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1261 Infodemic (2020-07-19)

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0:00:00JCD: “Ooh, a webinar!” (2:07:04)
0:00:31ACC LMMO “laughing my mask off” at “penultimate epicenter” of COVID-19 surge; “85 infants have tested positive for coronavirus in Nueces County” fear porn turns out to be a cumulative count since beginning of March; 38,000 new doctors now on the job driving up death rates; viral stories or urban legends of nonexistent tests giving positive results; Texas removing unconfirmed cases; JCD’s Newsletter death graph from CDC called into question
0:07:50Anthony Fauci and Christine Grady taking flak for not wearing masks for InStyle photos; San Antonio local news on Moderna looking for more minority participation in phase III vaccine trial, “for the third phase, it is important to note volunteers would not be injected with COVID”; Francis Collins reluctantly assures Brolf he would not fire Fauci if ordered to: “he’s a national treasure”; Judy Woodruff hounds Fauci with four variations on the same question about being at odds with White House staff, “I always like to be on with you, I’m glad they said yes to that” indicating the media is the one making a fuss over his interviews; Fauci gets in a plug for flu vaccine; ACC predicts Horowitz waiting “one or two days” for vaccine; Fauci all-in on “community engagement” to mind-control the vaccine skeptics; Fauci generally in favor of reopening schools; TtK’s friends propagating “shoot myself” and “move to Canada” memes, Jewish friend convinced that there’s a boxcar being prepared for her, JCD’s neighbors religiously reading New York Times, people asking “will all this go away” if Trump loses
0:36:40M5M “Trump’s war on” compilation with no mention of China; Bill Barr’s speech at Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum on the dangers posed by the Chinese Communist Party to the US and “its liberal democratic allies”, “I told [Christopher Wray] that I was gonna aim today to be despicable”, Xi Jinping spearheading “economic blitzkrieg, an aggressive, orchestrated, whole-of-government, indeed, whole-of-society campaign”, list of collaborators including a buttslam on Hollywood and on Cisco and Apple, not-so-subtle Foreign Agents Registration Act threat, Beijing-controlled “Confucian Institutes” on university campuses
0:54:06National Institute of Scholars’ policy director Rachelle Peterson to Epoch Times American Thought Leaders on the decline of Confucius Institutes, “whole-of-society approach” to undermining US culture, textbooks and instructors paid for by the hanban, perks for university bureaucrats; JCD on repurposing “spot the spook” exercise to identify CCP shills; Peterson on Confucius Institutes going underground via rebranding; BBC journalist Andrew Marr ambushes Ambassador Liu Xiaoming with footage of blindfolded and shaven Uighur prisoners in Xinjiang, “you know, Xinjiang is regarded as the most beautiful place in Xinjiang”
1:10:40Producer Segment: No Agenda inspired DC Comics art; Westphalian sovereignty
1:52:19Close-up photo of Kayleigh McEnany’s binder tabs; Jonathan Karl gripes to the ladies of The View about politicization of White House briefings; Charlamagne tha God reads scripted denunciation of “Kayleigh McNanny” as “underqualified” over school opening flub; McEnany’s Hatch Act mic drop; JCD unconcerned about MSG in Goya products; silence after McEnany Obama H1N1 walk-off due to absence of Jon Karl and Jim Acosta
2:05:54WHO creates conference to combat coronavirus “infodemic”, promo video recommends “correct or call out people in your social networks when they post something untrue”, ACC: “hey, that’s wrong!!”; Trusted News Initiative setting up “early early warning system” for election disinformation; JCD puts out call for OMB Orange Man Bad Network station ID
2:18:34ACC’s much-hyped “takedown” of White Fragility author Robin DiAngelo, Matt Taibbi questions the book’s “lifelong program of striving to be less white”, “this is how corporate America views the race problem”; Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture website’s insulting graphic “Aspects and Assumptions of Whiteness in the United States” now MIA, video with DiAngelo rattling off her well-rehearsed “I’m white” intro, odd “white bread, a Heinz 57”; “grievance studies” hoaxer James Lindsay identifies a type of religious OCD “scrupulosity” in DiAngelo whose mother was a lapsed nun, JCD: “screwball-osity”; DiAngelo “I really want us to sit with it”, “I wanna take us inside this skin”, “the water of white supremacy”, “inaction is a form of action” brain-scrambling exercise; author bell hooks’ term “white supremacist capitalist patriarchy” checking all the boxes; TtK’s Jewish friend alerted to the the dangers of “old cis white men”, ACC’s “assume that I’m white” Vulcan nerve pinch
2:42:36DiAngelo describes her childhood traumas of being shamed in school over poor hygiene, “hope is such a tool … of whiteness” vs Obama home and change montage; DiAngelo explains why people must not try to cut her out of the white guilt cash cow: “it takes years of experience and study and struggle and mistake making and trust building … to hold a group around RACE”, JCD: “she’s made a mistake by doing that book”
2:52:16Donation Segment: Rogan Donation jingle; JCD on Natalie Wood as Croatian female
3:06:33Noodle Gun: Buzzfeed out to get Ellen DeGeneres over toxic work environment, three Ubisoft executives resign, Cisco employees fired for “all lives matter” heresy, New York Times article on the travails of black wine experts; NAGA Native American Guardians Association opposes renaming Washington Redskins: “it’s kind of an insult”
3:13:47Biden “I’ve done some dumb things, and I’ll do dumb things again”
3:14:14Jon Karl promotes Mary Trump book Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man on The View; George Stephanopoulos increasingly irked at “pissed-off lesbian” Trump spouting speculative nonsense, trauma caused by family’s mistreatment of her alcoholic pilot father Fred Trump Jr. whom she never knew