53:16Kayleigh McEnany’s “tirade of the week” against M5M and Democrats calling for violence; viral fake video of reporter interviewing a snoozing Joe Biden