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1255 Mask = Love (2020-06-28)

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0:00:00JCD: (lisping)Oh, you know we’re so sorry here in Texas!” (0:49:27)
0:00:34ACC perturbed due to JCD’s MIA clips, Google Drive deleting pirated copies of Bolton PDF
0:03:36Bizarre new ASCAP/BMI licensing scheme for political campaigns with outright lies that “the third-party organizer is the main beneficiary of the performances, not the venue” and that campaigns “have traditionally assumed responsibility for obtaining the permission from rightsholders”, potential misstep with Rolling Stones and BMI, $0.60 per person pitfalls
0:24:49Masks! jingle; Vistaprint “this is not a mask, this is a sign of love” ad (CotD); Texas hospital CEO links elective surgeries with new cases; CNBC quotes CDC director’s “very different situation” compared to March; MSNBC yells about “record number of new cases” in Arizona, “ICU beds filled to 87% capacity!”, ACC: millennials sitting in line for hours to get tested, dopey college kid mourns about how he “shared a Juul”, ACC’s trillion-dollar herd immunity scheme; Florida shutting down beaches and bars “with human life hanging in the balance”
0:44:56Australians panic-buying toilet paper and ignoring useless $1.5M contact-tracing app; ACC’s upcoming cocktail party with “World’s Best Dad” cup on a string; Gov. Greg Abbott suckered by “noose media” CNN; “33 confirmed cases” compilation; random number “666 new cases” Google propaganda from M5M bots repurposing continuously-updated government news feeds
0:56:07Noodle Gun: blackface Jenna Marbles, “the Dicks”, Condado Tacos vs Ohio police, Cleveland on Family Guy, white actors on The Simpsons, master bedrooms, “enslaved” and “problematic” memes on the rise; Facebook’s $70bn in ad revenue threatened by growing brand-shaming advertiser boycott, JCD: Facebook “like the salt-sucking monster in the old Star Trek show”
1:19:44Producer Segment
1:41:05Noodle Gun: Glee actress Lea “shit in your wig” Michele buttslammed by Samantha Ware; Princeton jettisons segregationist Democrat Woodrow Wilson from its School of Public and International Affairs, JCD: “this tells me that Yale has got to go!”
1:50:18White Fragility author and “whiteness studies” professor Robin DiAngelo to Jimmy Fallon on “exceptional” white-black conversation, JCD: “when I’m sittin’ next to a black person I usually punch ‘em”, “revolutionary” for white people to accept criticism for being “a-holes”; list of pricey “services” advertised on her website, sketchy Education for Racial Equity nonprofit; DiAngelo’s definition of racism: “the result of living in a society in which racism is the foundation we all absorb”, JCD: “give her the hook!”, Fallon’s penance for 20-year-old blackface stunt; Dr. Paul Maxwell on DiAngelo’s use of sketchy metrics like the Implicit Association Test; NBC Dateline finds apparent preference for white faces in some black test subjects
2:11:06Mathematicians vs predictive policing, failed UN-backed Strong Cities Network; Black Lives Matters funder Thousand Currents board member Susan Rosenberg a convicted M19 bomber
2:15:10Amazon names Climate Pledge Arena after its carbon emissions increase by 15%; NBA putting social justice slogans on the backs of players’ jerseys; CDC looking into TikTok propaganda
2:18:40NBC propagates bogus New York Times story about Russia paying Taliban a bounty on US soldiers, JCD: “three people on a byline is fishy”, long-dead howling basset hound Anna
2:25:09Donation Segment
2:44:42“I am a lone woof awooo!” iso; James Carville predicts “humiliating defeat” for GOP; Joe Biden’s “120 million dead from COVID” leads to angry form letter for ACC; Will Ferrell’s Eurovision Song Contest, anti-Trump World War II in HD Colour, JCD praises The First World War, ACC pans Disclosure documentary, JCD plugs “documentary” Hogan’s Heroes