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1257 Doggy DNA (2020-07-02)

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0:00:00JCD: “I think this is an insult to my manhood.” (1:22:03)
0:00:36Idiots in San Francisco cancel fireworks on the one fog-free year in twenty, “one thousand people shooting off fireworks” in Richmond, ACC reminisces about Dutch New Year’s celebration; ACC’s cocktail party “mug shot” in the Newsletter, avoiding “Karentown” snitches, UT neurosurgeon fired over viral video of his daughter singing along with “nigger” rap lyrics
0:10:45Trump’s Most Wonderful Speech of the Year at Mt. Rushmore with testosterone-soaked Air Force One flyover, dangers of “new far-left fascism that demands absolute allegiance … not going to happen to us”, almost-incomprehensible “not on my watch!” from crowd; New York Times interns filling out story templates; PBS plays ad with Joe Biden’s nearly-incomprehensible “American history’s no fairy tale”; Joe Biden’s Health and Like Joe Biden jingles; Matt Taibbi describes recent New York Times headlines as “an obscene malfunction of the elite messaging system”
0:23:13Nancy Pelosi weighs in on bogus Russia-Taliban bounty story: Trump “doesn’t like to get bad news on Russia”, “the fact is, the President himself is a hoax”; PBS on “new political opposition” to US-Taliban peace deal, JCD: “this whole thing is just to queer the deal”
0:28:15Ghislaine Maxwell arrested at “safehouse” the same day a judge orders destruction of Epstein case materials, Germany investigating 30,000-person “pedophile probe”, photos of Maxwell and Kevin Spacey sitting on royal thrones, Indictments! jingle; slightly frightened-sounding Alan Dershowitz to BBC on introduction via “the Lord Evil-yn and the Lady Rothschild” and other elites, issues with statute of limitations and witnesses with “long histories of lying”
0:36:31ACC compares lockdown and London Blitz; “Karen” journalists busting open restaurants
0:38:25Democracy Now celebrates Independence Day with US-hating Marxist Angela Davis with haughty Maya Angelou speaking style, defunding police in favor of professionals who can “respond to people who are in crisis without arms-a”, abolition a “feminist-a strategy” “methodological approach-a of understanding the intersectionality of struggles-a”, role of “Joseph Biden” in 1994 Clinton Crime Bill, statues of Founding Fathers as symbols of “hetero-patriarchy”, “the Industrial Revolution … was enabled by slave labor in the US”, JCD: “no it wasn’t!”, need for “popular education” aka New York Times 1619 Project history rewrite, Amy Goodman laps it up like JCD’s dog drinking water
0:59:45YouTuber weights in on NYPD disbanding plainclothes “heavy shit” anti-crime unit: “now you lookin’ for Batman, the Avengers to come”; Democrat brains exploding at black Americans buying firearms; ACC insulted at being Photoshopped onto “Ken and Karen” in Louisiana; “NRA for black people” NAAGA National African-American Gun Association, “two to the body, one to the head!” iso; NFAC Not Fucking Around Coalition militia speaker mocks “Boogie Boys … and all the rest of you scared-ass rednecks” at Stone Mountain Park Georgia; YouTuber Officer Tatum “sick of the pandering”; OK hand signal removed from Call of Duty
1:15:39Washington Redskins under pressure for name change; Marcellus Wiley takes exception to Black Lives Matter mission statement “we disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family structure requirement” due to dismal statistics about single-parent homes
1:21:17JCD takes Beacon Press white fragility test and finds he should read White Fragility
1:32:35Producer Segment: JCD’s audio improved by Cleanfeed; “your stupid radio program”
2:07:46Facebook face recognition tries to identify ACC as Siegfried Fischbacher
2:09:16Trump “no one is here to take your call” 911 call ad; Forbes deletes article by climatologist Michael Shellenberger “On Behalf of Environmentalists, I Apologize for the Climate Scare”, “Netherlands became rich not poor while adapting to life below sea level”, ACC: “he may be dead for all I know”; record-breaking 100 degree temperature recorded in Siberia; Nobel Laureate Michael Levitt revisited: “they all just said, stop talking like that
2:21:26Dr. Zach Bush to London Reel on medicine’s misguided effort to eradicate microbes, antibiotics and Roundup-resistant weeds “the size of Christmas trees”, ubiquitous COVID-19 DNA, Hubei’s reduction to “35 microns” of particulate matter reducing mortality, predicted uptick in November, “flu season is carbon toxicity season, that’s it!”, JCD: “theremin, theremin!
2:35:36“Shuck and jive artist” Young Pharaoh to The Veronica Bay Show on how the Sun is pulling the solar system through the galaxy and the government is hijacking spirituality using AI; a segment of Christian producers convinced that the End Times have arrived
2:43:45Oakland California collecting illegal fireworks in easy-to-steal 55-gallon drums
2:47:19Donation Segment
2:57:35Kanye West set to steal Biden votes, Tucker Carlson rumored to be looking at a 2024 run; Democracy Now holds serious discussion about demolishing Mt. Rushmore; PBS on mayor of Miami celebrates “right to life, liberty, and happiness” by instituting a nightly curfew
3:03:48Dogs Are People Too: ad for Embark Dog DNA Test reveals the real scam in its promise to “screen for over 170 health conditions”
3:06:01Taylor Swift irked by “the erasure of transgender and non-binary people” by the US Census form, JCD irked at white girl hip-hop term “crash the set”