Call Clooney!

1265 Ear Trumpet (2020-08-02)

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0:00:00ACC: “My pronouns are xe, zoom, and Zeus, please.” (1:55:12)
0:00:33Antifa vs Boogaloo Bois in Austin, CNN changes date on dead BLM rioter with AK-47, police horses and emotional support goats vs animal cruelty; legal definition of “peaceably assemble”
0:05:40Amy Goodman gloats over COVID-19 deaths in “a list that includes all seven of the original Confederate states”; CBS opening whole-show teaser with JCD’s jumps back left intact, Norah O’Donnell’s amateurish syllable-stretching and “tell them what you told them” formula slightly elaborating on teaser; JCD draws contrast with 1950s newspapers “dense with information”
0:15:25Report ties 45% of COVID-19 deaths to nursing homes; vitriolic open letter accusing Anthony Fauci of murder in 1988 issue of The Village Voice during early days of the AIDS crisis; brazen insider trading at Kodak on the eve of Defense Production Act announcement; Ohio Board of Pharmacy walks back hydroxychloroquine ban; ACC imitates overmodulated “demon sperm” doctor Stella Immanuel, “I should let people die because I’m scared of Anthony Fauci!” to douchebag local reporter; JCD: “suck the plasma!” for monoclonal antibody therapy; Trump using FBI building makeover as bargaining chip in stimulus battle
0:28:51Kayleigh McEnany “that’s a great question” prearranged with New York Post’s Erin Burnett clone Ebony Bowden about posts by Ayatollah Khomeini leading to petition to FCC to apply Communications Decency Act §230 to social media; Ellen DeGeneres being cancelled by complaints from a single employee, ACC on 30 Rock as a reality show
0:39:23White House FCC petition from May, Mark Zuckerberg looking for a “carve-out”; JCD story: invitation to act as expert witness from law firm adopting “they’re not publishers” strategy; drawling TikTok “journalist” mocks millennials freaked out by Trump’s threatened ban aiding Microsoft’s purchase negotiations; Tim Pool gloats “the war with Patreon is escalating!” with efforts to bankrupt Patreon by weaponizing arbitration clause, ACC story: forking over $4M to Wilson Sonsini after IPO, plans to “fix podcasting” on a two-year cycle, JCD story: Mimi’s critique of Hack Reactor coding bootcamp contract written by major Silicon Valley law firm
0:59:14Gordon Chang analyzes Chinese “earrings” seed packet mystery as probing of defenses and possible invasive species attack; JCD binge-watching “sickest show ever put on broadcast television” Chicago PD; NBA reduced to kneeling and social justice jersey slogans including “Ally” on the token white guy, idiotic journalist asks Jonathan Isaac “do you believe black lives matter?” after standing for anthem, “can you just explain further why you feel like religion has to do with kneeling for the anthem to protest against racism and police brutality?” (CotD); China denying link to hackers targeting Vatican and Diocese of Hong Kong ahead of negotiations into “how the church will cooperate with the Chinese communist regime”
1:12:20Jeff Bezos the current “capitalist pig” in place of Bill Gates, socialist Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant: “we are coming to dismantle this deeply oppressive, racist, sexist, violent, utterly bankrupt system of capitalism”, JCD on 1970s influx of alien Rajneesh types
1:18:50Rep. Jim Jordan badgers Anthony Fauci over his refusal to identify maskless BLM protests as public health threat, repeated use of “opine” potentially lifted from Bill O’Reilly, “I don’t have any scientific evidence on anything”; Trump as WWE “heel” analysis from Moe Factz
1:33:20Producer Segment: ACC’s 24-minute postproduction record; Mimi’s mink coat collection
1:57:25Chris Wallace gripes about Joe Biden’s refusal to follow Trump in submitting to an interview; Biden opens speech at “Kingswood Community Center” by realizing he doesn’t know where he is, two abortive attempts to pronounce “accumulate”, forgets the names of civil rights leaders John Lewis and Rev. C.T. Vivian, “stackin’ the shelves in the supermarkets” ramble, “communities of color still lied(??)” Irwin Corey impression, condescending question from NBC reporter about being tested for COVID-19, ACC: “he needs one of those horns in his ear”, two minutes of speech clobbered by sound engineer screwup, “I’m gettin’ out of your hair” finale; uninspired “Build Back Better” campaign platform echoed twice by António Guterres in green economy speech; interview cut off by handler after Biden gets irked at local reporter
2:17:03KBALL-Saagar introduction to unsealing of Jeffrey Epstein documents petitioned by Alan Dershowitz; Tucker Carlson’s “Glenn” pronunciation for Ghislaine; Virginia Giuffre suit proving lies on the part of Maxwell’s lawyers, KBALL’s “telling” and “chilling” left-wing code words, lackluster “total bombshell” of Bill Clinton at Epstein’s island “Little Saint Jeffries” with two young women; Trump “I wish him well” mobster kiss of death compilation
2:29:26Donation Segment
2:46:55CNN pundits discuss polls showing Joe Biden’s commanding lead over Trump; reminder that media uses polls to extort ad money; -15% net approval rating vs post-1940 elections