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1256 White Tears (2020-07-02)

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0:00:00JCD: “The Texas surge!” (0:03:43)
0:00:40Ghislaine Maxwell arrested as first of “thousands of sealed indictments”
0:01:23Poorly-written CNN headline about California man attending a party and dying of COVID-19 “the next day”; Chris Hayes begins his show with “right this moment there are Americans who are alive and who are healthy who will be dead by the Fall” thanks to Trump; JCD pauses for nine-car Zephyr; Neil Cavuto notes “the spike in cases is not coming with a spike in deaths, sadly enough”; ACC monitoring endless Austin City Council meetings on Zoom; Mayor Adler weighing plan for 35-day shutdown “followed by an extended period of lessons learned”; Anthony Fauci on need to “engage the community” to persuade them to take marginally effective vaccines, Adler’s anti-Trump “stay in orange” plan; Hoover Institution’s Scott Atlas reflects on the pseudoscience behind six-foot distancing dogma; Dutch 1.5 meters based on airplane scenario; Nobel Prize winning Stanford biophysicist Michael Levitt on “disgraceful situation for science”; Atlas discusses the implications of school shutdowns for abused children, “this will go down as the most heinous misapplication of public policy in modern America”
0:25:26May 18 discussion among Collin County Texas commissioners of “probable case definition” based on contact with confirmed infection, ACC: “that’s fraud, at best”; producer notes on positive test result from missed appointment, home tests being shipped by the tens of thousands, asymptomatic millennials taking advantage of free tests; reporter horrified at doctor’s casual mention that “we tend to see more deaths in the month of July because of the new health care professionals that are entering the residency programs” (CotD); South Carolina WYFF news reports 6% COVID population at AnMed Health and high occupancy rate a sign of successful matching resources to demand
0:37:49Fauci on federal government pre-funding vaccine manufacturing; The Guardian gripes about US vacuuming up global stocks of Remdesivir; ACC told to prepare for “full hazmat suit” protocol at “Best Dad Ever” cocktail party; Dr. Marc Siegel scratching his head at M5M version of “science”; Vanilla Ice preforming in Austin; You Must Leave Your Mask On jingle
0:46:30Pennsylvania makes masks mandatory in all public spaces, Department of Health Secretary Rachel Levine propagates “wearing a mask shows you care about others” meme; “911 for Karens” public health hotline “maybe you better get out and do your goddamn job!” call; Hollywood sure to be distraught at not being able to attend Carl Reiner’s funeral; Reuters propagating story that death counts are underreported
0:53:37Neocon Lincoln Project “just not our troops” ad trying to undermine peace talks with Taliban; Scott Adams predicts “I believe that we will be hunted” under Biden, “I think the odds of a shooting civil war if Biden gets elected are 20%”; producer note on New York protestors attempting to curtail right to take photographs; Harvard graduate Claira Janover blubbers about losing her job at Deloitte after threatening to stab anyone who says “all lives matter”
1:05:05Blocked and Reported podcast on the experience of being pulled into Robin DiAngelo EDI “equity, diversity, and inclusion” cult after unfortunate theater company incident, “in our defense, we didn’t have Robin yet telling us that white tears are violence” (CotD)
1:13:28Producer Segment: the rise and fall of blogging; No Agenda Summer Collection
1:44:11COVID-19 as Cats trailer curse; Kayleigh McEnany “Vice President O’Biden” gaffe; dumb question about Russia-Taliban bounties answered with list of bogus New York Times stories and “hand back their Pulitzers” mic drop, JCD impressed with her “unusual office attire”; Jon Karl buttslammed with “what’s the name of the organization again?” BLM trap
1:52:45Cambridge Whole Foods employees sent home over Black Lives Matter masks, hyper-cute organizer Savannah Kinzer lies through her teeth: “it’s not about politics”, JCD recalls Whole Foods employee with “a bone in her nose”
1:56:14Seattle’s CHAZ cleared out by police horde immediately after protests at Mayor Jenny Durkan’s home; JCD’s prediction for new national anthem coming true; ACC disgusted at Antifa threats to desecrate Confederate graves; UK Premier League using cardboard cutouts, fake crowd noise, and BLM slogans; Adam Silver hoping for “mutual respect” in NBA-China spat
2:03:11Noodle Gun: Cambridge defends “white lives don’t matter” professor Priyamvada Gopal, Adidas HR executive Karen Parkin resigns over BLM “just noise” comment; Mark Zuckerberg unimpressed by Stop the Hate advertising boycott, producer notes on Facebook’s superior ROI; looking for an end to the Masters Tournament and MBA programs
2:09:50Australian MP Shaoquett Moselmane under investigation by ASIO Australian Security Intelligence Organisation for being a pawn of the Chinese Communist Party; M5M carefully avoiding the story to keep attention away from Hunter Biden; China and India still squabbling over Bhutan; Hong King at risk of being cut off from Western markets due to new security law; Tencent buys $3.3bn stake in Universal Music so Prince’s music can be used in TikTok videos
2:22:56Jimmy Dore gripes about shilling for CDC in exchange for YouTube whitelisting
2:26:03Donation Segment: “Canuckistan dollars”
2:36:08Dana Perino predicts Michelle Obama for Biden’s running mate; Biden finally conducts a press conference: “no, I have not been protected, um, have not been tested” because he doesn’t want to be a burden on the system, non-sequitur about his daughter in Philadelphia being tested twice, gripes at Trump for not getting to the bottom of Russia-Taliban story, gets lost in his notes, requirement that women on his running mate short list “be ready on day one” when he dies; “I-I-I” and Fauci “I am completely unqualified” isos; Jill Biden ridiculed for “finding the time” to write a 1,900-word children’s book; ACC’s latest “6X MATCH!” text from WinRed
2:49:07Hawks offer up State Farm Arena as polling place; Parler app as possible Trump secret weapon; John Brennan Clinton body count dead pool; producer’s hair growth formula sent to ACC
2:54:40Polk County sheriff discourages criminals from running afoul of his well-armed constituents