Call Clooney!

1271 3 Screws (2020-08-23)

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0:00:00ACC: “This is my show, I ask the questions, you have to do what I say!” (2:02:52)
0:00:37JCD blames California wildfires on rainstick-induced lightning strikes
0:01:54Austin residents getting “screwed, screwed, screwed” by public health bureaucrats; Kamala Harris blames COVID-19 deaths on “structural racism”; Moe Factz identifies black schools and churches as assets for vaccination push; “science oriented” Bill Gates: conspiracy theories in general “are completely untrue”, “we were pretty obscure doing our work on infectious disease”, JCD: “bullshit!”, the unfortunate fact that “we believe in freedom”, rich people “who like to be tested on a regular basis”, parallel with “super problematic” climate change
0:19:39Tedros Adhanom: “we cannot go back to the way things were” because of climate change; Australia deploying AI mask surveillance for businesses; Dutch riots over permanent 1.5 meter rule; producer note on upcoming lockdown in Spain; German agriculture minister introduces dog walking rules; German scientists staging concerts to study disease transmission; Fauci’s March anti-mask statement revisited; medical-affiliated producer notes on vaccination fakery, Dutch vaccine passport stickers, social distancing breastfeeding under medieval COVID-19 childbirth protocols; Francis Collins’ BioLogos recruiting evangelicals to shill for vaccines
0:40:44Fox News irked at schools trying to prevent parents from “eavesdropping” on online classes; Democracy Now decries plan to designate teachers as essential workers; Amy Goodman fist-pumps dismal CDC numbers, Robert Redfield “far higher” vs “let the data come out” whipsaw
0:47:42CNN UK celebrates role of coronavirus as Brexit negotiation roadblock; Justin Trudeau and Boris Johnson propagating globalist Build Back Better slogan; upbeat “CEO Trump” at Council for National Policy on “super V” recovery and Joe Biden’s “real home … a place he never leaves any more”, BLM plans for statue of Lincoln who “did sort of a pretty good job”
1:03:57The New Abnormal podcast lauds Biden’s prerecorded speech at Democratic National Convention; compilation of 2008 vs 2020 repetitions; Fox News’ Laura Fink gushes over Biden’s “powerful acceptance speech” as appealing to conservative women; JCD bleeps Scott Adams’ profanity-laden rant at “lying piece of shit” Biden for propagating “very fine people” hoax
1:18:05Fuck fuck fuck!” from Sen. Tom Carper on USPS Zoom call; bleeped Scott Adams iso
1:19:18Producer Segment:“; Oath Keepers vs Facebook
1:45:32Biden “may God protect our troops” non sequitur; Elizabeth Warren dodges questions about pro-Biden Wall Street; Prof. Richard Wolff contrasts on Harris and her father
1:54:26Dismal DNC finale compared to PBS fund drive; extremely nonbinary panelist J Mai calls for abolition of police; Twitter whining from effete Trump-hating Republican; ACC studying “grey Twitter”; racist MSNBC douchebag Craig Melvin tries to shame State Rep. Vernon Jones (D-GA) for supporting Trump: “this is my show, I’ll ask questions”, “are you a paid campaign surrogate?” from control room; lame “Vice President Poonce” from Julia Louis-Dreyfus
2:08:13Indictment of Steve Bannon and Brian Kolfage for sleazy nonprofit money-shuffling
2:13:17Donation Segment
2:26:33Earth Overshoot Day celebrates humanity depleting its allotment of natural resources
2:28:58Alexander Lukashenko vs “symbol” Svetlana Tikhanovskaya in Belarus, National Endowment for Democracy handing out cash to NGOs; coup in Mali and sporadic violence in Côte d’Ivoire
2:41:04Bloomberg journalist Margaret Carlson laments the “golden age of journalism”
2:44:35JCD explains absentee ballots vs complex mail-in infrastructure in places like Washington
2:48:52Amy Goodman bitches about Trump’s pardon for evil racist Susan B. Anthony