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1260 Pre-Decisional (2020-07-16)

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0:00:00JCD: “The nose patrol is on the job!” (1:39:44)
0:00:36Windows 10 freaking out over ACC dragging files around; hate mail for ACC’s report on 100% positive testing in Florida debunked by local Fox station: “how can that be??”; 2009 CBS report on botched H1N1 testing by Obama CDC; MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace reads New York Times story on Trump White House bypassing CDC in collection of COVID-19 data, “how scary is that to you?” to Chinese Planned Parenthood ex-CEO; CNBC notes that the data is going to Health and Human Services due to aging CDC infrastructure; Florida hospital CEO reports to MSNBC an ICU at 187% capacity due to “creating additional spaces”; Tedros Adhanom: “it’s going to get worse, and worse, and worse” if the slaves do not comply
0:17:34School administrators concerned about increased costs; Fauci not enthused about AstraZeneca vaccine because it’s not from Moderna; CNN anti-travel propaganda; five pediatricians to NBC: send the kids back to school; New England Journal of Medicine article singles out politics; powerful Texas teachers union calling for a delay in reopening; New Hampshire school reopening plan “slammed” by union; Google Classroom now data mining 100M students; three Arizona teachers contract coronavirus conducting online classes; JCD on “no good” 1970s-era PLATO computer-assisted teaching system; global fertility rate falling off a cliff
0:28:51Dr. Scott Johnson on N95 mask’s ability to filter 0.3 micron particles vs 0.1 micron coronavirus particles; TtK’s “breathing in her own exhaust” dizzy spell in Houston, JCD tip: “pull it down so your nose is exposed”; Yamiche Alcindor on op-ed in which Peter Navarro “lashed out” against Fauci disingenuously disclaimed by Trump administration; bogus CBS poll shows gains for Biden in GOP-controlled Texas, Florida, and Arizona; Alcindor mocks 63-minute “campaign-style event” in Rose Garden “mostly criticizing his November opponent Joe Biden”, jobs vs factories switcheroo, JCD on worldview leading to conclusion that Trump “falsely claimed” increased testing correlates with increased cases
0:43:40Coordinated reports from Brian Williams and Nicolle Wallace portraying Rose Garden speech as a rambling dumpster fire in order to persuade viewers to ignore it; accented introduction to Rose Garden speech unveiling H.R.7440 Hong Kong Autonomy Act and two executive order eliminating preferential treatment for Hong Kong; Nike “Fuck Hong Kong” vs “Free Hong Kong”; Trump bashes Huawei and WHO; “lashes out” picked up by Fox News
1:02:38CNN’s Jake Tapper bashes Andrew Cuomo’s self-aggrandizing COVID-19 poster; UK’s seven-year task of dismantling Huawei vs Elon Musk’s satellite “Skynet” Starlink
1:09:18Uighur activist Rushan Abbas to NPR Here & Now on disappearance of her family members in response to public activism, China using hair and slave labor from Uighurs in concentration camps to make wigs and other products for the US, /ˈwi.ɡɹ̩/ vs /ˈo͜ɪ.ɡɹ̩/ pronunciations
1:19:13China dictating bishop appointments to Pope Francis, upcoming changes to the constitution of the Roman Curia; Mike Pompeo threatens sanctions on helping Russia build Nord Stream II gas pipeline, ACC: “once again Trump helping out his buddy Putin!”
1:28:44Producer Segment: ACC’s appearance on The Tom Woods Show
2:00:55Gates Foundation takes a strategic position in Walmart
2:03:05Fun Fact Friday podcast with producers Leila and David discussing the Rubik’s Cube; children’s stories from WBUR Circle Round including The Enchanted Paintbrush “from China” and The Leaky Bucket “from China”; creepy What If World podcast “almost as good as dicks!
2:15:54Joe Biden’s bold plan “to get our kids to market swiftly”; Bill O’Reilly “we’ll do it live!fuckin’ thing sucks!” iso; Yamiche Alcindor: Anthony Fauci “very restructed”
2:18:34Ghislaine Maxwell Lolita Express conspiracy theories exploding on Instagram, Chrissy Teigen fighting a losing battle against QAnon over creepy 2011 Toddlers and Tiaras tweets; more conspiracy theories over $13,000 cabinets with girls’ names from crappy home decor retailer Wayfair, ACC’s drug money laundering explanation, JCD on oddball Amazon price outliers
2:25:00Hillary Clinton cackles about “how much better countries run by women have done” during pandemic; Angela Davis all-in on electing Joe Biden because he is a weak-minded fool who “is far more likely to take mass demands seriously”; M5M prematurely jumps on story of Kanye West dropping out of election, TtK’s “New York Jew libtard” friend outraged at ACC’s interest in West’s 2024 prospects; Larry Kudlow “pre-decisional” on possibility of capital gains holiday
2:35:43Donation Segment
2:48:29Cancel culture targets Goya Foods CEO, JCD recommends Goya Adobo and Sazonador Total
2:51:51“Paintings are exponentially more important than a podcast”; NPR on Trump’s appointment of Bill Stepien to replace Brad Parscale as campaign manager after Tulsa rally botch, snotty editorial “campaigns that are going well don’t have dramatic shakeups like this” from Tamara Keith; ACC’s “5X MATCH!” messages explained as redistribution of anonymous donations; JCD on Trump’s “you’re fired” style and turnover of college football coaches
2:58:51Unhinged Walmart shoppers engage in a “evolve, mister!” shouting contest over masks
3:01:07ACC unleashes “how dare you use your privilege to presume I am white?” in Florida