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1266 33 Cases (2020-08-06)

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0:00:00JCD: “Well you gonna have somebody defend Hitler?” (0:26:06)
0:00:34JCD spending too much time watching Jake Paul on YouTube; Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti threatens to turn off water and power on unauthorized house parties; “take off your mask!” protest in Great Britain, “it’s called COVID-19 because it’s 19 years since the last bloody disaster they made up”, “Chiner pays their wages”, JCD: “jeez, that guy should get a podcast”; France 24 describes Berlin “the masks make us slaves” protest as “a mix from the far right as well as conspiracy theorists”; panic in Rotterdam over nursing home cases; JCD muses about the tolerance of the American right; Katie Hopkins on “draconian lockdown” in Victoria Australia including curfew and 5km travel radius over seven victims over 70; ACC on potential for type-L strain due to antagonistic relations with China; Sky News on additional government funds allocated for suicide prevention services, comparison with Soviet Union
0:17:57Biden “when he was Biden” in 2006 advocating for DOMA: “marriage is between a man and a woman”; 2010 Forbes article “Why The WHO Faked A Pandemic” under Margaret Chan
0:22:46Erin Burnett lectures Peter Navarro on hydroxychloroquine: “I need to do this, Peter, because what you’re saying is irresponsible”, JCD on historical Santa Rosa Press Democrat model superseded by now-defunct neutrality school, huffy “I find that to be offensive because he’s a comic strip writer” for reference to video by Scott Adams; Dr. Richard Urso on the many uses HCQ, “this drug is not only safe, it’s actually good for you in many instances”; Dr. Simone Gold on HCQ as legal impediment to emergency use authorization for other drugs
0:34:33Compilation of “33 cases” from media and public officials; ACC’s “arch-nemesis” Richard Marx tweets New York Times headline about people dying after drinking hand sanitizer without noticing the bit about the alcohol content, JCD: “just go straight to the Tito’s”; Moderna executives walk away with millions from latest round of insider trading; ACC bemused at Bill Gates’ medical opinion being valued above that of actual medical doctors, highways near JCD packed with “scofflaws”, “deplorable” Los Angeles Teachers’ Union; out-of-control homeless situation in Windsor Park neighborhood of Austin, camping ban petition fails with 19,000-odd signatures, bogus “live music capital of the world” slogan
0:49:48“Gorgeous” ammonium nitrate explosion in Beirut traced to abandoned 2013 2,750-ton fertilizer shipment from Russia; Benjamin Netanyahu’s 2018 warnings about Hezbollah missile sites, JCD on the need for fuel source like fuel oil in ANFO, JCD story: bag of pure ammonium nitrate for lawn graffiti, renewed Chinese interest in Belt and Road initiative in Lebanon
1:03:00Bloomberg reporter estimates value of TikTok for acquisition by Microsoft at “something north of $25bn”; Rep. Matt Gaetz grills Sundar Pichai over Google’s cooperation with Chinese military; Maxine Waters in October 2019 with question from Sir Brian of London pointing out Facebook’s hypocrisy in reversing ban on cryptocurrency ads; cryptocurrency entrepreneur JPB Liberty filing Australian class action lawsuit against Facebook, Google, and Twitter, JCD on price fixing by early light bulb cartel, independent price-setting newsletters
1:19:43Producer Segment
1:47:58Joe Biden asks black journalist if he is a cocaine junkie, “why the hell would I take a test?”, “physical and mental fil… my physical as well as my mental fil… fitness”, ACC: “hey, Hunter, did you test for cocaine?”, “c’mon man!” iso; Dan Bongino reports Biden’s exponential decline because “my sources have never let me down”; “Muslim Noodle Boy” ad on Voice of America quoting “let him change it with his hand” hadith; idiotic “God, could my dad drive a car, woof!” 1967 Corvette ad; Biden rambles incoherently about criminal justice reform; Dr. Marc Siegel discusses atrial fibrillation and resulting cognitive impairment; Biden gripes about getting kicked out of Persian Gulf by Russia, China, and Iran; two-week delay in unveiling of running mate, discussion of Michelle Obama’s prospects, future of debates hanging in the balance
2:11:55ACC OTG: NSA issues warning about smartphone location services and GPS; obscure formula for sending a “zip exempt” letter with a two-cent stamp; Adobe pushing Content Authenticity Initiative; the Owen Benjamin Patreon arbitration saga continues; JCD perplexed by high-profile podcaster using Patreon because he “wouldn’t feel comfortable taking checks”
2:21:03Donation Segment: produced promo for Kansas City meetup
2:41:52Scott Adams asserts NBA players would bot be kneeling if it were a Chinese insult; professional sports like NFL and MLB allowing players who test positive to return to work
2:44:01Trump cites 1492 as the origin of the American way of life; Chicago political leaders call for Illinois to abolish history classes in favor of an “alternative”; Trump in 2008 lauding “wonderful woman” Hillary Clinton
2:48:24Justin Trudeau grilled by MP Pierre Poilievre over WE Charity scandal: “nobody believes you when you say you don’t know how much money your family has got from the WE group”, “the dollar figure, Prime Minister!”, finance committee chair’s power cut off
2:52:55George Floyd body cam footage leaked, ACC predicts return of “excited delirium”
2:53:56Noodle Gun: The Ellen DeGeneres Show imploding amid toxic workplace claims; Kindergarten Cop cancelled; WAMU general manager getting the heave-ho; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art curator Gary Garrels resigns after mention of “reverse discrimination”
2:58:00Producer notes on Beirut explosion “coincidentally” delaying findings from International Criminal Court on killing of former PM al-Hariri, reactions to Abigail Shrier’s Irreversible Damage