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1273 False Positive (2020-08-30)

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0:00:00JCD: “Quarantine for two weeks! Aughaughaughaugh!” (1:21:46)
0:00:36New York Times admits COVID-19 test may be producing false positives, CDC data shows COVID-19 as sole cause in only 6% of deaths; lab technician producer perplexed at discrepancy between lab and CDC probe sequences, now also testing for influenza; 300 arrested in Berlin protest, thousands on the street in Zurich and London; Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Berlin protesters: US media reporting “I came here today to speak to about 5,000 Nazis”, shift to digital currency “the beginning of slavery”; David Icke leads London crowd in “no!” chorus
0:14:26UN Pacific United concert hosted by “dude with a beard” Aunty Tala and “a new world order behind closed doors” song We Will Rise, JCD on anti-heteronormative BLM agenda
0:23:15Bill Gates blathers aimlessly trying to “debunk some of the myths” about hydroxychloroquine and “raging conspiracy theories” about him, support for availability of TikTok “informa… innovation”, “worse pandemics in the future” softball climate change question from Bloomberg journalist, “magic” coronavirus vaccine on the horizon; “thank you for your sacrifices” to the population of Wuhan in April CCTV interview; Trump pushing for vaccine approval prior to completion of phase III trial; ACC speculates about goal of DNA-changing vaccine
0:36:48Republican National Convention production analysis; ex-Democrat C-SPAN caller compilation; Rachel Maddow belittles Trump’s “long long long long” speech; Rudy Giuliani: “this awesome job of restoring safety for our people cannot be done from your basement, Joe!”; Trump channels Obama with “saved or supported more than 50 million American jobs”
0:56:49Kellyanne Conway explains situation with “skank” daughter Claudia in one gargantuan run-on sentence; Claudia’s “look at what I did” TikTok video; Amy Goodman celebrates “speech filled with lies and falsehoods” and “shoulder-to-shoulder” lie; Weijia Jiang “only he could insure law and order” vs “men and women of law enforcement” whipsaw; Yamiche Alcindor’s lie “deaths like Jacob Blake in Wisconsin”; Jiang propagates Biden’s “superspreader event”
1:12:25Increasingly squeaky fast-talking CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale rattles off a laundry list of lies to Anderson Pooper; CBS moans about ODNI suspending oral reports to Congress
1:20:54ACC all-in on JCD’s theory of Trump as COVID-19 survivor; Nancy Pelosi gripes about stalled relief package talks by dismissing Mark Meadows as “whatever his name is”
1:26:25Producer Segment: dueling family COVID-19 tests
2:06:48NPR on “two women and a podcast” vs Dutch slavery narrative; “hot new shows” on CBC Podcast Showcase; CBC podcast propagates “do the work”; New York Post on “luxury beliefs”
2:12:18Dipshit activist Robyn Maynard describes police-free utopia to OPPO podcast, ACC: “she really glosses over domestic disputes”; Rand Paul weighs in on his brush with death at the hands of BLM rioters; LeBron James propagates Obama’s message on Jacob Blake shooting; Blake’s father tells CNN about his call with “President Biden”; Anderson Pooper perplexed at “some say Brussels sprouts taste good”; Harris repeatedly warns “they’re not gonna stop”
2:31:57Epoch Times on rising opposition to OBOR in Central Asia, DNC walks back One China Policy, Chinese nuclear war preparedness drills; TikTok interim CEO on Walmart bid
2:41:34Democracy Now’s final smear of Shinzo Abe; racially insensitive NHK segment on US riots
2:44:07Sharpton “dream come true” and Trump “I don’t talk about my ass” isos
2:46:05Donation Segment
3:01:08Ad for Drizly booze delivery app; terrifying ads for Fanapt schizophrenia medication (CotD)
3:08:38Amy Goodman bitches about DHS considering “heat ray” at US-Mexico border, JCD: “5G!