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1253 Trained Marxist (2020-06-21)

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0:00:00JCD: “Arrest that woman!” (1:15:34)
0:00:37JCD re-reading Life and Death In Shanghai by Nien Ching
0:01:43New Trump comedy material at Tulsa and explanation for ramp descent and add water hold, Chinese TikTok operation arranges fake registration prank, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Hollywood gloating about embarrassment to campaign; Trump addresses “surge” in testing leading to surge in cases: “I said to my people, slow the testing down, please!
0:12:34Two medical producer notes deconstructing “Undercover Nurse” in the show notes
0:14:17Trump comments “Roswell’s a very interesting place” on Don Jr.’s podcast Triggered; Trump “it’s true!” isos, Tom Petty’s family bitching about use of I Won’t Back Down at rally
0:18:08Former Evergreen State College professor Bret Weinstein on Democrat party shifting to Republican “business model” during the Clinton presidency, JCD on Clinton’s penchant for deals favoring China, “demographic process” of removing men from society and encouraging single-parent families; Robert Woodson on “institutional racism” as distraction from the failure of black elected officials; Trump “thug”-baiting the media and Obama’s “handful of criminals and thugs” from 2015; Weinstein on the abandonment of STEM by the radical left: “we’ve got an ultimatum on the table: either you agree sex is a spectrum or you’re the enemy”
0:38:001994 murder of Chicago gang member Robert Sandifer and the rise of the “super-predator” meme originated by political scientist John DiIulio with flawed statistical models; British YouTuber on efforts by Black Lives Matter rioters to desecrate the Cenotaph memorial; Jesse Jackson leaning on Dutch PM Mark Rutte to abolish Zwarte Piet; dingbat Meghan Markle commiserates with college graduates who didn’t get to have a nice commencement ceremony
0:53:02Reply All podcast host Emmanuel Dzotsi scratches his head over white people sending small Venmo payments to their black friends: “here’s a few bucks, sorry for racism”
0:57:37Tom Fitton and Candace Owens finally waking up to the BLM-ActBlue anomaly, $37M for socialist Center for Popular Democracy; Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors: “we are trained Marxists”, “our goal is to get Trump out”
1:09:02Two KQED San Francisco reporters repeat Google Maps mispronunciation of Junípero Serra /ˌʤunəˈperə/ instead of the correct /juˈnɪpero/, ACC: “hey, I like that /ʤɪkəmə/ sauce”; JCD finding NPR even worse than the networks, ACC: “and you dream about having sex with … Ira Glass or Terry Gross”; slanted NPR report on Tulsa Trump rally: six staffers positive for COVID-19 and woman arrested for wearing “I can’t breathe” shirt at the behest of the campaign, Tulsa County now coincidentally a coronavirus hotbed; fascinating NPR exploration of the effect of leaf blowers on public health and the history of lawns, JCD machine gun sound effect; USA Today concludes coronavirus surges not linked to recent protests
1:23:43Noodle Gun: Katie Herzog gripes about recent cancellations and actress Skai Jackson using her Twitter account as a clearinghouse for incriminating posts, “#MeToo for microaggressions”; ACC runs down the day’s Noodle Gun direct hits; Entertainment Tonight Canada outraged at Trump giving Kaepernick a pass; Johnson & Johnson pulling skin whitening products, Popular Mechanics publishing statue-destroying instructions, Amazon acquires Stacey Abrams’ voter suppression documentary, Sambo’s restaurant to be renamed; highly-edited piece on perplexed family of Aunt Jemima spokesperson Lillian Richard; new Lenin statue unveiled in Germany, Anne Coulter’s crosshairs on slave-trading Yale founder Elihu Yale
1:44:59Producer Segment: “Protector of the Realm” proposal
2:22:56Joe Biden’ Gaffe of the Week: CBS Evening News teaser makes the dubious claim that “for 155 years African-Americans have celebrated June 19th as their Independence Day”, JCD on origin of Juneteenth as end of slavery in Texas; Biden’s garbled version: Trump “going down to Texas on Juneteenth … the first major massacre, literally speaking, of Black Wall Street”
2:29:27Kayleigh McEnany squabbles with Jim Acosta about wearing masks at Tulsa rally and “fake videos on Twitter” and the fact that Trump “has tried to pass a Muslim ban in this country”, “gotta let me finish, Jim, this isn’t a cable news segment”, homework assignment for reporters: “internal consistency” in coverage of BLM protests and Trump rallies
2:38:25ABC on Mick Mulvaney’s comment that Trump’s hiring practice was subpar, John Bolton propagates “unfit for office” meme, Democrats irked at Bolton for not testifying during impeachment; Peter Alexander asks McEnany about Trump hiring “people who are dumb as a rock, overrated, way over their heads, wacko, and incompetent”; ACC irked at terrorist Tucker Carlson for running infinite video of black ex-convict clotheslining old lady in Manhattan
2:47:47ACC OTG: IRS admits to purchasing cell phone location data to check up on people
2:50:35Donation Segment
3:12:52Amy Klobuchar removes herself from vice presidential race, nervous Kamala Harris positions herself as a savvy insider; Supreme Court rejects DACA suspension; ABC News breaks in with the earthshaking news that LGBBTQQIAAP workers are protected under Civil Rights Act just in time for Pride Month and Black Trans Lives Matter activities
3:20:23CBS News idiotically claims 19,000-person Tulsa Trump rally will be “the largest gathering in the US since the coronavirus pandemic began” ignoring BLM protests