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1268 Quarantine Bonking (2020-08-13)

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0:00:00JCD: “There is no bat with this virus!” (1:02:40)
0:00:40JCD suggests “Horrible Harris” nickname based on Finnish kamala “atrocious”; James Stavridis to WBUR on “invasive” vetting process for vice presidential nominees; Biden tries out both pronunciations /ˈkæ.mə.lə/ and /ˈka.mə.lə/ within two words; new birtherism distraction potentially launched by Democrats, black men too smart to be fooled into supporting Harris; JCD irked by Biden’s “as the old saying goes, gimme a break
0:09:45Amy Goodman gleefully reports the latest COVID-19 numbers, Trump “lashed out” over college football cancellation; local Fox station on positive cases in Florida dating back to late June; Southwest Airlines banning neck gaiters, ACC reads New York subway “mask force” announcements in a Texas drawl: “look under your chair, there’s a free mask!”; UK slowly coming to the realization that influenza is killing more people than COVID-19, Labour MP Dawn Butler echoes BLM talking points in efforts to address structural racism in Met Police
0:20:24ACC’s back-and-forth with Australian producer over Show 1266 Katie Hopkins Victoria lockdown clip; official breaks down one day’s death totals with 78% of victims in nursing homes; dismal failure of Victoria hotel lockdown blamed on incompetent subcontractors; Victoria nursing homes struggling to contain latest outbreak; ACC on the rivalry between Australian states; Maurice de Hond’s predictions coming true with flu season and University of Florida “smoking gun” study showing 16-foot aerosol transmission; Liberal MP Tim Smith calls for government heads to roll over “scandal of monumental proportions” in which “security guards were bonking those in quarantine”; New Zealand back in lockdown over four cases
0:34:29Democracy Now celebrates record-breaking COVID-19 mayhem worldwide; France 24 admits worsening spread in France, Brussels near top of “Europe’s leaderboard of hardest-hit cities”; James Woods a contender in US celebrity death candidate pool; producer notes on the impossibility of online teaching children with learning disabilities; Amy Goodman spins story about black 15-year-old girl jailed over domestic violence as being about her refusal to do homework
0:44:06Florida doctor gripes about CDC’s failure to issue clear guidance for those with positive tests and blames swollen amygdalæ in the general population; Russia mocked over its claims to have a working vaccine; Bill Gates to Walter Isaacson: US can show “global leadership” by dumping $4bn into his GAVI Vaccine Alliance, JCD: “why doesn’t he just cough it up?”, “eight billion is an incredible bargain” with cough tell; author Steven Mosher quotes Prof. Giuseppe Tritto in griping about China’s refusal to turn over original coronavirus DNA to WHO and predicting no single vaccine will be effective against the eleven extant strains, Wuhan lab built by the French against US advice, “Bat Woman” Dr. Shi Zhengli connected to Pasteur Institute, “everything in China is dual-use technology” for civilians and military
1:02:49Vape Wars: Stanford study finds teens who vape are 5-7 times more likely to contract virus, Illinois Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi agitating for ban on e-cigarettes, no mention in media of correlation with cigarette smoking, IQOS approved by FDA as MRTP Modified Risk Tobacco Product, Journal of Adolescent Health paper “Association Between Youth Smoking, Electronic Cigarette Use, and Coronavirus Disease 2019” based on online survey with 4,300 participants
1:14:39Producer Segment: “G-2” military slang; JCD suggests methyl mercaptan bear repellant
2:00:30Kayleigh McEnany “in the morning”, Harris “they are stupid!”, Ben Shapiro “he’s kind of a little bit racist!” isos; C-SPAN rapidly switches away from caller after “you know why he’s sick” (BCotD); “Joe Biden better watch his water glass, if you catch my drift” from another; Democrat caller: Biden will “make America great again”; “I don’t understand why we’re not in the Star Wars, like Star Trek?”; ACC interested in new Switchblade flying car, “you go to the kit place, they put an apron on you, you hold onto the wrench, and they put it together”
2:11:12Beirut ammonium nitrate explosion toll of 171 dead and 300,000 homeless, $15bn in damage; Democracy Now propagates peculiar New York Times report about Obama-era State Department failing to act on concerns; ACC resurrects Wes Clark Seven in implicating Israel in firing projectile visible on cell phone videos, Syrian grain silos destroyed by Israel on the same day; Italian munitions expert analyzes red cloud as evidence of lithium
2:22:47Belarus protests following reelection of Alexander Lukashenko, inevitable meddling from EU
2:25:18Noodle Gun: Robin DiAngelo in the crosshairs for charging University of Connecticut $22,000 for a lecture, Seattle PBS station fires Jewish meteorologist for comparing BLM rioters to Nazis, PRX CEO Kerri Hoffman’s nonconsensual black hair touching, critics of gay congressional candidate Alex Morse under fire, Facebook & Instagram ban Zwarte Piet photos
2:30:20Chicago BLM organizer: “I don’t care if someone decides to loot a Gucci or a Macy’s or a Nike … that is reparations”; Illinois Rep. La Shawn Ford calls for abolition of racist history classes; Portland police officer: “how do you know that I don’t identify as a female?”; communist “a stronger we” ad from TCF Bank; The Strange Career of Jim Crow by C. Vann Woodward notes of Northern white guilt “many begged to be abused and baited”
2:36:29NPR mocks “pariah” Georgia congressional candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene for support of QAnon “conspiracy theory”, “a secret war against Satan-worshipping pedophiles in the deep state”; Democracy Now repeats Democrat script with “at war with a deep state cabal of Satan-worshiping elites who run a child sex trafficking operation”; CNN’s offices invaded by sign-carrying QAnon kids chanting “save the children!”; insider John Paul Rice on Hollywood “child abuse system”, MSNBC’s refusal to mention Ghislaine Maxwell documents
2:48:05Donation Segment
3:01:20Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Biden’s “let him change it with his hand” hadith a promotion of Sharia law
3:06:18Idiotic NPR Planet Money report on Trump’s new restriction on H-1B visas with assertion that tech employees working from home are secure in their jobs