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1251 Viewpoint Discrimination (2020-06-14)

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0:00:00ACC: “Oh, oh, privilege, privilege, white privilege!” (2:29:41)
0:00:34JCD irked at toilet paper from Mexico in surprisingly non-colorful packaging
0:01:50JCD’s If I Ran the Zoo etymology of “nerd” revisited; Merriam-Webster updates secondary definitions of “racism” with recursive “political or social system founded on racism”, JCD on dictionary definition copyright;; producer note on ACC’s e-mail subscription bomb from Russian; JCD amends his King Leopold II numbers
0:14:38British health official discusses statistics on patients who died “after testing positive for coronavirus”, 33,000 new cases between May 25 and June 7
0:17:481-hour video of “undercover nurse” Erin Marie Olszewski reporting negligent practices at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens like not using rapid tests and mixing confirmed and unconfirmed cases, residents “order followers”, “I’m jumpin’ on his chest” discussions of false DNR orders from hospital administration, ACC: “this is exactly the death panel we have heard about”; warning from Dwight D. Eisenhower about “scientific technological elite”
0:38:29Host Ira Flatow of NPR Science Friday moans about lack of diversity on NPR Science Friday, JCD: “let’s get a black journalist, Ira!”; Nature among other outlets shamed into asserting scientific evidence of systemic racism; Anthony Fauci takes credit for shutdown preventing millions of deaths worldwide, “so we know that mitigation works” lie, plug for Remdesivir’s “statistically scientific but modest positive effect”; Fauci’s wife Dr. Christine Grady a clinical research bioethicist at NIH, JCD: “what vaccinations have the daughters had?”; Fauci promises to apply propaganda “community outreach” to push vaccine; proposal for “new auditions” to replace Kermit the Frog Flatow with “diverse voices”; noodle gun sound effect
0:57:07Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey repeatedly uses the term “mattered” on the morning after George Floyd’s death, ill-advised first or second degree murder charges leading to potential October surprise; Tom Fitton irked at Bill Barr’s inaction on Hillary’s deleted e-mails, ACC: “they know they’re next!”; journalist Adam Housley predicts thousands of sealed indictments “as many as 16-17” criminal referrals
1:05:31Noodle Gun meme revisited, JCD in search of the phenomenon’s genesis with or before Paula Deen; Tim Cook “proud to announce” new iPhone $100M “Racial Equity Injustice Initiative”, ACC: “Tim Cook should watch his six”; producer note on Anthropologie “nick” code derived from British slang; rundown of direct Noodle Gun hits on Fawlty Towers, UCLA professors, Howard Stern, Starbucks, and Paw Patrol, $100M for “black creators” on YouTube, St. John’s University fencing coach, Berklee College of Music apologizes for letting Boston police use its restrooms, Hallandale Beach Florida SWAT resign en masse after chief kneels in solidarity
1:19:07Katie Herzog to The Jason Rantz Show on cancel culture in liberal colleges and takeover of businesses like Hachette; Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff throws nervous female minion under the bus when asked about “viewpoint discrimination” protection for conservative employees
1:29:11Glenn Greenwald to Ball & Enjeti on the absurdity of the left defending lying to the FBI as a crime and opposing prosecutorial authority to drop Michael Flynn case; JCD tracking biased tweets from third-rate New York Times journalists from Buzzfeed; Bon Appétit editor Adam Rapoport resigns over 2003 “bronzer” brownface photo; new pronunciation “protess”
1:37:35Producer Segment
2:09:16ACC’s tips for reporting errata, “boogity boogity boogity!” and “thanks for the lecture, idiot”
2:12:54Saagar Enjeti and a screechy Krystal Ball muse about Joe Biden’s “secret” advisors Larry Summers and Rahm Emanuel, Enjeti rants about “proven liar” Biden calling on Facebook to “fact-check” himself and Trump; Forbes reports 23.8 lies per day from Trump; Biden telegraphs his complete lack of strategy to Trevor Noah: “Donald Trump didn’t invent racism but he sure has promoted it”, “all of cops’ past grievances, or, excuse me, transgressions”, empty promise to pull federal grants for things like “sensitivity training”
2:28:17Drunk Whoopi Goldberg asks “formula English teacher” Joy Behar to ridicule the notion of defunding police, “all lives matter” and pro-life vs anti-abortion, “every police show I’ve ever seen, they knock and they say police”, Catholic church-bashing
2:36:07Profanity-laced shouting match between Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez and Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Fox News enthuses about the day’s 48 shootings and 17 homicides
2:44:18Compilation of Stacey Abrams confirming and denying her vice presidential prospects; Abrams to Stephen Colbert on her activist background and “moral cowards” in the Senate, “I don’t look like what people usually look like when they’re considered for these jobs”
2:49:57Donation Segment: “personal protective equipment of the metal variety”
3:05:39Mournful-looking Seattle police chief reflects on being ordered to abandon CHAZ Capital Hill Autonomous Zone; “classic old progressive shithead” Mayor Jenny Durkan announces her intention to “listen” and do whatever she’s told by the protestors, JCD: “all the gays got gentrified” because of Amazon; “warlord leader” Raz Simone in danger of cancellation over 2010 “faggot community” tweets, ACC: “will the cancel culture beat the gun?”
3:18:02Glenn Greenwald ridicules Rep. Ro Khanna for his revisionist tolerance for George W. Bush