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1263 Flibbertigibbet (2020-07-26)

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0:00:00JCD: “Only outlaws wear neck gaiters!” (0:50:57)
0:00:34JCD reports eight-car Zephyr with two additional private cars, new toys of the rich on the lake in Austin observed by ACC; “yummers” and “napkins, yay” on JCD’s cooking shows
0:02:55Mystery of “earrings” seed packets from China raising alarms across the country, JCD irked at failure to consult university botany department, Chinese post-invasion food source; producers irked at recent rough treatment of the Chinese by No Agenda and 60 Minutes Australia
0:08:33“Death panels” in Starr County Texas border community of 17,000 with eight beds for COVID-19 patients, “what are you learning?” from an aghast Brolf; Dame Tanya reflects on the ways coronavirus has impacted her personally; Boris Johnson threatens three weeks of quarantine for those returning from holiday in Spain; Tedros Adhanom reports 620k “dezs” from coronavirus, “leadership and community engagement are the two vital pillars of the response”, announces New World Order “law lab” in cooperation with UN and Georgetown University
0:25:22Updated COVID-19 ICD-10 codes including “vaccination declined”, JCD reminder about impossibility of common cold vaccine, ACC’s Trump gaslighting theory; Anderson Pooper asks Bill Gates about all the crazy conspiracy theories targeting Pooper and secondarily Gates, Bill’s annoying “ehhh!” waveform, private-sector development “without the coordination we would have liked”, conspiracy theories coming from “not just the fringe people that you would normally think of”, Pooper nervously babbles about “insane” Epstein theories he’s desperate to have Google suppress, “it’s kind of not as titillating to say, y’know, Cooper is innocent
0:42:17Jordan Peterson muses about Twitter’s negative qualities and appeal to the “irritable”
0:46:11Democracy Now on ICE and private prisons deporting probable COVID-19 victims to locales such as Haiti, doubling of “cases” over the past six weeks, CDC suggesting count of cases “may be 24 times higher” than detected, dubious “severe testing shortages” meme; producer wearing neck gaiter evicted from Disney store; Xi Jinping grateful for Gates’ work
0:52:39Even Fox News cuts away from details of Trump’s four groundbreaking executive orders addressing insulin and epinephrine prices, importation of drugs from Canada; video on the various scams pulled by the PBM pharmacy benefit manager business; Trump: “the middlemen are making a fortune”, threatened fourth executive order still MIA
1:13:41MSNBC newb John Heilemann hand-wrings over post-election martial law meme; Noam “the bearded one” Chomsky propagates “tin pot dictator” memes to Democracy Now, “most crucial election human history, literally”; JCD’s pro-GOP mail-in voting gaslighting theory
1:24:17Noodle kid at London Black Lives Matter rally: “intersectionality … means recognizing that there is one common enemy: the white man”, “we need to look at Palestine” code, “kill the rich!”; Black Lives Matter cofounder Alicia Garza’s fundraising prowess; AK-47-toting protestor shot and killed in Austin by surrounded driver
1:35:09Elementary “Mr. Conrad has a podcast”; Morgan Freeman “John Dvořák” station id
1:36:37Judge orders “bombshell” document release from 2015 Gislaine Maxwell civil case, Trump’s kiss of death “I wish her well”, John Does named in documents to be offered opportunity to appeal, ACC: “Prince Doe, Donald Doe … Anderson Doe”, two unnamed persons who have already given green light; “antifeminist” lawyer Roy Den Hollander suicided after attempted murder of Judge Esther Salas in FedEx guise, JCD: “sounds like an MKULTRA gone astray”
1:48:01Producer Segment: Nick the Rat’s red backgrounds; Morton Klein’s Tourette syndrome
2:04:24Mike Pompeo’s US-China relations speech at Nixon Library synthesizing O’Brien-Wray-Barr presentations with bogus “watching the pandemic’s body count rise” and upcoming 50th anniversary of engagement with China; China Daily brands Pompeo the country’s “leading flibbertigibbet on everything Chinese”; December 17 2019 Merriam-Webster Word of the Day podcast; Mitt Romney gripes about China to dodgy Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank, “virtual silence” from Iran on treatment of Uighurs and proposed $500bn in investments, “absence of American leadership”, JCD: “he’s basically John Kerry”; Hidden Hands: Exposing How The Chinese Communist Party Is Reshaping The World author Clive Hamilton to “KBALL-Saagar” on CPAFFC Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries’ influence Neil Bush as example of “grooming” process for Western elites; Three Gorges Dam and Yellowstone supervolcano
2:31:29Donation Segment
2:49:23FAA issues emergency order for corroded 737 engine valves
2:51:47Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti stunned at reported increase in unemployment claims, JCD: I think taking them seriously should be banned“