Call Clooney!

1262 Use Your Words! (2020-07-23)

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0:00:00JCD: “Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!” (0:58:05)
0:00:38Party horns for Pfizer/BioNTech on the vaccine front, guaranteed torpedo from media after Trump endorsement; Ask Adam: quagmire surrounding Oxford/AstraZeneca trial in South Africa, “one of a possible 126 vaccine candidates”, twenty or so candidates in phase II; producer note on Remdesivir active ingredient GS-441524 feline antiviral; therapeutic use of melatonin
0:11:24Ice bucket challenge moral self-licensing and mask-wearing, Dutch “face diaper”, CVC’s girlfriend Shenta kicked of train for dropping mask; Kamala Harris returns to the spotlight with face mangled by plastic surgery and/or Botox, JCD: “now she’s a little more Joker”, ACC: “Hillary said to Kamala, use my guy”; Hillary Clinton keeps propagating Russia collusion meme in asserting Roger Stone’s sentence was commuted because he threatened Trump
0:22:24“Orange Man Bad!” OMB Network station ids, ACC: “I think we can get investors”
0:23:39Communist terrorist and Thousand Currents vice chair Susan Rosenberg revisited, another variation on Patrisse Cullors “trained Marxist”; history of communism taking root among black Birmingham residents; Cullors to Democracy Now on her ten years with Eric Mann’s Bus Riders Union in Los Angeles; 2010 Transformative Workshop with Mann pontificating about overthrowing US empire, “two declared wars” vs the virtues of Venezuela and Cuba, long “what do we want” list including open borders and fewer police; Cullors’ working-class background and experience of being “organized into the organization”, father dead at 53 because “this country killed him”; disenfranchised youth being lured in with Soros money; JCD on millionaires like Bill Ziff pulling Trading Places pranks
0:51:25Outrage over Houston Chinese consulate burning documents despite it being standard operating procedure; NewsHour on consulate closing over spying allegations and reciprocity with US consulate in Wuhan, ACC mimics Nick Schifrin’s monotone delivery, quotes from Wray and Barr, pro-China diplomat Susan Thornton’s “recklessness” verdict rebutted by author Gordon Chang; ACC speculates about accounting firms’ copy machines sending data to China; Chang on China stoking racial tensions and sending items “that would be very handy to protestors”; California university researchers caught working for PLA and “instructed … to copy the layout of the UCSF lab to replicate it when they got back home” (CotD); Mike Pompeo congratulates UK on Huawei 5G ban and arms embargo extended to Hong Kong
1:10:05Possible PubMed spoof article 5G Technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells; producer note on “gardening forum” users receiving Chinese seed packets marked “earrings”; JCD theory: China stealing UCSF lab plans a form of “best price” business strategy
1:16:07Producer Segment: ACC’s Nick the Rat appearance; Roger Black design; “stay safe” retorts
1:41:37The Netherlands bails out Italy for a mere €900bn, impending announcement of US stimulus round four; Trump’s unexplained enthusiasm for stock market
1:45:12Fox News correspondent Ed Henry sued for BDSM rape of coworker Jennifer Eckhart, “Liberal Sherpa” Cathy Areu goes after Tucker Carlson; Carlson and his excessively loud air conditioner excoriate New York Times for preparing to dox his family, ACC: “it’s all over for him”
1:55:11Joe diGenova surprised at John Durham planning to roll out report before thousands of sealed indictments; former US attorney Guy Lewis predicts “in-dot-ments” within 30 days; Mark Meadows to Maria Bartiromo: “yes I used the word spy”; Trey Gowdy’s predicted zero indictments; Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson suggests Barr won’t release Durham report at all
2:03:37Noodle Gun: Red Bull purges SJW troublemakers in the ranks, JCD reiterates his Evergreen expulsion advice; non-SJW recruitment site; Adam’s apple and Achilles’ tendon, CBS News’ Barbara Fedida; Trader Joe’s responds to petition against its “racist” ethnic subbrands launched by 17-year-old high school girl with blatant lie “we have been in the process of updating older labels”, ACC: “you’ve got noodle goo all over your face!”, Lego V-22 Osprey cancelled by “Love Bricks! Hate War!” campaign; “Edmonton Football Team”; fury over Joe Rogan’s interview of Abigail Shrier author of Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, Men’s Health headline “Joe Rogan Is Spreading Transphobic Hate Speech and It’s Putting Lives in Danger”, Planned Parenthood dispensing testosterone based on self-diagnosis; ACC proposes list of “woke infrastructure” with mob immunity such as Spotify and Apple, Bezos attacked while Amazon and WaPo get a “superpass”
2:20:04Donation Segment
2:35:33ACC recommends getting an actual podcast app like Overcast
2:37:28Democracy Now on Massachusetts protests in favor of drivers licenses for illegal immigrants, JCD: “not so they can vote”; idiot Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler tear gassed by unidentified federal agents from DHS “paramilitary style units”; activist gripes to CBS News “what the Trump administration calls anarchy is what we call democracy”; sketchy “use your words, what’re you doing?” video of DHS “kidnapping” a protestor; acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf gripes about having to “go out and proactively arrest” troublemakers
2:50:44Kanye West’s family pleading bipolar episode after dumpster fire of a campaign event
2:52:01Democracy Now on coronavirus outbreaks at San Quentin and Texas prison housing whistleblower Reality Winner, Amy Goodman “winner” iso; a reflection on the depths to which Michael Avenatti has sunk; Joe Biden’s creepy “breathe in my nostrils to make me move”