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1272 Buy Stamps! (2020-08-27)

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0:00:00ACC: “This is a radio guy, a radio guy playing vice president!” (1:24:44)
0:00:36Hurricane Laura downgraded to category one; Amy Goodman gleefully reports college campus COVID-19 doom and gloom, CDC “quietly altered” recommendation that asymptomatic people be tested; shrill-voiced outrage from CNN medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen, “it is clearly pressure from some force in some way”, Cohen lies that CDC website change was “so subtle and wasn’t alerted so we sort of had to discover it on or own”, possible coded message in “Americans aren’t going to get this”; Gavin Newsom declares intention to heed “those that are experts in the field” as opposed to CDC; Austin public health bureaucrat admonishes college students, ACC: “F capitalism, where’s my check?”; Cuomo exempts MTV VMA stars from 14-day quarantine, bear hunters in Maine urged to social distance
0:14:00Democracy Now happily reports coronavirus case spikes around the world with key phrase “after reopening”; peculiar ASMR report from NPR on near absence of influenza in Southern Hemisphere, “get vaccinated!” bottom line, no discussion of flawed tests or the actual disease detected; Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer pushing for 33% increase in vaccination rate
0:23:56Australian MP Craig Kelly gripes about doctors facing prison for prescribing hydroxychloroquine; Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch compares media to 1984 Ministry of Truth; Perth woman sentenced to six months in jail for “sneaking” across border, ACC: “they shave your head and they make you run naked through the streets”; Chinese Twitter bots implicated in targeting Italy with disinformation; Xi Jinping reaching out to “American states, local councils, and businesses”; WNBA bullet hole shirts; DoJ sniffing around nursing home deaths; Prof. Dolores Cahill addresses Irish anti-mask protest; Robotic Assistance Devices CEO enthuses about its robot ROSA at business entrances: “the level of compliance is just skyrocketing!”
0:38:34Trump-hating The Independent headline advertising “meltdown” by Trump blunders off into a discussion of Theresa May vs Huawei; former New York banker explains Wall Street Journal article on Fed interest rate policy as “MMT is here to stay”; Ripple/XRP cryptocurrency and Quantum banking platform as off-world SWIFT replacement, JCD: “theremin”
0:47:16Green New Deal steering group consisting of the usual suspects, JCD on lost opportunity to blame coronavirus on climate change; Gavin Newson blusters about record 130° temperature in Death Valley, “98 plus, 99%” of scientists, JCD unearths 134° record from July 1913, “come to the state of California and we will reeducate you”; Jonathan Pie mocks Biden’s campaign slogan
0:58:05M5M Republican National Convention “dark picture” compilation; NPR summarizes day two with Melania Trump appropriating Rose Garden and Mike Pompeo campaigning on the taxpayer dime; RNC vs DNC production values; Amy Goodman gripes about Hatch Act and Melania’s speech to unmasked audience; Yamiche Alcindor invents “very fine people who go to Nazi rallies”, JCD: “she’s the worst journalist ever!” (CotD); ACC’s “SEVEN TIMES MATCH!” from Biden, predicts Trump to win popular vote
1:15:08CNN unwilling to identify “token black” RNC speakers; C-SPAN Democrat caller gripes about Minnesotans being left out in the cold by DNC; Paul Begala to NPR: Democrats should demand Trump deliver a speech “from a morgue” (CotD); NPR plays complete non sequitur of Mike Pence citing Bible verse; Pence’s syndicated Indiana radio show; Democracy Now gripes about RNC “pledging” to support Trump rather than adopting a new platform; ACC notes focus on Minnesota and Maine, reminisces about brief tour of Bemidji
1:33:30Producer Segment: remembering the stinky Chinese No Agenda 33 tote bags
1:56:49Status report on ACC’s Podcasting 2.0 with focus on incentivizing app developers, gig as first guest at Joe Rogan’s new Austin studio; first of three Joker comic covers released
2:05:29Don Lemon showcases latest M5M SJW term “Rorschach test” for violence in Kenosha Wisconsin, “Chris, as you know and I know, it’s showing up in the polling”; “um”-studded report from NPR on shooting by civilians defending private property; JCD notes NPR’s bizarre compressor settings; Democracy Now points finger at “a white man with a long gun”, blatant lie that Jacob Blake was shot by police “as he was getting into his car” in front of his children
2:20:19Democracy Now “less drama, more mama” iso; lawyer Robert Barnes analyzes Steve Bannon indictment: “you could indict 90 percent of charities in America”; Trump trolls Biden with drug test proposal, JCD theory: Trump had COVID-19
2:30:17Kellyanne and George Conway stepping down because of their spoiled brat daughter Claudia
2:32:57Donation Segment: Aric the Shill’s six-state “No Agenda listening tour”
2:43:26ACC OTG: iOS 14 killing IDFA tracking, phones as virus hotels, talking tube subpoenas up
2:46:52QAnon acolyte Neon Revolt predicts Clinton-Obama ticket; Hillary: “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances”; Colorado local news identifies candidate Lauren Boebert as supporter of QAnon “conspiracy theory that President Trump will soon round up and execute his political opponents who are Satanic cannibals that drink baby blood”; Biden “there’s never been anything we’ve been able to accomplish when we’ve done it together” gaffe
2:52:22USPS salvation plan from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “buy stamps!”