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1258 Dummy Placebo (2020-07-09)

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0:00:00JCD: “What a Sunday!” (3:04:02)
0:00:36Reporter eating his own mask discusses Austin City Council still considering 35-day lockdown with “lessons learned”, businesses opposed to draconian new restrictions but “apparently it has support at the top”; bars and every store but Walmart in danger of being shut down again, Texas “pool testing”; compilation of M5M mourning the decrease in death rate: “in a lot of ways it is worse than ever!”, “zero chance of moving past this with Donald Trump in that job!”; ACC on Spanish Flu death toll of 5.26% of world population vs 2018 seasonal flu 0.09% vs coronavirus 0.006%, 80% of 40% allotment ICU beds
0:12:25KHOU Houston PSA recruiting “a diverse pool of people” for coronavirus vaccine trial; upbeat video; $1,000 and carte blanche for young people to go anywhere
0:18:16New York Magazine kicks off PR blitz for “Anthony Fauci’s boss” Dr. Francis Collins of the Human Genome Project and winner of $1.3M Templeton Prize, four vaccine trials in July involving a “dummy placebo” and requiring “areas where the virus is actively spreading” like states with Republican governors; NPR lauds Collins’ quest to eliminate men-only panels or “manels”; vaccine trials potentially involving dumpstering vast quantities of subpar vaccine; former atheist Collins’ 2007 book The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief and BioLogos Foundation; PowerPoint slide with stained glass side-by-side with DNA
0:29:17ACC stumbles onto highly-scripted live Collins-Fauci Zoom conference; JCD’s cases vs tests vs deaths graphs in the Newsletter; more bad acting from Collins: “it is the case, isn’t it, now, that a lot of those new cases are younger people?”, Fauci: “well, there’s a big problem with that, Francis”, “we’re trying to get the messaging across”, the dreaded “aunt who’s getting chemotherapy for breast cancer” scenario, Collins keeps a straight face for “the world is abuzz about vaccines!” and “where are we, Tony, with the vaccine efforts that have been moving forward at unprecedented speed?”, bizarre wail from Fauci’s throat, Collins plays dumb asking about dumpster scenario; Collins shaping up to be a dandy candidate for Antichrist; exhortation to sign up for phase III vaccine trials with “Latinos” gaffe and laughter for HIV anecdote, ACC: “remember how much fun we had tryin’ to find the gays?”, “great question” from Collins: “how long will that protection LAST?”, Collins adds “and the hope” as a not-very-Christian afterthought
0:55:58Jair Bolsonaro vetoes mask requirement; decline in deaths attributed to more cases in young people and unspecified “better treatments”; late eight-car Zephyr; Texas physician Dr. Richard Bartlett describes $200 “silver bullet” cure in the inhaled steroid Budesonide, ACC: “the only way that this, of course, could work is if the President comes out today and says, don’t listen to that guy!”; British pubs reopening, Welsh and Scottish irked at “shambolic” experience of dealing with British government; Dutch “mouth caps” only mandated for public transportation, Los Angeles Comedy Store not likely to reopen; Ron Paul: herd immunity “essentially here” according to two new studies showing antibodies in 30% of the population; long-debunked airborne transmission memes, ACC promises to defy Austin lockdown orders, another open letter from “hundreds of the world’s top doctors” warning about “air droplets”, “the word airborne is scary!”, JCD: “I think the mask is good because it gives people a mild case of carbon dioxide poisoning”, EU working on laws to combat the “infodemic”
1:14:09Minnesota State Senator Dr. Scott Jensen under investigation for spreading “misinformation” about Medicare payments for COVID-19 patients thanks to CCP and big pharma
1:17:53Producer Segment: Jordan Peterson’s tale on the Mikhaila Peterson Podcast
1:47:34Christopher Wray to the Hudson Institute on the threat to the US posed by the Chinese government, personal data of half the US population stolen by Chinese military in Equifax hack, “whole-of-state effort to become the world’s only superpower by any means necessary”, litany of military and trade secrets stolen under Thousand Talents Program; JCD story: “creepy” Huawei booth at COMDEX; Wray on Thousand Talents in US universities, Harvard Prof. Charles Lieber receiving stipend from CCP via Wuhan University of Technology, “malign foreign influence campaign”, Xi Jinping’s Operation Fox Hunt “rogue law enforcement” targeting dissidents living abroad
2:12:48Pope Francis drops remarks about Hong Kong from weekly Angelus prayer
2:15:29Stephen Molyneux gripes about the destruction of 14 years’ worth of YouTube videos
2:19:00Adolph Reed asserts “Trump will kill us” to Useful Idiots podcast with Matt Taibbi and Katie Halper, Taibbi bullies gullible Halper by lying to her about the “Cleveland Unicorns”
2:30:27Jason Whitlock gripes about NFL black national anthem plan as “failure of leadership”; Shep Smith returning to TV on CNBC
2:35:43Noodle Gun: Ford employees irked at building police cars, JCD draws parallel with Evergreen State College not expelling troublemakers; historic Dutch pharmacy mascot De Gaper under threat; wooden statue of Melania Trump burned down in Slovenia; Lou Dobbs points out the irony of The Washington Post op-ed asserting that Washington and Lee University School of Law should change its name because both namesakes “perpetrated racial terror” (CotD)
2:42:13Anti-Defamation League demanding Facebook appoint civil rights officer, Zuckerberg’s idiotic claims about using AI to root out hateful content backfiring, JCD: “I just said, his wife, uh
2:47:04Donation Segment: ACC on the appeal of “awkward and clumsy” at meetups
3:02:51Bizarre Kellyanne Conway “yay!” iso; Michael Flynn’s family recites oath of office including QAnon “where we go one, we go all”
3:06:54Australian 60 Minutes on 1996 allegations against Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell by Maria Farmer ignored by FBI, “be careful crossing the street” threats; Tucker Carlson goes “scorched earth” on Reid Hoffman, Bill Gates, Larry Summers, and Bill Clinton, boring author Alana Goodman refuses to speculate; ACC predicts turmoil within the British royal family and the truth about Diana’s death, JCD on that event as MSNBC’s origin