Call Clooney!

1250 Noodle Nation (2020-06-11)

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0:00:00JCD: “Is beyond laughable!” (1:58:45)
0:00:34No Zephyr car count from JCD; WHO’s Maria Van Kerkhove conveys the good news that asymptomatic transmission of coronavirus is “very rare” according to peer-reviewed papers; Anthony Fauci explains to Good Morning America that WHO “walked that back because there’s no evidence to indicate that’s the case”; a nervous Van Kerkhove addresses “perhaps some of the misunderstandings” a day later, estimates “anywhere between 6% of the population and 41% of the population” without symptoms, JCD: “spitballing”, “what I was referring to was a subset of studies”; idiot interviewer Robin Roberts: Fauci’s vague vaccine prognostications “very promising indeed”, yearly boosters becoming more likely; reprehensible charlatan Neil Ferguson takes a victory lap and needles Trump; author Alex Berenson addresses “orange man bad syndrome” in the media on The Adam Carolla Show
0:17:53NBC News blames “surge” on states reopening and not on the rioters
0:19:05Kayleigh jingle, McEnany’s channels Obama with bullcrap “3.1 million lives were saved (or created)”; MedPage Today article on wildly inaccurate nursing home COVID-19 numbers reported by CMS Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services; a breathless Amy Goodman assures us that coronavirus cases are “continuing to soar!” with a “surrrge in patients”
0:29:58Incorrect CNN/Sesame Street definition of racism revisited; “noodle girl” activist Kennedy Mitchum shames Merriam-Webster into updating definition; Noodle Boy interview revisited, ACC: “I see Noodle Boy now having what I’m going to call a noodle gun”,; HBO Max pulls Gone With the Wind, Paramount cancels Cops after 33 seasons, CrossFit CEO steps down after “FLOYD-19” post, Elmer Fudd disarmed, Birmingham Alabama megachurch booted out of local schools because pastor liked a tweet, Little Britain comedy sketch show removed from Netflix, statue of Scouts founder Robert Baden-Powell on the chopping block, Anthropologie noodle kids alleging codeword “Nick” was used to profile black customers
0:43:55Malcolm Jenkins: “the world’s not gonna collapse if Colin Kaepernick is playing football in the NFL”; Sunny Hostin to The View: Kaepernick deserves his job and a Nobel Peace Prize; Al Sharpton agitates for Kaepernick at Floyd funeral: “we want him repaired”; Democracy Now on Seattle rioters’ takeover of City Hall, SJW City Council members calling for mayor’s resignation; “no borders” crowd immediately erecting borders after taking over “Autonomous Zone”, cardboard signs in the style of “NO GIRLʧ ALLOWED”
0:54:08Hollywood “I take responsibility” virtue signaling video; ACC hears back from one-person Austin Justice Coalition front for Texas Fair Defense Project campaign against bail bonds
1:05:09Bob Woodson to American Thought Leaders podcast on black elected officials professionals shifting blame onto “institutional racism” and sponging off the $22T spent on poverty programs, “structural inequality” of black professionals depending on low-income black populace to serve, “grievance-oriented middle-class privileged elites” preying on white guilt, police departments struggling with recruitment; JCD on the value of “bleeding hearts” mailing lists
1:15:22Democrat top brass ridiculed for pandering by Terence Williams, Antoine Tucker, and Obianuju Ekeocha for culturally appropriating Ashanti scarves from Ghana: “Africans are not children!”; new Dutch term Afrikaanse Nederlanders applied to Indonesians; FTP “fire to property” activist busted for terror threat against Manhattan Diamond District
1:26:47Post-cosmetic-surgery Lara Logan on Antifa using bookstores in Portland and Austin as training centers, ACC proposes field trip to BookPeople; Amy Goodman gripes at Austin police using riot control weapons on students and New York cop charged with shoving a “peaceful protestor”; New York police union boss Mike O’Meara gripes about being smeared by elected officials and media; Democracy Now on San Jose police attempting to castrate their own bias trainer by shooting him in the groin with a rubber bullet
1:42:11Producer Segment: “Noodle Nation” in Candinavia
2:08:46Thomas Sowell to The Rubin Report on the reason he abandoned Marxist views: “facts”
2:10:05Kayleigh McEnany buttslams Jon Karl for asking “institutional racism” question for the fourth time, Fort Bragg renaming an “absolute nonstarter” in spite of editorial by David Petraeus, McEnany gets fed up and walks out with “should we then rename the Biden Welcome Center?”
2:19:26Kamala Harris gripes about California defunding its crappy schools in favor of police; Sheila Jackson Lee calls for “catastrophic change”, fails to use the term “alleged murder”; “enough is enough!” iso; Democracy Now on Christopher Columbus statue torn down in Richmond Virginia, statue of King Leopold II of Belgium taken down in Antwerp; JCD takes issue with claim he killed 10M or half the population of Congo noting 1955 population of under 1M, effort to diminish significance of the Holocaust (JCDPPotD); still no EU COVID-19 plan
2:36:08Producer note on universal unavailability of medical care of any kind under NHS
2:39:52Donation Segment: Mailchimp’s intolerance for coded e-mail addresses
3:00:21Terry McAuliffe observes that Biden is “fine in the basement”; ACC: disengaged millennials delighted with Lindsey Graham “Lady G” rumors and “Swiss cheese head” Biden; millennial “mob in the newsroom” replacing editors at New York Times and Philadelphia Inquirer