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1254 Vaxeline (2020-06-25)

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0:00:00JCD: (lisping)It was terrible! There I am again!” (1:26:48)
0:00:36JCD’s street being dug up for a new water line, “I told them, I said I’m a podcaster”
0:02:32Gavin Newsom scolds Californians for 7,000 new cases of coronavirus, new model claiming masks could save 33,000 lives by October, “apocalyptic” models in Texas; hospitals actually at 10% capacity, ACC’s “bring your own glass” cocktail party; Anthony Fauci assures idiot Rep. Frank Pallone that Trump’s “slow the testing down” joke was a joke; NPR links “surge” and “spiking” cases in Arizona with upcoming Trump rally, Phoenix church with antiviral “newly-installed technology”, JCD observes lack of scientific acumen among NPR crowd; Democracy Now gloats about 121,000 death toll and plays clip of Trump trolling Weijia Jiang with “I don’t kid”, “catastrophic cascading consequences!” from end of federal funding for tests
0:18:33Carl Bernstein and Brian Stelter propagate absurd lie “I remember a time, not that long ago, when the President’s moods were not newsworthy” and story that Trump’s friends “say he’s out of control”, Stelter reads list of the week’s “unhinged or inaccurate comments”
0:26:06Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez clone at Palm Beach County Florida hearing rants about “crimes against humanity” mask mandate; first COVID-19 vaccine trial being conducted in Africa
0:30:43Joe Biden: “when, God willing, we get this Vaxeline, vaccine, how will it be distributed … because the same thing’s gonna happen, unless, God willing, we get a vaccine, maybe one, if God was great, maybe even in the Fall” (CotD),
0:33:35Brad Parscale’s rags to riches story; Parscale to Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense podcast on secret new technology to contact 100M Americans outside social media, JCD: “robocalls!”
0:38:30ACC reminisces about Clinton-era “teach your kids to speak Mandarin” meme; Sen. Marsha Blackburn in the rise of China’s movie piracy and counterfeit designer goods, “China will lie to you, they will steal from you, and if you catch them they’re going to try to cheat you”; JCD on the need for long-term friendships to do business in China and Japan, ACC’s trips to Canal Street, JCD’s silver and blue fake Movado with “silver pointy thingies” and silver Rolex; Blackburn on China stockpiling PPE as leverage to get Huawei into France, S.3592 Stop COVID Act enabling US citizens to sue China
0:55:21Red Contagion: Why Italy has become China’s Trojan horse in the West author Francesco Galietti to Steve Bannon on the Vatican and political leaders siding with China, “if a war between China and the US begins” the populace would side with China, the Pope “clearly hates protestants and evangelicals which he considers proxies of the US”, JCD on anti-US sentiment in South America, never-Trumper Pope’s curious opposition to drive-in church schemes
1:05:20New York Post: San Francisco paying upscale hotels $200 per night to house the homeless under the guise of FLWH Front-Line Worker Housing, “they fought, screaming at each other until the woman entered the lobby and her partner lit a meth pipe in the garage area”
1:12:24Hysterical M5M compilation of Bubba Wallace “NASCAR noose scandal” investigated by 15 FBI agents; JCD’s panicky K&L Wine Merchants delivery driver freaked out by Aric the Shill’s driver’s license, ACC’s five-person spin class, “World’s Greatest Dad” mug for upcoming party
1:22:03Producer Segment:; “loved joining you!” iso; stereo goat karma cream
2:02:30JCD sent leaked copy of John Bolton’s book The Room Where It Happened
by ACC, left-wing “you don’t wanna read this book” mantra due to his attacks on Obama and Iran deal, narcissistic opening paragraph; Yamiche Alcindor summarizes book as “a 500-page bombshell”; Brett Baier presses Bolton on the destruction of his notes, JCD: “he takes notes on his craps … he writes down how many turds came out”, “with ghostwriter” vs “and ghostwriter” vs no ghostwriter credit, reference to Catholic last rites “extreme unction” JCD’s smoking-gun proof that Irish Catholic Steve Bannon wrote the book, PDF typeset in Arial
2:20:21Baier presses Bolton on being called a traitor by Mike Pompeo, Heritage Foundation speech vs “that’s not what you write in this book”, Uighur comments heard via interpreters; John Negroponte speculates to PBS about contradictory accounts of White House Uighur policy
2:34:14Donation Segment
2:53:11TtK a Sidney Powell fangirl; Joe Biden now known to have invoked Logan Act in Michael Flynn case; Bill Barr muses to Maria Bartiromo about “bovine silence” from M5M and the post-election future of the Durham investigation
2:58:31Netflix teen drama 13 Reasons Why “burn it down and start over” anti-police riot, JCD recommends 1979 Over the Edge; communist Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant: “we have to fight to end the system of capitalism itself” with “solidarity!” epilogue