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126 Sell Your Kidney! (2009-08-30)

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0:00:00ACC: “Hey Ricky Ricardo, you ready for me?” JCD: “Hit it.”
0:00:33CVC on fashion show catwalk with ill-fitting shoes
0:03:49Leaked documents show UK Libyan bombing was over oil, Gaddafi’s son groomed for takeover; no problem with media showing Ted Kennedy’s flag-draped casket, Dukakis possible replacement, “dingbat” Caroline Kennedy another possibility; Dukakis’ presidential run demolished by idiotic helmet photo like Howard Dean scream
0:09:48US Chamber of Commerce seeks EPA global warming trial, climate scientist Brenda Ekwurzel: “brings to mind for me the Salem witch trials”; Netherlands carbon trading system; Dutch royal family “wins” lawsuit against AP over EU human rights privacy laws, no monetary award
0:15:24WHO issues warning about “severe” form of H1N1, “expensive” hospital care meme just in time for healthcare reform, 1918 epidemic caused by vaccination of soldiers; 1992 book Malaria Capers on DDT and population control, “rather dead than alive and notoriously reproducing”; Margaret Chan’s path from home economics to medicine, ACC: “she could be Kim Jong-il’s illegitimate sister”; Rand Corporation white paper recommends vaccinating teens in school to dodge parental consent laws, “two to the arm”; bored UK call center employees playing Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly, JCD recommends spider solitaire; Gardasil warning reiterated
0:26:20Sally Satel’s When Altruism Isn’t Enough and selling your own kidney, National Kidney Foundation “cheapening the gift” logic since 1990s, “close ties with the dialysis industry”
0:34:09Timothy Geithner Wall Street Journal Digg interview, carefully distancing himself from Goldman Sachs, “Timmy Geithner”, Steve Friedman chairman “at my request”, “deeply honorable men, great public statesmen”, 20+% return on “Goldman thing”, American public “deeply angly” over government being “forced to do just extraordinary things, and frankly offensive things”, dodges tax evasion question; Barney Frank predicts passage of Ron Paul’s H.R.1207
0:48:29Geithner’s laundry list of post-confirmation resignation promises: Rand Corporation, Trilateral Commission, Group of Thirty, ACC: “what a lying sack of shit this guy is”
0:51:02Cymbalta side effect litany, “dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing”, oddball 1:15 total length, JCD: “I generally don’t want to leave the house … but I like it that way!”
0:57:14TSA $53M cyberattack prevention contract with SRA International
0:58:16Coach Mike Singletary “our formula is this: we go out, we hit people in the mouth”
0:58:58Bill Clinton to liberal bloggers on Hillary’s trip to Africa: “I think American secretaries of state oughtta to be in the places of human misery around the world”
1:00:30Law & Order: SVU teen pregnancy show with exceptionally bad acting
1:03:58Most popular type of banana under disease threat, “drastic and expensive control measures”; International Paper and MeadWestvaco joint venture ArborGen to produce GMO trees
1:07:34Donation Segment
1:12:26Healthcare bill’s national medical device registry class 2 “implantable” devices
1:15:07Hamid Karzai’s running mate possibly denied US visa over drug trafficking; Mossad likely behind hijacking of Russian ship with missiles for Iran; border computer search rules clarified
1:18:20US Forest Service: Colorado campers eating tortillas, drinking Tecate beer, and listening to Mexican music a sure indicator of illegal marijuana cultivation