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1267 Trust Stamp (2020-08-09)

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0:00:00JCD: “I can’t believe these pharma companies aren’t doing this pro bono.” (0:09:51)
0:00:36JCD reports eight-car Zephyr with 1920s Pullman car
0:01:43Police in Melbourne Australia allowed to enter residences without warrants to check house arrest compliance; producer notes on failed two-week hotel quarantine experiment, no actual death numbers to be found, ACC: “it’s always someone’s friend’s parents”, Johns Hopkins’ misleading cumulative infection count, millennials griping about big pharma capitalism
0:10:05Today summary betrays grudging admiration for new round of executive orders for COVID-19 stimulus; Trump on $400 per week as incentive to return to work; JCD reads Democrat wish list straight out of UN Agenda 2030; Pelosi all-in on payroll tax cut in 2012 under Obama; Trump threatens to act unilaterally to sidestep Democrats in Congress; Amy Goodman opens with teaser for Mary Trump interview; not a peep out of the media about Trump’s actions against Tennessee Valley Authority top brass over CEO’s $8M salary and job outsourcing
0:29:57Trump press conference attendees declared to be staging “peaceful protest” by not wearing masks; a giddy Alisyn Camerota slobbers over Brad Pitt’s Emmy nomination for Fauci role, “oh, I’m not done with you, Dr. Fauci!”, JCD: “jeez, lady, towel off!”; Nancy Pelosi swats Judy Woodruff with “if you want to be an advocate for them” for repeating GOP talking point
0:36:18World Economic Forum COVID Action Platform briefing “COVID-19: the Great Reset” with chairman Klaus Schwab channeling Stavro Blofeld in reminiscence about “ze postwar global order”, JCD: “sounds like a clip from Hogan’s Heroes!”, choice between “ze trends we see today: polarization, nationalism, racism” vs “a new social contract”, “ve must not miss zis unique vindow of opportunity!”, António Guterres’ favorite new word “frajeelity”, cites “runaway climate change, unsustainable levels of inequality, and the lawlessness of cyberspace”, mysterious “double-digit percentage” for economic stimulus and Agenda 2030, “borderline moron” Prince Charles goes straight to climate change profit opportunities
0:52:21Mastercard CEO Ajaypal Banga spews “guru-style bullcrap” about “therapeutic accelerator” with Gates Foundation and Wellcome; Mastercard to test partnership with Trust Stamp digital vaccine record in West Africa with “potential law enforcement applications”; assets of Hong Kong top brass targeted by recent Trump executive order via banking sector, ACC: “you gotta go to Bitcoin”, ACC story: gas station air pump with credit card reader
1:07:30Hand-wringing over effects of Trump executive order banning WeChat spyware; JCD mocks SJW jerseys: “Bill Vote, is he now playing in the NBA?”, “Joe Ally”
1:10:55Anti-government riots in Beirut with professionally-printed socialist “The Capital of the Revolution” banners; Lebanese president rejects foreign help in ammonium nitrate explosion investigation; China sending in “peacekeepers”, no sign of Victoria Nuland
1:15:14Dipshit Margaret Trudeau’s “happy birthday Canada, wow!” 2017 WE Day Canada speech, “I am a mental health patient advocate”, “like eat kale, not doughnuts!” iso
1:20:01By far the highest total in the worrrld!” COVID-19 death stats from a giddy Amy Goodman
1:20:42Producer Segment: ACC story of Tony the Terrorist’s dead goat in taxi trunk
1:57:55Trump embarrasses himself with pronunciation “Yo-Semite”; Joe Biden thinks $47M is half a billion; ask Adam: “ending cash bail” slipped into justice reform laundry list; “unlike the African-American community … the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community”; “it’s real, it’s not a joke, it’s real!” iso; Biden’s shitty sound engineering courtesy of Sioux City-based BNY Production
2:05:59Georgia high school students suspended for taking photos of unmasked students; the pros and cons of remote instruction; Biden “Corn Pop!” jingle
2:13:27Chaotic Belarus election likely to become a repeat of Ukraine 2014 due to presence of seven Russian gas pipelines in spite of Victoria Nuland’s absence
2:19:45Amy Goodman salivates over Sanders-Markey-Gillibrand Make Billionaires Pay Act; “Blue Twitter” worried about the possibility of Biden being sidelined by Bernie; Andrea Mitchell and Rep. James Clyburn grumble about Trump campaign using Kanye West against Biden
2:26:55Donation Segment
2:41:12Video from Minneapolis uptalker and White Fragility cultist: “please do not rely on a white woman to tell you how to be anti-racist”, JCD: “this is a patronizing, condescending A-hole”; Oprah running “white guilt sessions” on YouTube: “that whiteness still gives you an advantage, no matter what”, ACC: “said the woman who has a hundred billion dollars!”
2:51:15Democracy Now: new University of Washington doom-and-gloom model predicts “66,000 lives could be saved [or created] if 95% of people in the United States wear face coverings”