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1259 Do The Work (2020-07-12)

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0:00:00ACC: “We need cohesion!” (0:21:45)
0:00:36ACC in Florida for TtK’s birthday with “the best deals ever!” and no peanuts, brown paper bag room service; 333 Florida labs report 100% positive COVID-19 results
0:06:28Texas Division of Emergency Management head Nim Kidd: “we really need to be thinking about doing the same thing when we’re inside the home”; ACC irked at N95 masks with exhalation valves, Harvard study recommends masks during sex; turncoat Texas Gov. Greg Abbott blames “deadliest week” on those who contracted COVID-19 in late May, JCD: “May??”, Lubbock the college town STD capital with “blue waffle”, reporter’s “great question” about potential next step beyond mask requirement; Tedros Adhanom: “the greatest threat we face now is not the virus itself, rather, it’s the lack of leadership and solidarity at the global and national levels”, “the virus thrives on division”, ACC: “vote for Biden!!
0:22:58Trump appears at Walter Reed wearing blue mask with presidential seal; WHO’s Maria Van Kerkhove’s good news about rare asymptomatic transmission revisited; new study fueling hysteria over “silent transmission” during super-dangerous “pre-symptomatic stage”, ACC: “replace with word mask with vaccine”, JCD theorizes about Lubbock as potential retaliatory college shutdown target; Robert de Niro on the verge of $7.5M financial ruin
0:32:10San Antonio Pre-K 4 SA shill to NPR pushing for brainwashing “brain development” in order to “make sure children have the underlying academic concepts and brain structures” (BCotD), JCD: “have you ever met a four-year-old?”, $11,000 per child for 10-hour day; Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick to “Frau Ingraham” on BLM as communist anti-family organization; Oprah guru Brené Brown: “our collective story in the United States is a story of white supremacy” as propagated by New York Times 1619 Project, “privilege exercises” in a “this is what America looks like” 25% white class; note from divorced and soon-to-be-experiencing-homelessness producer, Hollywood’s romanticization of the single mom
0:49:58NPR celebrates Jair Bolsonaro’s positive coronavirus test and takes a moment to shit on hydroxychloroquine, Sweden’s death rate “several times higher than its Nordic neighbors” although better than UK and Italy; Obama administration’s sudden swine flu testing shutdown; JCD irked at NPR’s smear campaign against Sweden which “really failed” in protecting the elderly, idiotic “we’re also seeing more science and research suggesting that it’s unclear what will happen in the future”; CBS propagates a muddle of death and new cases statistics, PBS muddying the waters with rolling averages, Shelby County Tennessee restaurants keeping data on patrons for a month; ACC’s friend completely programmed into believing “it’s not over until we have a vaccine”; two COVID-19 cases in China
1:11:36CDC Director Robert Redfield turns out to be another Jesuit; Anderson Pooper grills Redfield over CDC’s nonexistent school shutdown recommendation; Redfield and Birx both investigated for potential fraud in military HIV vaccine tests; badly-edited report on Dr. Francis Collins updating Senate on Operation Warp Speed vaccine efforts; Bill Gates bitches about COVID-19 disrupting efforts to fight AIDS in Africa but offering new “platforms” for an HIV vaccine, ACC: “they’re going to say we have the vaccine, it doesn’t fix COVID but we’ve cured AIDS!”; Collins’ lifetime appointment to “Vatican think tank” Pontifical Academy of Sciences
1:26:10AP hit piece on Roman Catholic Church receiving billions in Payroll Protection Program funds, San Gabriel church mysteriously catches on fire“ like Notre Dame
1:28:23Producer Segment: Professor Ted “trending hard”; Spam isos
1:57:51New social justice code at chaotic New York Community Education Council meeting: “everyone has work to do and I have work to do!”, “I have done my own work and some of you have done work with the CEC … and that was really the intent of my letter to you, Maude, I don’t see you doing the work” (CotD), ACC links meme to Lee Strasberg method acting, JCD implicates Werner Erhard’s EST Erhard Seminars Training: “have you had the training?” code, ACC’s new armor “I’ve done the work, are you using your privilege to assume that I’m white?”, Robin DiAngelo and CIA well-versed in applied psychology
2:16:42Cute Whole Foods boycott organizer Savannah Kinzer back in the spotlight; Kanye West’s 2020 election bid already supported by Elon Musk and smeared by TMZ
2:23:39Biden-Sanders unity taskforce rolls out 110-page recommended platform; Biden appears aboveground for a poorly-miked teleprompter speech only to be freaked out by the rain, “a mobilization … not seen since the Great Depression of World War II”; Biden accuses Trump of having “regular military officers … move against peaceful demonstrators”
2:31:28ABC News addresses “problematic” national parks; video of Silicon Valley executive Michael Lofthouse yelling racist insults at Asian family at restaurant, Solid8 a Los Gatos mail drop
2:40:00Donation Segment: “Ghislaine Maxwell didn’t kill herself tomorrow”
2:55:00Film producer Chris Fenton on jumping through hoops to access Chinese market, “the Chinese people would not pick up diamonds that weren’t theirs” objection to Point Break remake
3:01:19Kayleigh McEnany’s “close and walk” prompted by Confederate flag questions
3:04:15Turkish government reverting 1500-year-old Hagia Sophia cathedral from museum to mosque
3:08:34SJW IllumiNative CEO Crystal Echo Hawk gripes about the Washington Redskins: “when a fan paints their face red, right? that is blackface!”, ACC: “problematic”