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1269 pre-bunked (2020-08-16)

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0:00:00JCD: “Attention humans!” (1:23:14)
0:00:36Media oblivious to weather modification machine turned on for Idaho; JCD’s anomalous midsummer thunderstorm; CBS whole-show teaser; producer note on rolling blackouts predicted for California due to obsolete PG&E generators; two shakes of the rainstick for Colorado
0:11:24Hydroxychloroquine being seized at Australian border after being promoted by billionaire Clive Palmer, producer note on coronavirus-free Southern Australia vs pro-Belt and Road Victoria, ACC looking for Chinese takeover of New York City, no more mention of ventilators; Science article suggests that T cells from previous common cold infections may confer COVID-19 resistance; Tedros Adhanom promotes ACT Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator as “major multiplier effect on our economies”, “together, together, together with solidarity”, $38bn required to fight new ebola outbreak in remote Équateur Province of DRC
0:28:20Two cases of “triple E” Eastern Equine Encephalitis in Massachusetts, virus detected in three Delaware counties by “sentinel chickens”; Mike Wallace’s 1979 60 Minutes report on the 1976 swine flu vaccine fiasco revisited; Massachusetts trying to contact trace teen hockey player; 600,000 confirmed cases in California lead Fauci to solemnly admonish against urge to “quickly get back to normal”, JCD: “quickly? it’s been six months!”, possibility of doctors falsifying their own vaccination records; CBS on virus spreading “way too quickly” in Georgia, Arizona science teachers resigning over reopening, “33 students” alarm bells
0:42:51MSNBC devotes 30 minutes to Kamala Harris’ post-nomination interview with fawning reporter Errin Haynes from The 19th News, “did he approached you” grammar, “free-to-republish journalism”, million-plus donor Kathryn Murdoch/Quadrivium, spinoff SciLine “offering free resources to journalists to support their coverage of the current pandemic” through AAAS American Association for the Advancement of Science chaired by Steven Chu, JCD on laziness of new generation of tech journalists, Adam Osborne’s open line for journalists
0:56:55Council on Foreign Relations webinar “Disinformation and Election 2020” with vocal fryer Bret Schafer: “I am less a fan of debunking than I am of pre-bunking the information space”, Russian bots and white nationalists exploiting “data voids”, “Google knows, y’know, as a local reporter you’re credible”, ACC: “you have a checkmark!”, New York Times editor Carla Robbins: “you shame your local officials” by tweeting; Facebook removing all blackface images
1:11:34Producer Segment: remembering Vivek Kundra’s holodeck and “skip logic”
1:31:36New Urban Dictionary entry for “shut up slave”; Alex Jones crowd up in arms over arrest of “Millennial Millie” Weaver on eve of releasing Shadowgate documentary covering John Brennan’s revolving-door career, contractor The Analysis Corporation building profiles for personalized online harassment under Smith-Mundt Modernization Act, Obama phones and Ferguson riots; indictment cites domestic incident with Weaver’s mother Felicia McCarron
1:55:58CBS “sets the record straight” on “false and racist” Kamala Harris birther narrative supposedly advanced by Trump campaign, “years of settled law say otherwise” lie in reference to the 14th Amendment, “the audacity to choose a black woman” Obama reference, ACC’s new term “blindian”; Trump “Slow Joe and Phony Kamala” ad, Kamala Chameleon song; clip of pre-bloodshot eye “Corn Pop Joe” from January; anomaly of DNC nominating Harris first
2:10:09ACC notes Trump’s unusually sedate press briefings, Israel-UAE peace deal ignored by M5M; former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith pleads guilty to falsifying Carter Page document
2:13:15CBS on Trump’s “assault” on US Postal Service over mail-in ballots, Obama characterizes situation as Trump trying to “kneecap” the organization, loaded phrase “falsely insist”; WBUR recommends getting ballots in early; HEROES Act negotiations amid massive slowdown in mail delivery, Trump exploiting situation to screw Amazon and fool Democrats; idiotic Huffington Post reporter S.V. Dáte asks “do you regret at all, all the lying you’ve done to the American people?”, smug celebratory video: “I’ve been wanting to ask him for… years”
2:26:52California requires Über and Lyft to relabel contractors as employees; California lawmakers propose wealth tax on millionaires; Ward Connerly gripes about “morally corrupt” Democrat ballot initiative to repeal Proposition 209; San Francisco Compton Transgender Cultural District founder Aria Sa’id to WBUR on being laughed at in job interviews, JCD gripes about kids with “horns” applying for cashier positions, ACC: “my daughter’s birthday party”, Kurt Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron solution to equity problem revisited
2:39:56Donation Segment
2:57:40“Blah blah blah” iso; NASA’s Perseverance rover to collect samples in search for life on Mars