Call Clooney!

1270 Twindemic (2020-08-20)

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0:00:00ACC: “Flood the zone, JCD!” (1:02:13)
0:00:35Breaking news: Steve Bannon arrested on wire fraud conspiracy charges; rolling blackout threats in California, LADWP producer note on Warren Buffett making big money on California’s ban on “repowering” to push renewable energy, two more rainstick shakes for Colorado
0:06:42Texas COVID-19 “spike” due to health department backlog; producer note on JCD’s “nudge nudge, wink wink” fake vaccination scheme; black market German “vaccine passport” stickers; flu-coronavirus “twindemic” compilation: “it’s coined, I think, based on the Latin for where the pandemic comes from”; “Donald Trump is stealing the election!” iso
0:17:12Compilation of M5M promoting flu shot; JCD’s mission to identify “twindemic” originator; Massachusetts to require flu shots for all public school students; shouting match between Mike Lindell and Anderson Pooper over oleandrin; Australian bureaucrat Nick Coatsworth contemplates using “incentive stick” to extort vaccine compliance; Australian police drone fleet to enforce travel and mask restrictions, “doesn’t really bother me, I’m doing the right things so I have nothing to hide”; millennials turning to internet celebrities for guidance, Cardi B’s Satanic new album, “buy stamps” to counter Trump’s bid to privatize US Postal Service
0:37:07ACC’s IT friend seeing companies dumping 40% of their real estate, JCD’s 1990s speech about “telework”, productivity up as result of workers knowing they are being scrutinized, Microsoft Teams “flooding the zone”; sports world changing terminology such as “auction”
0:46:39Millennial Millie Weaver’s sketchy Shadow Gate “insider” Tore Maras-Lindeman linked to charity scams, predicts Laura Loomer “is goin’ to Congress, and I’m goin’ with her”
0:55:15KaiOS marketing director sniffing around ACC as “detox phone” ambassador, JCD’s pragmatic approach to press junket ethics: “they’re never gonna send you twice!”
1:02:06Kayleigh McEnany’s “where is Nancy Pelosi?” opening salvo, douchebag CNN heckler Brian Karem yells question about “bounties on American soldiers” at her back as possible prelude to Biden speech; Trump heckled with “170,000 dead” after Obama buttslam; “greatest fighter jet in the world” F-35 sales job; Trump responds to setup question from NBC reporter about “QAnon movement” asserting Trump is “secretly saving the world from this Satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals” with “is that supposed to be a bad thing or a good thing?” (CotD)
1:17:48Producer Segment: JCD’s new Pofung HT, Mimi’s fiery trip through Fairfield on I-80
1:51:31Boring pro-Biden speech by former DHS Miles Taylor; DNC Youth Caucus panelist Ashley McCray touts “Green New Dill” as vehicle for destruction of capitalism; “Build Back Better” from Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland; C-SPAN caller gripes about “Doctor Jill”, Whoopi’s Surgeon General nomination revisited; Bill Clinton “blame, bully, and belittle”; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seconds Bernie Sanders nomination, Biden’s “rando” security guard
2:12:24Obama’s eye tic and ill-informed “democracy” references; Chris Wallace reflects on how politics-hating Michelle Obama “flayed” Trump; Biden “Latinos speak Spanish” flub, “lady, lady, lady, lady” short circuit; Matt Taibbi’s Biden drinking game, duplicate Zoom boxes for Harris, JCD predicts prerecorded Biden speech, even Hollywood unable to save convention
2:26:26Beirut explosion size vs quantity of ammonium nitrate, producer note on Israeli W76 mod 2 warhead; Iran envoy Brian Hook to be replaced by Elliott Abrams
2:31:50Donation Segment: “don’t ask” for JCD’s microphone noises
2:42:31JCD’s “Kopcak” pronunciation guides; Carter Page unable to remember the title of his book; Dick Durbin names Kelly instead of Flynn as FISA target; Trump puts Bill Barr on notice